10 Blind Dates

10 Blind Dates Sophie Wants One Thing For Christmas A Little Freedom From Her Overprotective Parents So When They Decide To Spend Christmas In South Louisiana With Her Very Pregnant Older Sister, Sophie Is Looking Forward To Some Much Needed Private Read Make Out Time With Her Long Term Boyfriend, Griffin Except It Turns Out That Griffin Wants A Little Freedom From Their Relationship Cue Devastation.Heartbroken, Sophie Flees To Her Grandparents House, Where The Rest Of Her Boisterous Extended Family Is Gathered For The Holiday That S When Her Nonna Devises A Not So Brilliant Plan Over The Next Ten Days, Sophie Will Be Set Up On Ten Different Blind Dates By Different Family Members Like Her Sweet Cousin Sara, Who Sets Her Up With A Hot Guy At An Exclusive Underground Party Or Her Crazy Aunt Patrice, Who Signs Sophie Up For A Lead Role In A Living Nativity With A Boy Who Barely Reaches Her Shoulder And A Screaming Baby.When Griffin Turns Up Unexpectedly And Begs For A Second Chance, Sophie Feels Confused Than Ever Because Maybe, Just Maybe, She S Started To Have Feelings For Someone Else Someone Who Is Definitely Not Available.This Is Going To Be The Worst Christmas Break Ever Or Is It This book was super fun.Great characters and a large, well meaning family made for a quick read that had me laughing out loud at several places and screaming in others I can t wait to read it again Huge thanks to Ashley for asking me to beta read I just want ALL the cute Christmas rom coms in my life, please and thank you An ARC So adorable Just the sort of delightful romantic comedy goodness I need in my life There seem to be quite a few books releasing this year with the matchmaking theme I am here for it and I am excited to find out how this one works out The theme of family looks like a major player in the novel and it is one of my favourites, so I have very high hopes for it. Okay, holy cuteness overload This was honestly such a great book I loved the family dynamics that were woven in with the really fun 10 blind dates idea I m definitely going to be buying this one when it s published. This was super fun It was really refreshing to see a positive family dynamic instead of a toxic one like there is in about 80% of ya books I really related to the craziness of Sophie s family since it s how mine gets around the holidays AND we often have Christm
Cute and fun I was expecting a heavier Christmas flair, but the focus is definitely on the dates and connecting with family I wished for some stronger characterization for two main love interests, but overall it s a light romantic contemporary. Just saw this on my news feed.I NEED IT NOW 4.75 5 stars Thanks so much Disney Book Group for providing me an eARC to review on Netgalley.Prepare yourself for the ultimate holiday read Ashley Elston highlights family relationships and support in her new novel 10 Blind Dates This book follows a girl, Sophie, who recently had her heart broken when she overhears her boyfriend talking about wanting to break up with her Sophie decides to change her holiday plans up a bit by spending time with her family so that she can avoid her ex Sophie loves her family dearly, but she is afraid of how they will react to her breakup However, her family shocks her with their plan to set her up on 10 blind dates to help her get over her heartbreak and be the old Sophie again I love the premise for this story I love the concept of close family gathering around the holidays and supporting each other through hard times I really appreciated all the family support and shenanigans that appear in this novel Elston shows true positive family relationships throughout this novel which was so well done with the additional holiday cheer I love the setting for this book and how it takes place during the holiday season This is truly a must read for December.Sophie goes through quite a bit of character growth and reflection throughou