Unanswered Cries

Unanswered Cries The Fatal NightOn A Warm Florida Evening, Karen Gregory Saw A Familiar Face At Her Door What The Beautiful Young Woman Could Not Know Was That She Was Staring Into The Eyes Of Her Killer A Savage Monster Who Would Rape Her, Stab Her To Death, And Leave Her Battered Body On The Floor Outside The Bedroom.The Desperate SearchDetectives Frantically Sifting Through The Evidence Were Tormented By One Disturbing Question After Another What Did The Strangely Worded Note From A Friend Mean Why Was The House So Orderly, When It Had Been The Scene Of A Frenzied Struggle Why Were The Bloody Footprints On The Carpet Barefoot What Happened To The White Lace Teddy Missing From Karen S Drawer The Shattering DiscoveryPolice Detective Larry Tosi Stayed Up Nights Watching The Video Of The Grisly Crime Scene, Looking For The One Telltale Clue That Would Lead Him To Karen S Killer Until Slowly, And With Growing Horror, He Realized That The Maniac He Was Hunting Was Someone He Knewsomeone He Called A Friend. When Karen Gregory was attacked in her Florida home, she screamed Her scream was heard by than a dozen neighbors and if was audible for several blocks Yet no one called the police Her body was discovered thirty one hours later and the trail was cold There were things about this case that puzzled detectives There was a note left on a car in the driveway, detectives wondered why the police were not called since there was blood and broken glass outside the front door Also the evidence pointed to a violent struggle, but the house was neat and clean There were bloody footprints and a white lace teddy was missing.Some of these questions are answered and for others the detectives
On Wednesday, February 25, 2004 I wrote about this book on bookcrossing Actuallly this was a great book I did read this in 1 and a half day, so thats pretty quick, considering English is not my native language It is my mothers, she is English, but we always spoke Dutch This Book was very well written.The most shocking of this book is that even if you live in a small and friendly neighborhood you are not safe.everybody living ther
Audio 81 Unanswered Cries is the lengthy and true crime story of the murder of Karen Gregory a Graphic Artist living in Florida The book not only focuses on the murder itself but emphasized what the friends and family of the victim had gone through as the case progressed What I liked about this book compared to other true crime stories is the author did not immediately fill you in on who the accused was so it kept you guessing a bit Most of the time they paint a picture of a murder and identify the killer on the first few chapters I also liked it for the depictions of court as a slow meandering process with the ability to confuse and traumatize its jurors The one thing I want to mention though is the book takes you through
Grabbed this book at a flea market when I was living in Tampa and was glad I did This story will make you NEVER ignore the sounds that go bump in the night or when you hear someone scream but assume that person is goofing around A true story that will frustrate you about
Unanswered Cries documents the murder and long aftermath of Karen Gregory, raped and killed in her home in Florida in the 1980s Gregory herself was relatively unremarkable a thirty something woman who appears to have finally found herself she d landed a job that was several steps up from waiting tables as she d once done, and was in a committed relationship with a man she d finally found love with That he was black and she was white doesn t ring any particular bells for me, but perhaps it did back in 1980s Florida The author strongly implies that this was one of the many reasons her killer an on the surface squeaky clean neighbor felt justified in what could have been an obsessive sort of stalking, but this is never ascertained in any real way In fact, no motive ever surfaces, and other than vague indications that the accused is likely a sex addict, porn addict okay, sidebar Who, the hell, carts boxes of Playboy magazines around with him on trips and such More importantly, who, the hell would keep dating and ultimately marry a guy who does Hint The answer here should be nobody and yet and all around creepy panty sniffer peeping Tom, we see nothing about DingleBalls aka George Lewis that paints the picture of a killer And yet virtually all profiles of sex kille
After reading a book about a murder and the subsequent charge and conviction of the accused, I tend to formulate my own opinion This true crime story disturbed me The man accused of this murder still maintains his innocence, than 25 years later You would think after than a quarter century of incarceration, Mr Lewis would take responsibility for the murder if he was truly guilty But perhaps I m being naive
As with all true crime, I hate to say I enjoyed the book The response, or lack thereof, of this woman s neighbours did make me take a look at myself though I like to think that if I heard this woman scream in the night as they did, that unlike them, I d have called the police But who knows How often do we hear something and think, oh it was probably just kids playing or someone just got startled by a mouse I know now though, I ll never write off a scream I d rather be wrong and h
Thomas French gives so much of himself to his fans and this book was no exception.His attention to detail is astonishing and that is for both the prosecution and defence sides He top notch I highly recommend this particular book and I give it5 Stars A true story about a terrible crime and its impact to the people involved Written by a local newspaperman, it does an admirable job of covering the who what why where when of the crime, the investigation and trial If you like true crime stories, this will satisfy.

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