A Writers Guide to Fat Outlining (Creative Sense Series Book 1)

A Writers Guide to Fat Outlining (Creative Sense Series Book 1) Must Write Faster The Fat Outline Method Is Designed To Improve A Writer S Productivity And The Comprehensive Nature Of Their Stories The Basic Tenets And Processes For The FO Have Been Tested In The Creation Of Thousands Of Books, Stories, And Articles Come See What Is All About. Reading this book left me feeling a bit thick, like my intelligence is sorely lacking I found it hard to wade through and if I didn t have some prior knowledge of fat outlining and Phoenix Prime, I would have had no idea what was being discussed This is heavily academic and is repetitive in places I think I ve gleaned some useful info
This was a pretty brief book, only 38 pages, and I feel like I got a lot of the information already from Kat s session at the 20Booksto50K Conference I was impressed with her talk and the the boost in productivity she and the Phonenix Prime group had when using this method I m not sure if my brain will consent to
Informative and inspiringI like the science explanation that accompanied the straightforward offering of this multi dimensional tool A concise dot connecting job regarding the testing and the results as well as an alm
Excellent After hearing Kat lind speak, I was curious to read this book Now that I have I read the book, I understand fat outlining much better and I am excited to apply my new learning It seems that this approach will greatly speed my writing produc
It s a really quick read and to the point.Key takeaways Don t interrupt the creative flow with an admonition against using periods and full sentences Include the sensorial imagistic for each scene in your outline.These are solid techniques, but I m not total
Great idea and poorly implemented instructions She just doesn t give enough information to make this possible.