A Date with a Billionaire

A Date with a BillionaireLocal Woman Says No To Date With BillionaireNo One Was Astounded By The Headline Than The Billionaire Bachelor Himself Kane O Rourke Hadn T Wanted To Be The Prize In His Brother S Crazy Contest But He Wouldn T Accept Rejection Not As One Of The Most Successful Men In The World Kane Was Determined To Make The Pretty Bethany Cox Live Up To Her Part Of The Bargain.Just Because Kane Was Rich And Gorgeous Didn T Mean Beth Had To Give In To His Demands Then Why, Once In His Mesmerizing Presence, Had Beth Found Herself Powerless To Say No But Did A Small Town Girl Like Her Have What It Took To Make This Breathtaking Billionaire Hers For Than One Romantic Night Together Cuando tratas de cumplir con tu meta de GR y te pones a leer Harlequines Takes place in Seattle Check.Billionaire Check.Young woman with a looks complex Check.She doesn t see herself good enough for him Check.He doesn t see he s good enough for her Check.Over the top money useage making her uncomfortable Check.Hmm, fifty shades precursor without the oversexed libidos or therapist needed psychological issues.Seriously It was a cute story of a down to earth stubbornly independent woman who wins a
Not so bad, not that good. 4 Stars Beth Cox had a meddling neighbour who entered her in a radio station contest for a date with the town s most eligible bachelor, Kane O Rourke But she shocked them all when she turned the date down and the local paper wrote about it Kane had felt obligated to agree to the contest when his brother, Patrick asked him for a favour to help his struggling radio station He didn t know how to take Beth s public rejection, but feeling annoyed and embarrassed he had to get her to change her mind Not only was his pride at stake but Patrick s radio station s credibility Beth hadn t meant for a media frenzy But when the radio station hadn t returned her call and the ever so important Kane O Rourke s staff refused to let her speak with him, she couldn t bite her tongue when the nosey reporter hounded her for an interview What shocked her though was when the ever so irresistible Billionaire showed up to change her mind And being irresistible, Kane can t understand what the problem is women want to go out with him What a delight From the first pages Ms Morris had me in stitches Beth s still not over her fiance who died five years before and she had no intention of dating anyone, esp someone chased by media Kane hadn t always been rich When he was 19, his father died and he suddenly became the head of the family But his siblings are all adults now, and he can t seem to stop wanting to take care of them I lov
This romance novel was a bit different It wasn t the typical boy meets girl, they develop feelings, have a huge misunderstanding and then eventually get back together This novel begins with a woman winning a date with local celebrit
This is a fun read An irresistable hero and spunky heroine Ms Morris has a great sense of humour and I was grinning and chuckling right fromt he beginning There are four other O Rourke siblings, I ll have to hunt their stories down.

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  • Paperback
  • 186 pages
  • A Date with a Billionaire
  • Julianna Morris
  • English
  • 18 June 2017
  • 9780263832440