McBrides Gem (Pale Bay Treasures, #1)

McBrides Gem (Pale Bay Treasures, #1) Randi Ronin Thought She Was Done Dealing With Selfish Men Until She Ended Up With A Gun Barrel Pointed At Her Head And A Stranger, Albeit A Cute One, Unwilling To Let Her Out Of His Sight When She S Yanked From Bed In The Middle Of The Night, Held Captive For A Gemstone, She Must Keep Her Wits To Con A Con Or Succumb To A Scheme Fueled On Greed. 3.5 5.0Ms Matthews definitely knows how to keep her readers guessing Read full review in the From the moment Hawk McBride caught a glimpse of polka dot panties, he was drawn into Randi Ronin s action packed, accident filled world Despite having his own issues, he is there for Randi in a way no man ever has been Hawk saves her time and time again and Randi fulfills her destiny in ways than one and saves him right back.Prepare yourself for a wild ride and a mystery only Hawk can solve right along with Randi I loved this book from the moment they met on the side of the road through the search for the Destiny Gem Hawk is book boyfriend material hunky and sweet once you get past his rough exterior Randi is funny and passionate once her walls are brought down by Hawk s patience and insistence These two have a legendary love, one that lives through the ages.I
I guess being the author, I may be biased But this is one amazing read You ll laugh, you ll cry, you ll be covered in goosebumps, but you ll be eager to turn the pages Hawk McBride is a lil sarcastic but has a big heart He is a once bitten, twice shy man, but Randi Ronin quickly breaks down his defenses.Randi Ronin is a spit fire, deter
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