Way of the Gun (Wyrd West Chronicles #4)

Way of the Gun (Wyrd West Chronicles #4) While The Walsh Gunslingers Hunt Down A Necromancer, Piper Walsh And Her Mother, Along With Courtesan Emma Winters, Are Left Alone At The Ranch But Trouble Comes Knocking When Members Of The Pale Riders Gang Decide To Take The Ladies Hostage In An Attempt To Bargain For Their Freedom None Of The Gunslingers Are Present To Save The Day Can Piper Prove Her Right To Be An Apprentice Slinger By Acting In Their Place Welcome To The Wyrd West, The World Next Door, Where Western Meets High Fantasy, Apocalyptica And A Dash Of Steampunk This Novelette Serial Will Be Published Bimonthly In E Format, With Collections Published In Print Format Once A Year. This is the fourth novella in a serial I m writing that s geared primarily for e platforms Publication schedule will include one every two months, with a print collection intended for once a year with all of that year s stories included.What is a serial A serial is a series of stories published sequentially In many cases they would end with cliffhangers that would encourage you to get the next one I don t end things on cliffhangers, but they are designed to be read sequentially and continue or less where the last one left off Each is a complete story in and of itself, and each year s stories will have a consistent story arc between them.In this installment of the Wyrd West Chronicles, the ladies finally get a chance to shine It s probably the most Western of the series, with very little that relies on magic and fantasy, except the intelligence of the horses.The Wyrd West Chronicles are a genre bender and a mixture of a lot of things, so they re not likely to be for everybody In essence, it s what happens when a high fan
Since the cataclysm, chemistry has become unstable and alchemy is quietly mingled into a world with remarkable parallels to the Spaghetti Westerns and John Wayne movies I used as a childhood outdoor survival guide I grew where the Phoenix metro area met Arizona s scrub desert and bordered Tonto National Forest, so the Old West themes were prevalent in culture as well as local tourism A book friend told me about this world of gunfighting elves and I knew I was hooked Then the writing was great, and that was a bonus Graeme and his sister Piper are in town on a family errand when they see a Gunslinger killed in a duel by a Desperado Even though he s only his Gunslinger father s apprentice, Graeme challenges the killer Showdown is the tale of Graeme and Piper s backstory and the account of his first gunfight It certainly bl