Time Travel Trouble

Time Travel Trouble Most Scientists Today Seem To Agree That Time Is Still A Mystery Also Some Of The Things We Do Know About It Now Must Seem Weird , If Not Crazy, To The Uninformed For Example, It S A Fact That A Clock Runs Faster Upstairs Than It Does Downstairs, And A Lot Faster If You Put It Up In An Earth Satellite However, The Hard Part To Accept Is The Fact That It S Time Itself That Changes, Not The Clock That Statement May Seem Confusing, But Atomic Clocks On Earth And In Space Have Proved It Our Global Positioning Satellite Systems Wouldn T Give Us Accurate Ground Positions If The Effect Was Not Adjusted For In The Calculations.This Fascinating Book Explores Most Of The Paradoxes That Would Occur When Time Traveling E.g What Would Happen To You Now, If You Had A Fatal Accident While Visiting The Past How About Returning Slightly Earlier Many Times And Bringing Back Something Valuable Many Times Over How About Getting Shakespeare To Save Time By Giving Him A Copy Of His Collected Works How About Going To The Bank With The Same Dollar Bill, And Finding Everyone In The Queue Is You Too The Quirky Tales Illustrating The Author S Conclusions Include Time To Survive The Perils Of Short Term Travel.Testing Time Some Trips Might Be Unexpected.Timely Encounter How To Escape Justice Tomorrow The World If Only You Could Go Back Long Term Future A Safer Way To Proceed, Maybe It S Twisting Time With A Replication Machine. Tony Thorne has created a collectible treat His speculative fiction Time Travel Troubles is all about the fantastic idea of traveling to the past, future, and parallel universes and the trouble it can create Some refer to intelligent life on our own planet from the dinosaur age while some describe instances in which people try to escape to the future The author takes the theories and the what ifs and takes the risk through fiction to determine outcomes The points of view of the characters who take the risk in these situations put us in the predicaments that we could not easily imagine on our own It also makes you wonder about the last thoughts and observations that were taken with the guinea pigs and scientists who did not survive one of those types of experiments Time travel is an impossibility that could make life better fo