Celebrating Christ in History

Celebrating Christ in History Would You Be Surprised To Hear Christians Have Been Celebrating Reformation Day For 450 Years Celebrate The 500th Anniversary Of The Movement That Brought The Gospel Back To The Church Meet The Heroes Of The Reformation Learn About Hus, Wycliffe, Luther, And Calvin And Their Brave Stands For The Gospel And The Word Of God Understand The Principles Of The Reformation Learn About The Five Solas Of The Reformation And Understand Why These Men Risked Their Lives To Call The Church Back To These Ideas Enjoy The Food Of The Reformation Help Your Family Remember The Stories And Lessons Of The Reformation By Engaging All Of Their Senses In Your Celebration Enjoy Family Recipes And Cooking Tips That Will Make A Truly Memorable Meal Celebrate The Reformation In A Christ Honoring Way Hear About Ways Families And Churches Are Remembering The Day Find Songs Of The Reformation And Their History To Teach Your Children Discover Resources For Making Your Celebration Better Reawaken A Christian Tradition Hundreds Of Years Old In Your Family And Church By The Award Winning Authors Of Christ Centered Christmas, Christ Centered Thanksgiving, Raising Real Men Surviving, Teaching, And Appreciating Boys, My Beloved And My Friend How To Be Married To Your Best Friend Without Changing Spouses, And Love, Honor, And Virtue Gaining Or Regaining A Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality. Fantastic little book on the Reformation and cute ideas on how to celebrate it Great read I appreciated their simple and straightforward way of explaining some of the issues going on, and how they apply to us today There was one factuall