Die Goldene Legende

Die Goldene Legende Wenn Ein Leben Nur In Der L Ge M Glich IstIn Dem Moment, Als Auf Der Grand Trunk Road Sch Sse Zu H Ren Sind, Beginnt Nargis Leben Zu Zerbrechen Ihr Ehemann Gelangt Versehentlich Ins Kreuzfeuer Und Stirbt, Bevor Sie Ihm Die Wahrheit Ber Ihre Vergangenheit Beichten Kann Schon Seit L Ngerem F Rchtet Sie, Dass Diese Bald Ans Licht Kommen Wird Ein Unbekannter Verk Ndet Regelm Ig Geheimnisse Der Anwohner Vom Minarett Der Rtlichen Moscheen Und Versetzt Damit Muslime Und Christen Gleicherma En In Angst Als Die Lautsprecher Die Verbotene Liaison Ihres Nachbarn Mit Der Tochter Des Muslimischen Geistlichen Aufdecken, Sind Die Einschl Ge So Nah, Dass Nargis Handeln Muss In Der F R Ihn Typischen Leuchtenden Prosa Erz Hlt Nadeem Aslam Eine Geschichte Ber Fanatismus, Widerstandsverm Gen Und Die L Gen, Die Manchmal N Tig Sind, Um Zu Berleben Ein Mutiger, Zeitgem Er Und Schmerzlich Sch Ner Roman, In Dem Sich Pakistans Vergangenheit Und Gegenwart Spiegeln. It may be some time before I have the bandwidth to write proper reviews Penning this one would be my first priority, when time permits Until then I would give it ten stars if I could I will press it into the hands of both
I have been following Nadeem Aslam since 2005, when I read his brilliant second novel Maps for Lost Lovers, which told a brutal story of a so called honour killing in an English Muslim community, in luminously poetic language That book took him ten years to write and is among my favourites.Both of his subsequent novels addressed the wars in Afghanistan, again with a poetic brutality, so it is no surprise that this one covers similar ground, though this one is entirely set in Pakistan, apart from the back story of a character from Kashmir There is no outright war this time but there is plenty of violence, as Aslam attempts to explain the conflicts, corruption and misunderstandings that make life there so precarious.Throughout this book Aslam stresses the diversity of Pakistani society, both within the Muslim community and in the minority Christian communit
This story depicts in detail the violence in current day Pakistan It is beautifully told but hard to read It must be so hard to remain patriotic in some countries when madness seems to have taken hold of your political and religious leadership Enough said. I discovered Nadeem Aslam many years ago He is totally delightful as a writer He never disappoints with his intelligent and thoughtful themes His Map for Lost Lovers remains one of my favorite novels of this century In The Golden Legend, he returns to his native contemporary Pakistan and writes a horror story Basically his characters are Christians in a Muslim society The Christians are very persecuted But then even moderate Muslims are persecuted The nation is a living picture of dystopia.But people live in a dystopia and Alsam does a wonderful portrayal of the women, who are essentially outsiders in their own culture There is Nardis, a talented architect Aysha, a widow of a martyr who must forever remain a widow to honor her husband s death Helen who is the daughter of a Christian rickshaw driver, educated and could be something, if she were not Christian and a woman shines After a set up of Nardis s husband being assassinated and the introduction of a love affair between Lily and Aysha, the whe
I ve greatly admired Nadeem Aslam s writing since I read his 2004 novel Maps for Lost Lovers which focused on an immigrant Pakistani community in the north of England There is something so striking about his use of imagery which conveys the feelings of his characters and expresses the ideas which they are wrestling with His novels are intricate, layered with diverse references and wrestle with pressing political dilemmas, but at the heart of his writing are compelling dramatic stories of individuals simply trying to live and love each other in challenging circumstances It feels like his new novel The Golden Legend is his most violent and heartrending yet It s set in Pakistan and concerns several individuals caught in the middle of a fraught religious struggle An architect named Nargis hides a dangerous secret which she must reckon with when her Christian friends Helen and her father Lily find themselves embroiled in a serious conflict with the strict Muslims of the community To
We live in a difficult world and it is up to writers and artists to make it worth living in, even while engaging with the worst it has to offer Aslam s latest is almost morbid in the way it connects to the unreal everyday of life in Pakistan and in neighbouring Kashmir It is brutal It is difficult to read It is impossible to ignore And yet, as he often does, the text makes you want to believe in the possibility of hope and redemption and love.This isn t a pretty book It
The book cover says the author uses luminous prose Totally correct.Modern day Pakistan is hard to work out and this book does a frightening good job in depicting the corruption, various Islamic factions killing each other, the impact of the US drone strikes and support of the government, intimidation of citizens, the dangers of being in a minority and the disappearance of critics One of the characters comes from Kashmir and
With every book that he writes, Nadeem Aslam only gets better at his craft Since his debut novel in 1993, Season of the Rainbirds , Aslam returns to Pakistan with his latest book The Golden Legend His new book is also just the others a statement made against wars, what was started by the West and how the country he depicts is hell bent on completing it, and to top it the darkness of the world What is different about The Golden Legend which I personally love is the combination of realism and fable across a terrain of terrorism, tragedy and cruelty The Golden Legend opens with the death of a middle aged architect Massud, leaving his wife and collaborator Nargis behind Both of them were collectively working on building a library on the outskirts of the city to which they were transporting books and that is how Massud got shot and died At this time, with turmoil surrounding them and a roadside shooting as well, Nargis flees with her Christian neighbour Helen This is when there are violent relations between Christians and Muslims.This is only one part of the story There is also the story of Helen, who falls in love with Imran, an unknown Kashmiri There is the story of Helen s mother Lily There is another tale of the US officer who wants Nargis to forgive her husband s killer Amidst all this, there is the story of life, love and reconstruction of faith
. I found that the Golden Legend tried to touch on many themes and make many points in a delicately poetic style of writing, too many perhaps to remain coherent I kept thinking about the quote on the cover page that said There is no greater denier of God than he who accepts injustice instead of rebelling That was perhaps the golden thread that tied the narrative together Despite and in spite of odds its characters face in a place where uncertainty and violence is part of a daily life, each of these characters rebel in their own way against conditions imposed on them by fact of birth or circumstance The believer in the mosque is like a fish in the water The hypocrite in the mosque is like a bird in a cage Lily and Aysha deny the world to cage them into their separate existances within their communities in which they were born Helen and Moscow rebel against the world full of violence and prejudice they were handed down by their parents and grandparents Nargis finally came out of the cage she imp
To say this is a timely read is an understatement The capacity for violence and hate in humans and to use that hatred and violence in the name of religion, any religion, is terribly sad making A sad and melancholic ending.