A Ladys Prerogative (Lord Love a Lady, #2)

A Ladys Prerogative (Lord Love a Lady, #2) IT S NOT FAIR Titled Rakes Can Practically Get Away With Murder, But One Tiny Little Misstep And A Debutante Is Sent Away To The Country Which Is Where Lady Natalie Spencer Is Stuck After Jilting Her Betrothed.Frustrated With Her Banishment, She S Finished Being A Good Girl And Ready To Be A Little Naughty.Luckily She Has Brothers, One Of Whom Has Brought Home His Delightfully Gorgeous Friend.After Recently Inheriting An Earldom, Garrett Castleton Is Determined To Turn Over A New Leaf And Shed The Roguish Lifestyle He Adopted Years Ago.His Friend S Sister, No Matter How Enticing, Is Out Of Bounds He Has A Run Down Estate To Manage And Tenants To Save From Destitution.Can Love Find A Compromise Between The Two, Or Will Their Stubbornness Get Them Into Even Trouble I run out of new and expressive things to say about Ann s books , so at a risk of being repetitive let me just say, this one is Awesome The second in this Regency romance series , it doesn t hold back on the entertainment.Lady Natalie ,who we met in Nobody s Lady , you remember, the one who jilted a Duke This is her HEA Garrett Castleton , Earl Of Hawthorne., a good friend of Stone , Natalie s brother and the son of the nasty Earl who caused all the trouble in the last book , well he s her sparing partner The chemistry between these two is wonderful, Ann has them perfectly aligned , the way they talk ,act and love together is nothing short of electric in every way.The lake scene and the poetry is both funny and moving The paintings from his mother ,this is the part that made me cry,
I loved Garrett and Natalie so much I loved her in Nobody s Lady as a side character and hoped she would find her own HEA Garrett had so much to deal with and how he fought to stay away from her, but she is tenacious and wouldn t give up on him There is a scene in this book I won t spoil it for
Extraordinary read First off, I immediately adored Natalie I found her witty, bold, and charming I loved the fact that she regarded the unfair rules between men and women during her time I loved the fact that she put others ahead of herself, regardless of what it cost her Not your cookie cutter, run of the mill debutante She quickly won my heart and I rooted for her from the beginning For a lady to only half heartedly listen to her parent s lectures knowing she knew the untold truth spoke volumes on her character Secondly, immediately loved Garret Anyone who can rise above the ashes of his past like a phoenix has my utmost respect I also love the fact that he put Natalie s welfare above his own feelings Sometimes, if you love someone enough, you have to let them go The patience and restraint this man harnessed should have earned him a sai
I was given a free digital copy of this book and am offering my honest review This is the first book I have read by Annabelle Anders and it will not be my last I loved this story The hero and heroine are both battling the strictures of society in their own way She s stifled and unfulfilled He s been slandered by his fathers misdeeds They come together in a storyline that is emotional and still sets the pag
I loved this book laughter, for me tear jerker for 4 chapters Very well written, another book keeper. Every Girl need a Garrett A tale of putting someone s happiness before your ownI have gotten the advanced reader copy and here is my review Annabelle Anders has a knack for writing heartfelt and compelling stories And, if you are curious I would say start with all of her books anyone and you ll fall in love with them All of her characters in her books are completely unforgettable But, my review for this book is that the story is completely heartwarming and it ll knock you in the feels It was absolutely brilliant I could not find myself putting it down unless I had work.The the hero, Garrett, he s considered a rake, but he s much than that I actually thought I was falling in love with him whenever I read about him I absolutely loved his chemistry with the main lady, Natalie Spencer, she was introduced in the first book of the series which I highly recommend reading it was very heartfelt that he put her happiness before his own.Trust me, you will fall in love with him after you learn about him in the story.Natalie Spencer, after Breaking off t
Being totally elated by the first book in this series, I highly anticipated this second Can I say wow , I was not disappointed There are just too many adjectives I could use to describe this book Ann takes pen to paper and wraps you into a romantic time I can never get enough of. We were left at the end of the last book with a secondary character, Lady Natalie, leaving a Duke at the alter We begin with her being disgraced and sent to the country with her family away from the Ton you know, those sometimes judgmental high society that have a long memory But Natalie is truly an amazing young lady She jilted the Duke so he could marry the one he truly loved and had no qualms about it. So we pick up with Natalie with her family and her brother Stone s friend, Garrett Castleton who was invited to take some rest from his problems Of course sparks seem to fly between the two and Garrett is determined to stay away I mean, this is his good friend s sister and he is trying to focus on straight
I walked through a door marked Annabelle Anders some months back when Andersstarted her trek down Regency Row I decided to catch up and go along for the trip I asked if I could be one of her BETA readers or possibly obtain an Arc I was flat but needed a book fix Oh yeah, she took pity on this reader and delivered the goods.A Lady s Prerogative is the second in her Ladies series.In Nobody s Lady, Natalie being sold to the highest bidder A Duke, went along as a dutiful daughter but there was a problem there was no zing, no zap, n
This was just the sweetest story between Natalie and Garrett I loved each of these characters separately but they were made that much better when they were together I loved how Natalie was feisty and knew what she wanted She was frustrated with how society treated women in certain social situations and was determined to be happy Garrett was such a strong character who had been through so much and I loved how he got his hea I also loved how he was very selfless in his relationship with Natalie and was willing to give up his happiness so that her life would be better.These two together were just electric, you could feel the attraction and the tension and their banter was just so on point It had great plot twists and turns
There are a few authors who I will read without knowing what the book is about Annabelle Anders is one of those She has out done herself again with A Lady s Prerogative This one is about Lady Natalie, we met her in the last book when she broke her betrothal In this one she meets Garrett Castleton , Earl Of Hawthorne Now mind you she has met him before but she meets him again Her Brother Stone is friends with him and invites him to the country house for a house party After just losing his hateful father the last thing he is looking for is an attachment When Natalie almost drowns trying to save baby bear and Garrett has to save her Well you will