Nobodys Lady (Lord Love a Lady, #1)

Nobodys Lady (Lord Love a Lady, #1) Dukes Don T Need Help, Or Do They Michael Redmond, The Duke Of Cortland, Needs To Be In London Most Expeditiously But A Band Of Highway Robbers Have Thwarted His Plans Purse Pinched, Coachless, And Mired In Mud, He Stumbles On Lilly Beauchamp, The Woman Who Betrayed Him Years Ago.Ladies Can T Be Heroes, Or Can They Michael Was Her First Love, Her First Lover, But He Abandoned Her When She Needed Him Most She D Trusted Him, And Then He Failed To Meet With Her Father As Promised A Widowed Stepmother Now, Lilly Loves Her Country And Will Do Her Part For The Good Of England Even If That Means Aiding This Hobbled And Pathetic Duke.They Lost Their Chance At Love, Or Did They A Betrothal, A Scandal, And A Kidnapping Stand Between Them Now Can Honor Emerge From The Ashes Of Their Love He pulsed with a vitality that nearly took her breath away , what an awesome sentence Annabelle has a wonderful gift for prose , she takes my breath away with her talent.Nobody s Lady is going to be a bestseller,Thats my prediction for this book Love at first sight , a young couple looking forward to life together , their plans thrown into chaos by tragedy , parents and cross purposes.Written beautifully as always by Annabelle, this woman has talent If this was a piece
I received this book as an ARC and was very impressed with it This is the first of Ms Anders books I have read and found it a very easy read I enjoyed the way it was written in two time periods , 10yrs apart They flowed beautifully and you felt like you were reading two stories at the same time There was enough suspense to keep you reading , and the characters where well written and you could relate to them and I felt myself hoping the extra characters will one day have their own story I feel this is a good recommendation for a book when the secondary characters draw you in There was a small amount of sex in this book, which as usual this reviewer skipped over but it did not take aw
Heartsmile If you love heart stopping romantic historical novels, this one is for you. I did not want it to end because I adored this couple so much and this story will stay with me for awhile Annabelle Anders is adept at grabbing your attention at the beginning and not letting go until the end Her prose is so beautifully written and this story just touched me from the start Michael Redmond, the Duke of Cortland is on his way to London when he is set upon by brigands who take his coach and all in it Making his way to the nearest Inn, he runs into none other than his first love, Lilly Beauchamp Their romance when they were young was so intense and she thought he had not come back for her He thought she just married another So they are thrown together again and the sparks are still there, in fact they never left The story goes back and forth between their meetings when they were young and present day and is interwoven amazingly Can there be a second chance for them after so much time had passed Lilly was now a widow and Michael is engaged to be married with the union being of deal between families for political reasons As they find out that both had been under the wrong impression as to what happened all those years ago, they cannot deny their feelings But what to do There were so many wonderful thoughts and emotions, I wish I could pull them out for you to see I cannot say enough about this romantic story It will
Wow, Annabelle Anders never fails to astound me with her stories Nobody s Lady Was an absolute beautiful and touching story There was so much emotion in this book, and all of the characters were likable It s a wonderful tale of a second chance romance, but due to fate the main characters were in love ones but they were separated And yet a fire still burns for each other.Michael and Lilly , so tragic what happened to them and what caused them to separate There was even parts I got me teary eyed because all they wanted was each other But, he is married to another but there is no fire between him and lady Natalie unlike when he s with Lilly Lilly was somewhat guilty it into marrying her dead sisters husband and taking care of her stepdaughter niece and there is no love with in that relationship She still ye
Annabelle Anders has become one of my favorite historical romance authors She writes such real, memorable characters I especially love her depiction of animals and their relationships with their owners I m TeamMissFussy This is a super memorable second chance romance Michael and Lilly are on fire as young adults, and even hott
Annabelle Anders just became my go to author for historical romances In the past, historical romances have been my least favorite I always thought they were hard to wrap my head aroundso many things they do or say that I just didn t understand This is the third historical by Annabelle Anders that I have read and every time I do, I appreciate them and .Nobody s Lady is a second chance romance and maybe some star crossed lovers with some taboo love and an equal amount of drama, making it easy to jump in, get wrapped up in the story line and then stay the course until the end Reading time for Nobody s Lady was a little over 5 hours and I was so caught up in the storyline that I did it in one sitting Not once while reading was I bored.Michael and Lilly were truly meant to be but just ran into some unfortunate circumstances when trying to get together Likely missing their chance at true love, each moves on to be responsible and loyal to their families When they meet by accident many years later, their roles in each others lives have transitioned into something they could have never imagined, yet their attraction and feelings have stayed the course Add in trouble for Michael and this is one story of missed chances that readers a
I don t think I ve ever read one that intertwines the past and present like this and I loved it You really get to know both of them so much and it makes them seem so real It was an adventure from the start with them and finding out who was behind the robbery They didn t realize it, but everything was working to bring them together again I was holding my breath wondering how everyone would react and then the kidnapping had me on the edge of my seat I wanted to do a happy dance when everyone came together to and supported love I loved Hugh and can t wait for Natalie s story I also loved that it handled some real history.Lilly did what her father wanted all those years ago and now she was free from it all She broke my heart when she talked about doing what her father had wanted But her spirit wasn t broken and I loved how she wouldn t give
I totally love Lilly Beauchamp, she is my hero For all that she had to go through, and is still going through, she followed her heart and believed in her own fairy tale of a HEA Michael Redmond, you sir are no gentleman There are many times in this book that I wanted to crawl in between the pages and smack you silly It s a good thing you finally came to your senses Lots of action taking place in this story with the setting in London from 1815 1824 During this nine year period of time you will encounter a robbery, scandal, a few betrothals, death, a fire, and a kidnapping This book had me laughing and crying throughout I love that Anna
Ten years ago Captain Michael Redmond met Lilly Bridges they fell in love on first sight, they spent a whirlwind season before Michael was called away to his father, The Duke of Cortland s estate When he didn t return after a few weeks Lilly s dying father persuaded her to marry Baron Beauchamp her elder sister Rose s widower.Michael Redmond, the Duke of Cortland, needs to be in London most expeditiously but a band of highway robbers have thwarted his plans Purse pinched, coachless, and mired in mud, he stumbles on Lilly Beauchamp travelling to London with her debutante step daughter A widowed stepmother now, Lilly aids Michael in reaching London Michael is now engaged to be married, to Lady Natalie Ravensdale.This is the first book I ve read by the author I was blown away by it A lovely story of misunderstandings second chances The characters really spoke to me I was enthralled I m
Nobody s Lady was fantastic and emotional It had so many places where it grabbed heart I fell in love with Micheal and Lilly My favorite was And then she spoke I know this, we, the two of us, for some reason is not to be But I will cherish every moment with you, every touch This is a must read.