Dories, Ho!

Dories, Ho! Travel With Matt And Karen As They Float Down The Colorado River Through The Grand Canyon In September 2016, They Experienced The Trip Of A Lifetime With 14 Friends And A Crew Of 10 While Traveling In Wooden Dories Through The Canyon Dories, Ho Is A Story Of Their Adventure And Discovery Similar To Their First Travel Memoir Dear Bob And Sue, This Book Is As Much About Their Relationship As It Is Their Fantastic Trip Matt And Karen S Quirky Writing Style Is Both Humorous And Irreverent It S Fun, Laugh Out Loud, And An Easy Read While Not Intended To Be A Traditional Guidebook, Anyone Contemplating A River Trip Through The Grand Canyon Will Benefit From This Firsthand Account The Reader Will Feel As If They Ve Traveled With The Authors On Their Journey To And Through Grand Canyon National Park If You Are Looking For A Story That Will Make You Laugh And Inspire You To Get Out And See Our Incredible National Parks, Dories, Ho Is For You. Ahh, this recounting of Matt and Karen Smith s adventure floating down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon makes me want to book a trip The Grand Canyon has always been one of my favorite national parks, but I ve never been to the bottom I need to fix that someday
I would love to travel with Matt and Karen They tell good stories, share good tips Can t wait for their next adventure. Dories, Ho is a story of Matt Karen and their friends that embark on a river trip in the Grand Canyon This is their story and their book is not intended to be a traditional guidebook However if your contemplating a river trip through the Grand Canyon then this book is a benefit and a first hand account of thier trip However I would say if you are contemplating any river trip you would benefit from reading this book Within the story there are great tips, ideas and t
Thoroughly Enjoyable For anyone who has an interest in reading first hand experiences of outdoor adventures through the experience of a mid life couple, this is for you There are plenty of books out there by tge 20 somethings that are inspirational, if you have the stamina and life commitments or lack tgere of to maje ut woek at that age Colorado River is a
Matt Smith writes of the experience of rafting down the Colorado with wife Karen and a group of friends Do not read this book unless you enjoy laughing Out loudand often Not only does Matt make the reader feel as if they were in the raft as well, but he manages to create sublime descriptions of the beauty of the Grand Canyon as well as inserting tidbits of information that would be useful if you decided to take the ride yourself Highly recommended for armchair adventurers AND honest
I am a big fan of the authors first book, Dear Bob and Sue, but was somewhat skeptical whether this one would be as enjoyable It did not disappoint In this book, Matt and Karen Smith, together with 14 friends and a crew of 10, travel in
I took a Grand Canyon rafting trip last year and I ve hiked the canyon and stayed at Phantom Ranch so I was really looking forward to reading this book Unfortunately, it disappointed me It simply isn t well written I did enjoy the descriptions of the places I was familia
I really enjoyed traveling down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon with Karen and Matt I felt like I was there, minus the scorpions I could imagine seeing the Milky Way I loved the humor too This book is such a fun read, teaching a bit about
Another humorous book from Matt and Karen Having gone on the river before, I could really imagine where they were and the rapids they discussed The book makes me want to go on the river again If you ve never been I think if you are the adventurous sort, the book will make you want to go Having do
We ve done be exact same trip last year That is the reason I enjoyed the book It was a simple story line If I had not been able to picture everything they were writing about, I dont know that I would have finished it.