Kee to Brays Heart

Kee to Brays Heart When Jakeeta Lewis Left Her Small Town With The Man She Foolishly Fell In Love With, She Burned Her Bridges The Worst Part Of Her Decision Was Leaving Her Best Friend Bray Toliver In The Heat Of Their Argument, He Had Said Don T Come Crying To Him When She Regretted Her Choice Jakeeta Had Been Hearing All Her Life That She Was Just Like Her No Good Mother, So Five Years Later With A Four Year Old Daughter And Pregnant, It Wasn T Easy To Return Home Broke, Alone, And Desperate, She S Not Sure If Bray Can Forgive Her Bray S Now The Sheriff, And He S Filled Out Nice In The Last Five Years Jakeeta Starts To Wonder If The Attraction She S Feeling Toward Her Best Friend Was Something She Denied In The Past More Confusing Is How Bray Treats Her She S Got To Stay Focused And Resolved If She Wants To Get On Her Feet An Affair With Bray Would Only Complicate Matters Especially Since She S Trying To Hide That She S Pregnant And Change The Image Of Herself She Left Behind. 3.00 Stars This is the friends to lovers story of Jakeela Kee Lewis and Bray Toliver, the two had been best friends from elementary school through Bray going to college Sometime between graduating high school and Bray s graduating college, Kee developed a relationship a smooth, motorcycle riding bad boy who relieved her of her V card and convinced her to runaway with him Bray warned Kee that this guy was no good and asked her not to leave but she was insistent and claimed that she and the guy were in love In anger and hurt by not having Kee not love him the way he loved her, Bray told her not to expect any help from him when the guy reveals his true colors Five years later, Kee returns to her home town pregnant and with a 4 year old daughter and practically broke, 6.35 in her wallet and 25 in her bank account One of the last people she wanted to see, and the first person she meets is Bray who still loves her, he takes her to her Aunt Albert
Highly recommended Wow, Alberta is an evil woman I m glad her so called friends figured out her true self because she was not a good aunt to Jakeeta The best thing about Bray was he never left Jakeeta side throughout her ordeal The ending was the best concerning Aunt Alberta. Woderful book Absolutely enjoyed this book You won t be disappointed Bray was the ideal hero and Kee was a fighter I was very pleased with the storyline Well done Ms Bell, I will be looking for . Lee follows her bad boy boyfriend out of town leaving behind her best friend Bray thus breaking his heart She return 5 years later with child and broke The first person she runs into is Bray Nice read Cute story.. Sweet short storyThe story touched me emotional I connected with the struggles of being a single parent It made the heroine real. GoodBest friends Unrequited love Betrayal Second chances Rediscovery Best friends become lovers And then there is a child and a pregnancy.