Supernormal In This Seminal New Study Of Resilience, Meg Jay Tells The Stories Of A Diverse Group Of People Who Have Overcome Trauma In Their Childhoods To Go On And Live Successful Lives As Adults These Are The Supernormal , Who Having Shouldered Greater Than Average Hardship As Children Defy Expectation And Achieve Better Than Average Success As Adults But How, And At What Cost Whether It Was Experiencing Parental Divorce, Or Growing Up With An Alcohol Or Drug Abusing Parent, Living With A Parent Or Sibling With Mental Illness, Being Bullied, Living In Poverty, Being A Witness To Domestic Violence, Suffering Physical Or Emotional Neglect, The People Meg Jay Introduces Us To Are All Survivors She Explores What They Have In Common That Made It Possible For Them To Transcend The Trauma Of Their Early Years And To Build Successful Adult Lives And She Asks The Questions What Was The Cost Of Developing Those Powers And Having Survived, Even Thrived, How Do You Go On And Build A Trusting, Fulfilled Life Drawing On Her Clinical Experience With Survivors Of Childhood Trauma, Meg Jay Documents Ordinary People Made Extraordinary By The Experience Of All Too Common Trauma Bringing Together Personal, Scientific And Cultural Knowledge Jay Gives A Voice To The Experience Of The Supernormal , Furnishes Them With The Tools To Better Understand Themselves And Take Full Advantage Of Their Strengths, And Gives A Window Into Their World For Those Who Seek To Understand Them. I pick up different books for different reasons Some I choose because I m ready to go on an extraordinary adventure Others are chosen for as a way to escape into light, happy fun Still others I choose with an eye towards learning, professionally or personally This book about resilience was chosen with my teacher brain as a way to dig into psychological experiences my students may have, and tips to support them Written by psychologist Meg Jay, this book relates stories and lessons from resilient clients she works with who have faced tremendous adversity in their lives.On starting the book, I immediately began searching for the deeper take away message What I was getting from the first few chapters was, Supernormals i.e resilient people who have experienced notable adversity, particularly in their childhood will be alright Adversity doesn t necessary cause a lot of damage or accurately, lasting damage to people Sometimes, facing adversity can lead to benefits Hmm in my teacher brain I was not liking the message Is it really productive to downplay the harm that adversity can do to children Teachers need to be alert to adversities and try to combat them, not brush them off because kids will be alright I almost put down the book.Something kept me reading though and I m glad it did The lens through which I read the author s many illustrative stories
Very well written audiobook but I must admit I struggled with this book.Will try a paper back edition at a later date. It s going to be awhile before I find the right words for what I think about Supernormal So much to digest It s a little overwhelming to be thrown into the lives of the resilient kids and the adults they become, heartbreaking, and hopeful So, for right now, I m going with Wow. Interesting and entertaining read that reassures us we are not predestined to any behavior When I suggested to Jennifer that, once she had children, rather than becoming understanding of her parents, she might find she is even less understanding of the choices they made, she began to cry with relief Zero reflection on my parents as parents, but much how I feel societally when especially white old people say, That s just how he was raised As a parent now, I say woman up That s BS, and we all know it You are independent of how you are raised and as a parent have a higher calling to answer to the future Your kid needs something Sit down and listen You think teenage hormones are personal They re not Get over yourself Teens need to separate from t
This is a must read for anyone who wants to learn about their own childhood adversity and resilience, or the experience of a loved one Jay writes in a thoughtful, comprehensive and conversational way that takes you from one page to the next, seamlessly.Some notes that stood out 75% of children of divorce say it changed them 2x as likely to say their childhoods were cut short in a study of prisoners, the most predictive feature of long term suffering wasn t the extent of abuse, but their internalization of it anger has a bad wrap as being unproductive or un
I was a goodreads giveaway winner of this book Supernormal is from is written by clinical Psychologist, Meg Jay She writes of clients who have survived their childhoods She lists many subjects of what her clients have gone through to make them supernormal Some of her clients had abusive parents or siblings, others had parent
Supernormal takes us on a journey through the lives of the authors patients It shows us how many of the things we ve gone through others have as well It shows us that we aren t alone It shows us we are resilient. This was an EXCELLENT book.Thoroughly interesting to look at adversity in a slightly different light. With things like trigger warnings and safe spaces, one wonders if resilience is being pushed into the background these days, when it should always be in the foreground It s the resilient who survive all odds, not those who need super special care and attention due to past adversities Author Meg Jay looks at resilient individuals in this book, and tries to enlighten readers as to why some can overcome bad childhoods, while others seem unable to do so Why were some superkids, who did well in school and went on to successful careers, while others reacted to childhood problems in such negative ways that their adult lives are still harnessed to their childhood traumas There are lots of personal stories told, and Dr Jay s analysis of what went on and is going on in the lives of her supernormal clients is neither condescending nor overly analytical Yes, her clients are called supernormal, but they still have very normal fears and emotional dilemmas Yet Dr Jay s clients have gone forward in life in very admirable ways, and have beat some tough odds She noted, too, that adversity is not rare during the childhood years Hence, seeing those who face childhood violence, abandonment, neglect, poverty, etc as a minority group is not the correct way to view them Moreover, perceiving one s childhood suffering as special isn t the most accurate way to per
SUPERNORMAL, The Untold Story of Resilience, by Meg Jay, Ph.D is a profound, insightful look inside all of us I didn t expect this book to be the sort of book where I would find myself or members of my family Possibly, neither will you However, if you have had to have your guard up, have had to be brave, don t understand why you can t move forward in your life in certain areas, or are simply curious about human nature and why we do the things we do, read this magnificently researched, compassionate, nonjudgmental book I found it eyeopening The chapters begin with Supernormal and go through Origin Story to Secret to Fight and Flight After these come Vigilance one I identified strongly with , Superhuman, Orphan another very touching one , Mask, Alien, and Antihero Reboot, Kryptonite, Secret Society, Cape, Avenger, Good v.s Bad and Neverending complete the chapters Notes, Acknowledgements and information about the author complete the book.I was fascinated at the way in which Dr Kay wove in quotes from famous people Among them are Jay Z, George Bernard Shaw, Oprah, Andre Agassi, Oliver Sacks, and many I very much appreciated her writing style when she wrote about her own patients, although each of them was partially fictionalized to protect them None of them were glamorized all rang true They were wonderfully depicted and they taught me a lot of lessons.The great way in which Meg Jay brings comic book superheroes such as Superman, Batman Wonderwoman, Spiderman and into