The Deserted Library Mystery (The Boxcar Children, #21)

The Deserted Library Mystery (The Boxcar Children, #21) The Children Try To Clean Up An Old Library So It Can Receive Landmark Status, But Someone Else Tries To Stop Them. This was a quick read for me and I really enjoyed reading this book It was packed with the excitement of who the stranger would be This could be a little scary for younger readers who get scared easy, but I think that the majority of readers would enjoy this book This was always my favorite Boxcar Children story Sometimes, all these years later, I reread it in an evening to relive some of the childhood nostalgia. One day Mr.Alden told the children that they were going to go to another town to fix up the old library they rode there bikes all the way there.when they got there they went to the library when they look through the books they find a sord and along with a note that said congradulations Capton Charles Howerd for your bravery or the bravery of the battle of they
In the library were Pete used to live, The Boxcar Children stay Excited to be there, the four children burst through the door to the library but then when they discover someone stealing their food, the find out it is a harmless boy, that is afraid he lost his Dad, and already lost his Mom But them everyone feels like they are being chased, and someone is stealing their things Then they go to fix the library, leaving Benny behind to guard thing, and they ve found the sword, and Jessie, Henr In the library were
I liked this one a little less than the others that I have read so far First of all, the bad guy was introduced so late into the book that kids don t have the opportunity to feel like they solved the mys
Not written by the original author, Gertrude Chandler Warner, and it really shows There are many things about the way this story was written that I strongly object to It is a much scarier,violent book than the previous books The 5 1 2 year old likes it, though. I have quite vivid memories for this Boxcar Children book view spoiler when really creepy things happen to them at the library, Jessie getting attacked or something , when they get followed home, finding a glove Yeah This is where my fears came from as a child hide spoiler One of my favorite childhood series I read over a hundred of them The first 50 or so were in order after that I read whatever book I could get my hands on Part of a series If you are teaching literacy, I think this book would be a good addition to your repertoire. This is the first of these books where there has actually been a threat against the kids Ifound this book to be a very fast read, despite that.

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  • The Deserted Library Mystery (The Boxcar Children, #21)
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