The Designated +1 (Cordially Invited Series Book 2)

The Designated +1 (Cordially Invited Series Book 2) 6 Weddings, 2 Old Friends, 1 Childhood Crush That Left Her Crushed Hadley Isn T Exactly Leading A Life That Anyone Would Call Goals Living With Her Parents And Walking Dogs For Money This Should Be The Perfect Time To Avoid Seeing Too Many People, So The Half Dozen Wedding Invitations Waiting For Her RSVP Feel Awfully Judgey Especially The One From Her Childhood Crush So When Hadley Runs Into Her Old Friend, Will, Who Seems To Be A Fellow Resident Of Loserville, She Wonders If They Can T Help Each Other Out A Simple Agreement To Avoid Banishment To The Dreaded Singles Table All Hadley Wants Is Show Her Childhood Crush What He S Been Missing All These Years Chicken Or Beef If It S Up To Her, This Groom Is Going To Eat His Heart Out Even If He Is Will S Brother The Designted 1 Is A Stand Alone Romantic Comedy Each Book In The Cordially Invited Series Can Be Read As A Stand Alone I love all things Ellie Cahill and I couldn t resist this synopsis Love love loved Hadley and Will They re both good people with amazing banter and chemistry I loved seeing them pretend at weddings and it effortlessly turn into something Plot wise, it was light and fluffy and I adored it There s a bit of conflict, but i
This author is a go to for low angst fluffy romance without the over the top cheese I would just say that if you re after any detailed sex you won t get that here but you will get a well written friends to lovers story. 3.75 stars While this one wasn t as good as I Temporarily Do, it was still pretty cute Friends to lovers is always a great trope There was a history between Hadley and Will in that they were neighbors and grew up together before losing touch She housesits and dogsits for a living while he works for his Father s construction company and simultaneously wants to flip houses They discover that they re going to multiple weddings over the course of the summer and agree to be each other s plus 1 for all of them It was a fun concept and the dynamic between Hadley and Will was entertaining but it wasn t quite up to par with the first in the series I did like the nod to the characters of the first There was fun and sexy moments along with some cringey ones, which can never be avoided when there s miscommunication involved And while I enjoyed this book and read
Nice, fluffy, MCs rather attractive, but nothing special There was potential for some substance but it got wrapped up far too quickly and I felt as if I was left hanging, without some important plot points bein
I really enjoyed this book It was so funny with romance tucked in The characters were perfect for each other I hope there is a sequel as there is so much to tell about these two.I was given an ARC for an honest review. i received an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewmy review I really enjoyed The Designated 1 I loved everything about it the characters, the puppies , the cute and adorable romance, and all the humor Hadley s and Will s story is a tale of love that grows between two people who really enjoy each other s company and have a hot and sizzling attraction I would recommend this story to anyone who reads contemporary romance Hadley use to be the gang s sweet little sister When everyone left for college that was the last Hadley saw of anyone Now their friends have lined
I really liked it, it was fun Hadley and Will meet again after years of not seeing each other Now, when Will teases Hadley, she finds herself acting like her 15 year old self all over again Kind of like big brother versus little sister A lot of their mutual friends are getting married this summer and they don t particularly want to be at the dreaded singles tab
Hadley doesn t feel she s very successful with her life as she s not putting her degree to use She s living back living with her mom running her own dog walking sitting business It s actually pretty sucessful She reconnects with neighborhood friend, Will, when she was dog sitting for his parents She had a high school crush on his brother, James.Both are invited to several of the same wedding s over the summer, inc
Designated 1As if Hadley Bradley didn t have enough joking about her name, her life gets complicated as she is invited to one wedding after another The wedding invitations don t specify a plus one and the wedding dinners now have singles tables So what s Hadley to do but hook up with Will, an old friend who is also single and happens to be the brother of her high school crush Will is