Way of the Wolf: Become a Master Closer with Straight Line Selling

Way of the Wolf: Become a Master Closer with Straight Line SellingJordan Belfort Immortalized By Leonardo DiCaprio In The Hit Movie The Wolf Of Wall Streetreveals The Step By Step Sales And Persuasion System Proven To Turn Anyone Into A Sales Closing, Money Earning Rock Star.For The First Time Ever, Jordan Belfort Opens His Playbook And Gives Readers Access To His Exclusive Step By Step System The Same System He Used To Create Massive Wealth For Himself, His Clients, And His Sales Teams Until Now This Revolutionary Program Was Only Available Through Jordan S 1,997 Online Training Now In WAY OF THE WOLF, Belfort Is Ready To Unleash The Power Of Persuasion To A Whole New Generation Of Readers, Revealing How Anyone Can Bounce Back From Devastating Setbacks, Master The Art Of Persuasion, And Build Wealth Every Technique, Every Strategy, And Every Tip Has Been Tested And Proven To Work In Real Life Situations.Written In His Own Inimitable Voice, WAY OF THE WOLF Cracks The Code On How To Persuade Anyone To Do Anything, And Coaches Readers, Regardless Of Age, Education, Or Skill Level, To Be A Master Sales Person, Negotiator, Closer, Entrepreneur, Or Speaker. A thorough description of the art of sales in descriptive hands on terms good for any level of salesperson. Every sale is the same JB1 10 certainty 10 Being 100% convinced this person, product and company will make my life better and help me achieve my goals avoid pain.1 absolute crap.5 Please influence me now I can t make up my mind, so please help me Straight line OPEN X X CLOSEIn control vs out of control2 types of certainty Logical certainty Emotional certaintyFuture pacing You are playing the post buying movie in the best possible fashion allowing the person to experience your products amazing benefits right now.Speaking When you re speaking its directed Its powerful Your words have meaning behind them and the meaning is to create massive certainty in the mind of your prospect as you move him down the straight line, from the open to the close.1 The prospect must love your product 100 % certainty 2 The prospect must trust and connect with you 100 % certainty 3 The prospect must trust and connect with your company 100 % certainty 4 Lower the action threshold5 Raise the pain thresholdFirst four seconds establish that you are 1 Sharp as a tack2 Enthusiastic as hell3 An expert in your field90% of the time we are communicating without speaking.Power whisper using scarcity.Bottled enthusiasmBelow the surface and bubbles over as you speak with clarity and intensity.State management An empowered state is the equivalent of the
Interesting ideas Straightforward writing This book is loaded with great tips and tricks about the human psyche and how to sell effectively Learning sales skills is important in any type of business today so why not learn from the best Written in easy, conversational langua
After reading the Way of the Wolf by Jordan Belfort, the book honestly pointed out things that I have never thought about before This book is nonfiction and teached you how to become a better salesperson through different tactics This book was able to grab my attention right from the start He started off with a warning of how this book will provide anyone reading with the ability to persuade most people He tells you not to take advantage of people because you will be able to After the warning he went into how he invented the straight line selling system This part was interesting based off of how he came up with the idea pretty much in the moment of talking to his struggling employees For the rest of the book he take you through every step it takes to become a killer salesperson He talks about body language, conscious and unconscious mind, how to make people think for you not against you This honestly helped me with my job in door knocking since I have to persuade people everyday If I am unable to, then I will make no money simple as that This book is worth picking up and reading it front to back Everyday we are trying to convince and persuade people and I promise this book will only help I agreed with everything that Jordan Belfort was saying he was only telling the truth about people and their motives intentions What stood out to me the most with this book is actually how much it has helped me im
From the title of the book it is quite clear this is a sales book so I m unsure why there are so many one star reviews expecting it was a sequel to The Wolf of Wall Street autobiography.For someone who doesn t work in sales the book still had several useful elements and explained the importance of planning your script, state management, anchoring, matching and mirroring, predicting likely objections, keeping the conversation on track, choice of words and the subtle use of tonality All would be use
Written by the Wolf of Wall Street himself, this book gives you an overview of the Sales Training System called the Straight Line Method which simplifies every sales conversation into a simple to follow framework There are some elements of the book that I just thought were overly specific to his personality e.g he linked moving into a flow state what he calls a state of complete certainty by using a specific smell in a tube that he carried with him While definitely worth experimenting with, I think very specific tactics like this will vary person to person With that said, the framework of sales as I ll describe below made perfect sense to me the first time I read it, and I m excited to begin testing it to see how it might work.THE FRAMEWORKA sale only happens when you ve accomplished 5 things with your buyer 1 Certainty with your product or service2 Certainty and trust with the sales person3 Certainty and trust with the company selling the service4 A low pain threshold relative to the ability that your product has to remove the pain5 An action threshold that is surpassed based on the level of certainty of 1,2,3If you don t have a sufficien
Some very useful tips and points But overall not a very well written book.I had my expectations set very high as this book came highly recommended I was left slightly unimpressed. If you ve ever seen the incredibly stylish and debauched film The Wolf of Wall Street, you might understand why a book written by Jordan Belfort seemed so appealing to me at first.While you can certainly question Belfort s sense of judgment, morality and self control, it s hard to deny that he is excellent at what he does professionally And this book is all about learning his methods for becoming a great salesperson through The Straight Line System He claims that this is the system he and his team at Stratton Oakmont used to skyrocket their company to success, and that you can become a top notch salesperson by applying the same principles To be honest though, I didn t fully buy it no pun intended.Belfort just came across too much like a salesman to me, if that makes sense Well duh, what else were you expecting Yeah I know, but it was to the point that it didn t seem genuine He s a big fan of exaggeration and hyperbole, and making broad statements about the efficacy of his methods that seem way too good to be true It almost reminds me of the communication style of Donald Trump, which is not a positive quality to me He ll say things like The Straight Line System can
If you are looking for a sequel to Wolf of Wall Street, you will be extremely confused when you open this book Now, when it comes to Way of the Wolf by Jordan Belfort, it seems as if a true salesman has the ability to sell the ability to sell This is overall a descriptive nonfiction book pertaining to the art of closing a deal, and for the overall sake of selling objects, this book would be crucial to anyone who might even think about entering the world of marketing or selling There is a lot to be learned from this book for any type of salesperson There are no characters, the plot doesn t exist, and it doesn t exactly compare to any other book you might read It s one of a kind, literally explaining every single little detail when it comes to closing a deal, called the Straight Line System The fact is, this book really won t matter to anyone who doesn t require the knowledge it provides, but for someone who s in need of an empowering kick, even if you don t need to know anything about sales, the power for which Belfort writes with is absolutely amazing When it comes to controversy, Belfort made his li
It is definitely a plus to have book read to you by the wolf himself through Audible It gave it an edge, but at the same time it felt like he was trying to Sell you the straight line system that he created.It felt a little repetitive at times, and longer than it should have been At the end of the book there was so many lists, objectives, scales to keep track of.It is aimed towards sale