The Racehorse Who Disappeared

The Racehorse Who Disappeared Clare Balding S Second Brilliant Adventure For Charlie Bass And Her Funny Family Of Humans And Animals Life Is Slowly Getting Back To Normal For Charlie After Her Reluctant Racehorse, Noble Warrior, Won The Derby And Saved Her Family From Financial Ruin But Drama Soon Returns To Folly Farm When Thieves Break Into The Farmyard In The Dead Of Night And Kidnap Noble Warrior With The Police Baffled And No Trace Of The Prizewinning Thoroughbred To Be Found, Charlie Launches Her Own Investigation Fabulous I loved this book It drawed me in so much as I read it in 4 hours none stop I would recommend this book to people who have read Clare s first book and to people who really need a good book to get into I hope that Clare creates a brand new book filled with loads adven
The Charlie Bass series prove to be extremely sweet and humorous The only problem I have with them is that they are packed with references of sport stars of whom I doubt the aimed readers 7 to 9 year olds will have any knowledge of A
I love it Read it with the children It was great Love horses The children really enjoyed it Will definitely try her other books. This book is a great story to get into and shows a wonderful friendship between a young girl and a horse named Nobble Warrior.This story shows a tragedy when two thieves steel her Derby winner horse from Folly farm.But as well as that Percy Nobble Warriors bes