The Sheep-Pig

The Sheep-PigKnopf Is Proud To Present A Handsome 20th Anniversary Edition Of Dick King Smith S Bestselling Novel That Became An Academy Award Nominated Movie When Babe Arrives At Hogget Farm, Mrs Hogget S Thoughts Turn To Sizzling Bacon And Juicy Pork Chops Until He Reveals A Surprising Talent For Sheepherding, That Is Before Long, Babe Is Handling Farmer Hogget S Flock Better Than Any Sheepdog Ever Could Babe Is So Good, In Fact, That The Farmer Enters Him Into The Grand Challenge Sheepdog Trials Will It Take A Miracle For Babe To Win Complete With The Original Text And Stunningly Reillustrated By Acclaimed Artist Maggie Kneen, This Anniversary Edition Of Babe Is Perfect To Introduce A New Generation Of Readers To The Magical Story Of A Pig Like No Other. Read as part of the Rory Gil Reading Challenge.The charming tale that captured originally captured my imagination as a child due to the movie adaptation, it s the heart warming story of a young pig on a sheep farm
When I was in primary school Babe was the biggest blockbuster film and was extremely popular I remember our teacher telling us that the film was based on a book and when I read the book that I enjoyed it even I was delighted therefore to have the opportunity to revisit one of my favourite childhood stories The story begins with Mr Hogget winning a pig at the fair by correctly guessing the pig s weight Originally Babe was going to be fattened up by Mrs Hogget but miraculously Babe escaped Babe was then adopted by Fly, the sheepdog on the farm Babe then goes about copying Fly s mannerisms and he is determined to become a sheep pig Babe s journey throughout the book is very enjoyable as the reader wills him on to succeed The story deals with a lot of issues that are appropriate to a primary audience Fly s assumption that all non canine animals are stupid is quickly disproven once she met Babe This sho
Such a fun story I think I like the movie better actually and this book has a lot of charm It s clever and funny and show how far politeness can get you in life I think this is often overlooked and I think the world can use kindness and politeness I think Babe also shows that life doesn t always h
One of the rare instances where the movie is better than the book I listened to it with my two daughters on a day trip in the car, otherwise I would have never finished it If you do decide to read it to your kids, get ready for lines like, the Collie bitch was pleased to see Babe growing up so strong And the bitch told the pig that the farmer was pleased with his progress After the 2nd reference to this term, and after laughing out loud at the surprise of it, I had to tell my 10 year old that the term was not acceptable to use for humans and was espec
I hadn t read Babe in years, and reading it again was really great This story of friendship and adventure with a pig as the main character is definitely a classic and really worth reading. Lovely Glad to see that the movie didn t deviate too much from the book. Dieses Buch w rde von mir uneingeschr nkt das Pr dikat P dagogisch besonders wertvoll erhalten Die Handlung kennt man eventuell vom Film Ein Schweinchen namens Babe , dem dieses Buch als Grundlage diente Den Filmemachern war damals ein sehr sch ner Familienfilm mit liebevoll ausgearbeiteten Charakteren gelungen Und diesen Charme merkt man auch im Buch So man daran interessiert ist, seinen Kindern soziale Werte zu vermitteln, ist dieses Buch hervorragend daf r geeignet Das kleine Schweinchen hat ein freundliches Wesen und mit seiner H flichkeit erreicht es mehr, als der H tehund durch sein ruppiges Wesen Sei nett zu deinen Mittieren menschen, bitte um etwas, das du willst oder getan haben m chtest, sage bitte und danke, nimm R cksicht auf andere Nichtsdestotrotz hat die Geschichte nichts schweres oder beh biges Sie liest sich wie ein modernes M rchen und wenn das Schweinchen sich dann mit der
I don t think I ve ever read this book before, but I did today for class At the beginning I thought I wasn t going to like it all that much after all, there already is a great book featuring a pig as the main character, and that s Charlotte s Web but awww, as I kept on reading I liked Babe and and
What a fabulous read aloud book I enjoyed it as much as my son My 5 year old would give it 100 stars I did omit the word bitch referring to the collie as it wasn t necessary and didn t want to get into a discussion of when it is not appropriate to use the word or how people could misinterpret it
What an incredibly sweet, heartwarming story I love the message that one only need to be kind and genuine to attain their desires, and that everyone should be treated with respect, regardless of how intelligent one might think they are However, after re reading the last page again to double check, the most famous quote from this book is misattributed Farmer Hogget says that ll do twice, but he never says Pig at the end, as it is often quoted Perhaps that is said in the movie

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