KNIFE FITE KNIFE FITE A Collection Of Over 100 Extremely Short Stories KNIFE FITE Infused With With Terrible Hilarity, Infested With The Knee Slapping Horror Of Being Alive In The World In 2017 KNIFE FITE Drunk In Chain Restaurants, Bad Sex Moves, Iffy Life Decisions KNIFE FITE. I put off finishing this book for ad long as I could, to prolong the magic, but it had to happen someday I was going to remove one star because I do not appear in this book, but technically my name shows up in The Sex Restaura
I ve read some of mankind s greatest achievements in literature and didn t give them five stars, so I can t quite bring myself to give five stars to an e book full of dick jokes, but, man, these are next level dick
I M A BIG FAN AND THAT S OKAY I m a longtime fan of the whole Josh Green Allen oeuvre and method Yes of course I have a rich life why do you ask This is another masterpiece and now I don t have to hit The Internet Archive every month. Great fun 100 very short short stories They re funny and bizarre and you read a dozen before you even know it Also that cover, come on Easily worth the three bucks. Four stars for the writing plus one for the fontFive stars, would read again but without my eyes closed this time Thanks for the memories Joshua two words. A total riot Allen s style of zany, sad sack absurdism packs in jokes per page than anything I ve ever read The Mouthwash, A Meeting had me howling, but there are a ton of gems here. I really enjoyed this book of extremely short stories If you have interest in reading stories such as The Twenty Thousand Word God Penis Essay then look no farther.