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Hidden Tapestry Hidden Tapestry Reveals The Unforgettable Story Of Flemish American Artist Jan Yoors Childhood Vagabond, Wartime Resistance Fighter, And Polyamorous New York Bohemian At The Peak Of His Fame In The 1970s, Yoors S Photographs And Vast Tapestries Inspired A Dedicated Following In His Adopted Manhattan And Earned Him International Acclaim Though His Intimate Friends Guessed The Rough Outline Of His Colorful Life, Hidden Tapestry Is First To Detail His Astonishing Secrets.At Twelve, Jan S Life Took An Extraordinary And Unexpected Turn When, Lured By Stories Of Gypsies, He Wandered Off With A Group Of Roma And Continued To Live On And Off With Them And With His Own Family For Several Years As An Adult In German Occupied France, Yoors Joined The Resistance And Persuaded His Adoptive Roma Family To Fight Alongside Him Defying Repeated Arrests And Torture By The Gestapo, He Worked First As A Saboteur And Later Escorted Allied Soldiers Trapped Behind German Lines Across The Pyrenees To Freedom.After The War, He Married Childhood Friend Annabert Van Wettum And Embarked On His Career As An Artist When A Friend Of Annabert S, Marianne Citroen, Modeled For Yoors, The Two Began An Affair, Which Led The Three To Form A Polyamorous Family That Would Last For The Rest Of Their Lives Moving To New York, The Trio Became Part Of The Bohemian Life Of Greenwich Village In The 1950s.Told In Arresting Detail By Debra Dean, Best Selling Author Of The Madonnas Of Leningrad, Yoors S Story Is A Luminous And Inspiring Account Of Resilience, Resourcefulness, And Love. I found this to be an inspiring and moving biography about the Flemish artist Jan Yoors 1922 1977 and his life He grew up the son of a stained glass artist and took off while very young with a band of Rom gypsies by accident and kept going for months He enjoyed it so much that he did it again every year for all but the winter months for the next 10 years and felt torn between the two worlds after learning their ways and language But then when WWII came it changed everything about his life, nearly destroying both sides of it Yoors became involved as a resistance fighter and undercover agent He later went on to design and was known for his many finely crafted wool tapestries in New York along with his many sketches and drawings, he made a film, did photography, sculpted and wrote books But he was probably best known other than for the tapestries, for having two wives and that
Hidden TapestryJan Yoors His Two Wives And The War That Made Them OneHidden Tapestry by Debra Dean is a brilliantly detailed research rich docu drama about the life and loves of tapestry artist, photographer, humanitarian and WWII war hero Jan Yoors She digs deep into his colorful history from his childhood in Belgium, the son of a social reformer mother and an artist father to his time with the Romani Gypsies his clandestine participation in the WWII Resistance much of which isn t documented because of the sensitive nature of the information and lack of documentation to his post war immigration to NYC the multiple women he loved and their Bohemian and at the same time urbane lifestyle in the artists dream location of Greenwich Village to his health struggles and his untimely death in 1977 at the much too early age of fifty five and finally what the women in his life did to cont
Hidden Tapestry Jan Yoors His Two Wives and the War That Made Them One by Debra Dean is a fantastic novel describing the true although sometimes unbelievable story of Jan Yoors a Flemish American artist and the women who became his wives after the war Starting from when they are young in the Netherland countryside following each individually through the war, coming together as one after the war, and then ending at the display of the tapestries at Baker Museum in Naples, Florida with his life s work on display The nomadic life of Jan Yoors is captivating and nerve wreaking as is the women s struggles through the war.Included are a few photographs of the family and letters they corresponded with over the years until they were able to be together for the rest of their lives It is surprising and touching with historical facts all woven together to form an intricate story of their lives.I had never heard of this artist before I m not much into art but after reading this I have a deeper understanding of his life and the artwork he and his wives accomplished I loved the history of their lives during the war for I enjoy reading about World War 2 It delves into the issues of the war and what they had to fac
I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review From the publisher Hidden Tapestry reveals the unforgettable story of Flemish American artist Jan Yoors childhood vagabond, wartime Resistance fighter, and polyamorous New York bohemian At the peak of his fame in the 1970s, Yoors s photographs and vast tapestries inspired a dedicated following in his adopted Manhattan and earned him international acclaim Though his intimate friends guessed the rough outline of his colourful life, Hidden Tapestry is first to detail his astonishing secrets.At twelve, Jan s life took an extraordinary and unexpected turn when lured by stories of Gypsies, he wandered off with a group of Roma and continued to live on and off with them and with his own family for several years As an adult in German occupied France, Yoors joined the Resistance and persuaded his adoptive Roma family to fight alongside him Defying repeated arrests and torture by the Gestapo, he worked first as a saboteur and later escorted Allied soldiers trapped behind Ge
It s been awhile since I ve been able to pick up a book work life but when Hidden Tapestry came in the mail, I decided I would take time to at least try to read a few chapters I read it non stop in two days Debra Dean has managed to create a wonderful biography of Jan Yoors artist sculpture and storyteller himself that was gripping to read Jan Yoors had a complicated and complex life from the get go In order to understand some aspects of his choices, Debra had to weave the past with the present in the timeline of the book She managed to do this delicately which didn t take away from where you were maybe Jan teen years but reflecting back to his youth The story of Jan Yoors is incredible in its own right A child of bohemian artists who allowed him to be independent and creative, Jan ran away with the Gypsy at a very young age This set the tone for his life a free spirit that wanted to be part of something but place no value on possessions He was loyal, caring and a loving soul who just wanted to share his love To him, that meant a polyamorous marriage which defined him and his art in a roundabout way Throughout his life, Jan was never rich even though he was able to hang out with the likes of Andy Warhol and lived nearby
I had the wonderful experience of meeting Marianne Annabert as the Art Director for a documentary student film when I attended NYU Film School back in the early 80 s I was thrilled when a friend gave me this book as a present not knowing I knew these women, thei
Thanks to Netgalley, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read and review a digital copy of this book This book was brilliant Debra introduces the family of Jan Yoon and exposes the reader to a different side of World War II and the creativity that it helped spawn I have already encoura
I couldn t put this book down It should be a movie It has all the right elements woven into a biography of Belgian tapestry artist and photographer Jan Yoors and his wives Jan was a free spirit He ran off with Gypsies and came back home again several times when he was a teenager, helped refugees escape the Nazis during WWII, was a dashing spy for the British, survived Nazi torture, loved and married two women, designed beautiful, modern tapestries, and ended up in New York after WWII The book flows from Jan s childhood friendship that becomes marriage years later through
one man two wives many mistresses a life of incredible art shared between them this book is a wonderfully elaborate story though true as a tapestry beautifully woven together that lets you dream of the life and love they shared for me highly recommended and I a
Relying on primary source documents and extensive interviews, Dean cracks open the incredible story of charismatic tapestry artist, sculptor, painter, photographer, filmmaker, and war hero Jan Yoors and his taboo relationship with dual wives Split between wartime Europe and post Beatnik Greenwich Village, Dean s well wrought, fast paced narrative is as enlightening and alluring as the characters whose lives she recounts Always in the fore is Yoor

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