The Story of Life

The Story of Life This Book Is A Magical Journey Through Life From The Beginnings Of Time To The Birth Of A Child And The Adventure That We Take On Our Way To The Grave And Beyond To The Starsit Is A Celebration Of Being Human And All Of The Beautiful Things That Is In Between.if You Like Books That Are About Why We Are Herehow We Are Madebabies Shedding Their Baby Legs And Growing Their Child Legsthe Innocence Of Childhoodthe Warmth Of Papas Backteen Lifebody Harethe First Kissfalling In Lovebeing Alonethe Gift Of A Feathertales Of Witchessaturday Nightsmonday Morningsthe Mystery Of Old Peoples Earlobesdeathghostsand The Meaning Of Lifethen This Book Is For Youbecause Inside Of This Book There Is All Of Those Things And After Reading About 5 Pages Of It You Will Be The Main Expert Of Human Life And There Will Be Nothing In This World That You Will Not Knowlove From Your Friend Chris Simpsons Artist Xox This is like a fourth grade alien had to write an essay on humans, but he didn t pay attention well in class I loved it. it was a good book you should have a read of it anyone who doesnt have a read of it will be visited by the feather witch who is very dangerous and will turn you into a feather if you have a look of it in its eyes I bought this for my husband for Christmas, but couldn t resist reading it myself before I wrapped it up for him It s complete nonsense and very funny Minus one star for lack of punctuation, even though I know that s half the charm of
I saw this on Twitter and went chasing it up because it sounded like delicious, delicious crack It is absolutely as bonkers as expected but also has a few accidentally on purpose profound moments in there But mostly it is made of hilarious absurdity and gave me some cracky laughs I really needed. Genius If Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer told the story of life and it was illustrated by John Lennon, it would only be half as weird and wonderfully strange as this. Iconic A little off the wall and if that s what you like then this book is for you thank you my friend

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  • Hardcover
  • 128 pages
  • The Story of Life
  • Chris (Simpsons Artist)
  • 17 January 2017
  • 9781409175841