The Liverpool Girls (Mersey, #3)

The Liverpool Girls (Mersey, #3) Will Tragedy Tear Them Apart Once And For All It S 1966 And In Liverpool Two Sisters Are About To Have Their Lives Turned Upside Down Sisters Carol And Jackie Haven T Had The Easiest Of Childhoods, But As They Grow Up And Begin Their Own Lives Both Hope For Happier Times Ahead Stylish Carol Works In Lewis S Department Store, While Jackie Dreams Of Drama School, And A Career On The Stage But The Sisters Are Heartbroken When They Discover They Have Been Dating The Same Man, And An Unexpected Pregnancy Causes A Rift Between Them Parents Dora And Joe Must Overcome Their Past Hurts And Help Their Daughters, Despite The Meddling Of Joe S Second Wife Ivy As The Sisters Troubles Spiral And Difficult Decisions Must Be Made, Can The Family Pull Together Or Will Jackie And Carol S Sisterly Bond Be Destroyed Forever The Liverpool Girls Is A Heart Breaking And Compelling Story Of Family, Loss And Love Perfect For Fans Of Annie Groves, Anne Baker And Kitty Neale Read What Everyone S Saying About The Liverpool Girls Gripping Too Good To Put Down The Author Really Draws You In My Heart Felt Like It Was Literally Going To Burst The Liverpool Girls Is A Powerful And Moving Story That I Didn T Want To End A Must Read By The Letter Book Reviews, 5 Stars Absolutely Brilliant Just Delightful Reading I Read The Book In Or Less One Sitting, Reading Well Into The Early Hours The Emotions You Feel Reading This Makes You Feel Like You Are On A Rollercoaster A Wonderful, Warming, Heart Breaking Story Stardust Book Reviews, 5 Stars I Absolutely Loved It, I Enjoyed Every Bit I Felt Like The Characters Were Part Of My Extended Family, I Really Feel Like I Have Been On A Life Journey With Them Brilliant I Love Reading, 5 Stars I Loved This Book From Start To Finish Goodreads Reviewer, 5 Stars I Ve Read Many Family Sagas Over The Years, But The Mersey Trilogy Tops Them All Will Stay With Me For A Long Time Goodreads Reviewer, 5 Stars Pam S Writing Delivers A Great Finale With Unforgettable Characters Brook Cottage Books, 5 Stars I Read This In Less Than A Day, What Better Recommendation Can I Give The Attention To Detail Is Great And Really Transports The Reader I Would Recommend This To Anyone Who Enjoys Family Sagas And As A Cosy Escapism From Life Goodreads Reviewer, 5 Stars Absolutely Fabulous Story Everything Else Is Forgotten While I Devour These Books Massive Five Stars Goodreads Reviewer, 5 Stars An Amazing Story Highly Recommended Goodreads Reviewer, 5 Stars Terrific Wonderful. Sisters Carol and Jackie have not had easy childhoods Carol now works in Lewis s department store, and Jackie dreams of drama school, and a career on the stage But the sisters are heartbroken when they discovered that they had been dating the same man Parents Dora and Joe must overcome past hurts to help their daughters, despite the meddling of Joe s new wife Ivy.Set in 1966 This is the third book in this trilogy and unfortunately I did not realise this when I requested this book I think it can be read as a standalone but I would have preferred to read the other two books in this trilogy first This is a good family saga with the kind of troubles they had back in the day This story has good characters,
It s 1966 and Dora s and joes girls have grown up.It s book 3 in the series Joe and Dora s lives moved on.Carol has grown into a stylish modern young woman who works for the big department store Lewis s.She still lives with her father, who is now married to Ivy while Jackie lives with her mom Carol wants a life on the stage and is focusing on getting into drama school.Things in this book turn ugly for the sisters when Carol is dating Alex and Jackie is dating Sandy.One day on a sisters meet up where Jackie wants to introduce her fella, Carol is shocked and astounded to say the least when Alex her man turns out to Sandy Yes both were unbeknown dating the same man No wonder Carol found him distant and stand offish lately.But Carol is pregnant and Joe soon finds out he needs to marry Carol to make an honest woman of her.Remember this is in 1950s and 1960s so very ostracising for wome
This if the third book in the trilogy and I highly recommend you read them in order.Having been a fan of the first two books in the trilogy I really couldn t wait to read this one Time has passed since we were last with Dora and her girls are both young adults now Where as the first two books concentrate on Dora, Carol and Jackie take centre stage this time round and boy does it make for some gripping reading.I have read each of these books in one sitting They are just too good to put down The author really draws you in and I felt like I was there in the 1960 s slap bang in Liverpool itself.Carol has always been a bit of a feisty one, even when she was a child I had a kind of love, hate relationship with her Hate is a bit strong actually as I didn t hate her but I did find myself disliking her quite often.Jackie I loved She is very much her mothers dau
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this bookThe Liverpool Girls is the third book in the trilogy and I have to say that I am well and truly gutted this is the last book in the series Like I have said before I have never read a family saga before and Pam Howes has opened up a whole new world to me reading this genre This book and series is fantastic Set in 1966 we catch up with sisters Carol and Jackie who haven t had the easiest childhood The Liverpool Girls tells the story of a love triangle who are heartbroken when they realise they have been dating the same man With an unexpected pregnancy causes shock waves and a rift between them The big question is can the family pull together or will the sister s be destroyed forever OMG what a heart wrenching moving story Pam Howes certainly knows how to pull on your heartstrings I still have a lump in my throat just thinking about this story It is full of twists and turns that I wasn t expecting In fact I couldn t turn the pages fast enough wanting to know what was going to happen next I love the author s style of writing which is an easy read with de
The Liverpool Girls is the third book in the Trilogy and the story just gets better and better The story continues, but centred around Joe and Dora daughters Carol and Jackie Carol lives with her dad Joe and stepmom Ivy and works in Lewis department store and Jackie lives with her mother Dora and hopes to go to drama school.Carol has been going out with a guy called Alex for quite a while and when Alex tells her that he has something he needs to talk to her about, Carol thinks that he wants to get engaged, even though he has been standoffish of late He doesn t know that Carol is pregnant with his child But he wants to end it with her Feeling down she agrees to go on a family outing to see her sister Jackie and her mother and Jackie s new and first boyfriend Sandy But when they meet, she finds out that Alex Sandy has been cheating on her with her sister Jackie There is heartache for all the family when the pregnancy is found out and the family agrees that Jackie should end it with Sandy and make an honest woman of Carol, as they are having a baby together, Alex does not love Carol but agrees Although they marry they do not
Pam I need .I have thoroughly enjoyed each and everyone of these books.full review to follow Review to come as part of blog tour Thank you to Netgalley, the author and the Publishers for this review copy, given in exchange for an honest review Also thank you to Kim from Bookouture for organising the Blog Tour This is the third book in the Mersey Trilogy What happens in the previous books is recapped well throughout the book, so it can be read as a standalone I do recommend that the books are read in order though, not just because the story is easier to understand, but because they are such good books In the third and final instalment, we are taken forward to 1966 in Liverpool Carol is now 19 and Jackie is nearly 16 The story has moved on, time wise, from the last book, but the only things that have really changed is their ages Jackie lives with her mum, Dora and Carol has decided to live with her dad, Joe and his wife Ivy Things are still a struggle for Dora, doing two jobs to make ends meet She still has her standards though and holds her head up high in church every week Carol is enjoying life as a young woman She works at Lewis s Department store and has a boyfriend, Alex Ja
The Liverpool Girls is the final instalment of Pam s three part family saga It s now 1966 and Joe and Dora s teenage daughters currently live apart Carol with Joe and his second wife Ivy and Jackie with Dora Joe and Ivy have a new centrally heated home Joe now works for the Ford Motor Company but Ivy has turned into a lazy stay at home wife with a long string of excuses as to why she can t get a job.Carol currently works in Lewis s Department store and lives with her father as it s easier to get to work from where he lives Her boyfriend, Alex who she pursued relentlessly before they got together, is beginning to lose interest Desperate to keep him Carol does the unthinkable, not realising how far the consequences of her action will reach.Jackie, about to turn sixteen, is in love with young artist Sandy and has hopes of studying at drama school When Carol turns up to the family gathering for Jackie s birthday she is shocked to discover Alex is in fact Sandy and they have been dating the same man Not only that, Carol is now pregnant Sandy is horrified to discover he has been dating two sisters He thought he and Carol were finished He s in love with Jackie but with the news of a baby, what happens next The scene is set for an emotional roller coaster of a ride I m not giving any of the plot away, as it wouldn t be fair Pam s writing delivers a great finale with unforgettable characters It was great to see Joe finally findin
This is the third book in the trilogy set in Liverpool during the 1960s I read and reviewed the second book in the series and as I enjoyed the second book so much, I made sure to read the first book in the series I did read the series out of sequence but I enjoyed it all the same I was so looking forward to reading the conclusion of the trilogy but I was also sad at the same time because I knew the series was coming to an end I was not to be disappointed as I really enjoyed The Liverpool Girls and in fact I think that it is the best book of the series.As the title suggests, the main focus of the book is on female characters, who are very strong Some women are strong because their circumstances have made them so or they have been born that way I particularly liked Jackie s mother, Dora Dora has been through some tough times She was married to Jackie s father and they also had another child called Carol Sadly, Dora and her then husband suffered the loss of Carol s twin and I don t think that she has fully come to terms with the death Indeed it took her a long time to bond with Carol Conditions were different back then whereas nowadays parents of a dead child would be offered support and counselling