Ghouls (The Wizard Brothers #1)

Ghouls (The Wizard Brothers #1) NEW YORK HAS MANY SECRETS SOME ARE OLDER THAN THE CITY ITSELF My Roommates And I Work For The New York Wizard Council, Protecting The City From Supernatural Threats Dealing With Territorial Werewolves And Angry Ghosts Is Just Routine To Us We Re Used To That Stuff What We Re Not Used To Is An Ancient Demon Hybrid Roaming The Sewers How Did It Even Get There And Why No One, Besides My Captain Dora, Felt Its Presence Yeah, My Boss Is A Woman, No Problem With That, Really At The Moment, My Only Problem Is To Get Out Of These Sewers In One Piece Then, We Ll Figure Out How A Mythical Monster Could Walk Around New York Undetected And How Did It Even Get There We Re Lucky My Brother Joey Came To Visit Have I Mentioned My Younger Brother Joey He S An Annoying, Know It All Nerd But He S Also A Very Talented Wizard And A Smart Ass If Someone Can Help Us Solve This Mystery, That S Him HARRY POTTER MEETS SUPERNATURAL IN THIS NEW, ACTION PACKED URBAN FANTASY SERIES SadIt is sad when you read the first 4 chapters of what starts out to be a good book and find that is all you have x 9 repeats of the same 4 chapters. This was an interesting and quite original story It s a very good premise for what could be an exciting series I thought that the characters were good, though it felt at times a little too YA for my liking But overall, there is plenty potential for it to be fantastic