Courageous Women of the Vietnam War

Courageous Women of the Vietnam War One Of Just A Handful Of Women Reporting On The Vietnam War, Kate Webb Was Captured By North Vietnamese Troops And Presumed Dead Until She Emerged From The Jungle Waving A Piece Of White Parachute Material After 23 Days In Captivity Le Ly Hayslip Enjoyed A Peaceful Early Childhood In A Vietnamese Farming Village Before War Changed Her Life Forever Brutalized By All Sides, She Escaped To The United States, Where She Eventually Founded Two Humanitarian Organizations Lynda Van Devanter Was An Idealistic Young Nurse In 1969 When A Plane Carrying Her And 350 Men Landed In South Vietnam Her Harrowing Experiences Working In A Combat Zone Hospital Would Later Serve As Inspiration For The TV Series China Beach In These Pages Readers Meet These And Other Brave Women And Girls Who Served In Life Threatening Roles As Medics, Journalists, Resisters, And Revolutionaries In The Conflict In Vietnam Author Kathryn J Atwood Presents A Clear Introduction To Each Of Five Chronological Sections, Guiding Readers Through The Social And Political Turmoil That Spanned Two Decades And The Tenure Of Five US Presidents Each Woman S Story Unfolds In A Suspenseful, Engaging Way, Incorporating Plentiful Original Source Materials, Quotes, And Photographs Resources For Further Study, Source Notes And A Bibliography, And A Helpful Map And Glossary Round Out This Exploration Of One Of Modern History S Most Divisive Wars, Making It An Invaluable Addition To Any Student S Or History Buff S Bookshelf. Edelweiss 3Many thanks to Kathryn J Atwood, Chicago Review Press, and Edelweiss for the ARC in exchange for my unbiased review The women profiled in this book held various positions in Vietnam and were of different ages They are not all nurses or soldiers Some are Vietnamese The dynamics of the war were just as damaging to females, and they didn t get any treatment or a welcome ho
2 so disappointing starsI was so looking forward to reading this book and perhaps so much anticipation ruined what I thought would be a most enlightening and courageous read Perhaps much of the blame could be placed on the ARC I received which was ever so jumbled with notes interspersed among he story line making for confusion and an interruption to the poignant stories of these courageous women I have read a considerable amount of ARCs but this one was a mess sad to say The stories of these brave woman who risked their very lives helping those poor people not only fighting in Vietnam but also caught in the crossfire in a war many did not understand, started and stopped abruptly There was so much missing in the details and one could not help but wanting information, story, relevant details.Told through the lives of woman on bo
In the year 40 CE, two women, Trung Trac and Trung Nhi, became legends in Vietnamese history by leading a military victory against the brutal occupation by China Trac s husband was beheaded for attempting to do the same Two hundred years later, Trieu Au led an army of 1,000 men against the Chinese When asked why, she responded, I want to rail against the wind and the tide, kill the whales in the sea, sweep the whole country to save the people from slavery, and I refused to be abused All the stuff of legend Xuan Phuong by Xuan PhuongGenevieve de Galard by Genevi ve de Galard Le Ly Hayslip by Le Ly Hayslip by Le Ly Hayslip Bobbi Hovis by Bobbi Hovis Kay Wilhelmy Bauer She helped establish a PTSD program especially for female nurses who served in Vietnam Jurate Kazickas by Joyce Hoffmann by Tad Bartimus Iris Mary Roser by Iris Mary RoserAnne Koch by Keith Walker Dang Thuy Tram by ng Th y Tr m by Karen Gottschang Turner by Christian G Appy by David Chanoff Lynda Van D
Very well written book Shows the courage of the women who served as nurses and journalists in the Vietnam war. I m a big fan of Kathryn J Atwood s work She s written several collective biographies of women who either insert themselves into or find themselves in the midst of a war zone or occupied territory Her books are written for a young adult audience, but they re good reading for adults as well.Courageous Women of the Vietnam War introduces the reader to the Vietnam War from a variety of perspectives Vietnamese, French, New Zealand, Australian, and American By including women from different backgrounds and countries of origin, Atwood is able to show how international this war in a relatively small country was.Atwood organizes this book chronologically in five parts Part 1 1945 1956 Ho Chi Minh s RevolutionWomen featured Xuan Phuong and Genevi ve de GalardPart II 1957 1964 Ngo Dinh Diem s Civil WarWomen featured Le Ly Hayslip and Bobbi HovisPart III 1965 1968 Lyndon B Johnson s American WarWomen featured Kay Wilhelmy Bauer, Jurate Kazickas, and Iris Mary RoserPart IV 1969 1970 Richard M Nixon s Peace Women featured Anne Koch, Dang Thuy Tram, and Lynda Van DevanterPart V 1971 1975 Endings and BeginningsWomen featured Kate Webb, Joan Baez, Tracy Wood, and Kim PhucThe Vietnam War has always been a rather murky mess in my mind I haven t read a history of the war, but I have read a few novels written by veterans who
The collection of stories included in this book includes a nice variety of experiences It s clear the author worked hard to gather information on the lives of many women who experienced Vietnam in some way The stories included range from civilians and victims to nurses, reporters, volunteers, a North Vietnamese surgeon, and even a war protester This provided me with a variety of different perspectives on the war and the experiences these women had Many of the stories are heartbreaking in the suffering and destruction these women witnessed or were a part of, directly or indirectly No one could read these stories and remain untouched by the horribleness of war The ladies themselves had have different views on the rightness and wrongness of the war and while the author includes these views, she doesn t try to say who is right or wrong She simply tells the stories As I looked at the notes and r
This book by Kathryn Atwood is part of the Women of Action series from Chicago Review Press.Although I was very young at the time, I remember the Vietnam war But I have a child s memory of that war We never learned about it in school because it wasn t quite history yet Certainly, we knew all about it, right Well, perhaps Perhaps not As I said, my view of it is filtered, just as my view of Desert Storm will always be filtered through the lens of riding in an M577 tracked vehicle, a pair of headphones on my head, as we bounced up and over the berm between Saudi Arabia and Iraq What was everyone else doing I have no idea.I may never fill in those gaps, but I was amazed at how much I learned about the Vietnam war One of the things I appreciated about this book was how it was organized into five parts Each part covered significant events taking place during those years with corresponding stories Part 1 1945 1956 Ho Chi Minh s RevolutionWomen s stories Xuan Phuong and Genevi ve de GalardPart II 1957 1964 Ngo Dinh Diem s Civil WarWomen s Stories Le Ly Hayslip and Bobbi HovisPart III 1965 1968 Lyndon B Johnson s American WarWomen s stories Kay Wilhelmy Bauer, Jurate Kazickas, and Iris Mary RoserPart IV 1969 1970 Richard M Nixon s Peace Women s stories Anne Koch, Dang Thuy Tram, and Lynda Van DevanterPart V 1971 1975 Endings and BeginningsWomen s stories Kate Webb, Joan Baez, Tracy Wood, and Kim PhucReading the history in parts, followed by each wo
This is a well researched and compelling book I bought it for my niece because I wanted her to read about courageous women I felt inspired by it, too. kidlitexchange partner We need stories like these, capturing the female heroes who have played important roles throughout history The most recent in Atwood s series of wonderful works highlighting the experiences and importance of women in some of the most horrific and trying times we ve faced, not just as a nation, but globally While the history buff may not find the stories unique or novel and may find the lack of comprehensive detail a bit frustrating, it is a superior example of how to get young readers passionate about history and teach them some really great stories along the way I particularly appreciate the diversity of the stories and the women themselves In addition to the individual stories of these intriguing women, accompanied by interesting photos, Atwood also provides a brief introduction to the historical background These short sections ensure those just learning about the particular time period in this case, the Vietnam War have the necessary basics to appreciate the nuances of the stories told Often, Atwood uses direct quotes from the women in the book, from journal and diary entries to letters and interviews These add a lovely personal element to the narrative as well Overall, the formatting and writing style is quite strong if not a bit direct There is no need for literary flourish these stories stand on their own Overall, these are wonderful young adult and perhaps even middle grade introduction
kidlitexchange partnerWhen I saw this novel posted for review on kidlitexchange I knew I wanted to review it I believe it s important to read and explore many different genres but especially important to read non fiction Especially as important stories of these of women who have played such an important role in history I was excited to not only have the chance to read Courageous Women of the Vietnam War but also to check out two of Kathryn J Atwood s other novels Women Heroes of World War I and also Women Heroes of World War II These books are jammed pack full of not always easy to read stories, some are heartbreaking, but they are also fascinating and inspiring There s pictures throughout, direct quotes and journal entries that really add to the stories Atwood also gives introductions to the history you are about to read about Overall it was a 5 Star read, it was very well written and a lot of researc

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