Three Men in a Boat (Oxford Bookworms: Stage 4)

Three Men in a Boat (Oxford Bookworms: Stage 4) This Award Winning Collection Of Adapted Classic Literature And Original Stories Develops Reading Skills For Low Beginning Through Advanced Students Accessible Language And Carefully Controlled Vocabulary Build Students Reading Confidence Introductions At The Beginning Of Each Story, Illustrations Throughout, And Glossaries Help Build Comprehension Before, During, And After Reading Activities Included In The Back Of Each Book Strengthen Student Comprehension Audio Versions Of Selected Titles Provide Great Models Of Intonation And Pronunciation Of Difficult Words. 3,5 stars An adapted and abridged text for learning English The original book from Jerome K Jerome was published in 1889 and was very successful This text was easy to understand, and it s about 3 men the writer himself, his dog and two friends who made a trip from London t
It is so much fun when a book stands the test of time Usually that is only reserved for the great Masterworks of literature Three Men in a Boat also fits in this category I can easily imagine men having nearly this same experience today I won t say I d lik
Normal book, I liked three men short storys than the whole book story, the short story funI give this book 2 stars and maybe I ll read another book that has the same story next time. it did not have the same hint of what i thought would be fine humor , i had seen the three men in a boat tv programme the one that follows this journey and the boat and the same destinations and all that , which stars grif rhyss jones and rory mc grath and dara o briain , it was funny and well some what up to date with my sense of fun and enjoyment dont get me wrong this is a good book and jerome k jerome has a sense of writing to what he likes and what stories would be good and fun to tell he feels for me to want this book to be a goof and that he wants the characters to be lazy and depressed and that the stories that they tell and that the journey that they have is an up lifting one and it is this book does deserve praise and it gets it from me but i liked it and thats all so that is why i have given it 3 of the 5 goodreads stars , and i bought this book second hand and it was one euro which is super cheap and for me it was super quick only like 85 pages long , a small price for a s
OXFORD,Level 4 Time 5 14 10minutes 5 15 10minutes 5 16 10minutes 5 17 10minutes 5 18 10minutes 5 19 10minutes 5 20 15minutes 7 words summary disease fresh river plan pack holiday journey Discussion questionQ If you want to change your feeling, what would you like to do A I would like to do cycling to change my feeling If I do, I can breathe fresh air It takes me much energy.I could enjoy to read this story I want to go to trip by boat like them I also think that going somewhere
1 level 42 november 25,80min 26,60min 3.three men , river, boat, trouble, lazy, angry,food4 a There are three men who are lazy They wanted to do something and then they decides to go on a tripb The scene which Harris was in a maze, he was knowing the way to get out from the maze So he leads many people but he could not get out. It was funny.5 They are often in trouble They often quarrel each other and someone is angry all the time I could not enjoy this book because there is no punch
This book was chosen for our June read for my RL Classics Book Club IMO, not a good choice Definitely a classic, sometimes amusing, interesting, but nearly no substance About three men taking a two week holiday in a boat on the Thames If you want to spend a pleasant
Great book for a lazy afternoon. The book gets funnier the you get into it the humour is generally understated, and often verges on the surreal The humoristic memories are particularly effective The dog Montncy is particularly effective in its generally unspeaking presence. This book is a retelling of the famous story, in language appropriate for younger or beginning readers I didn t realize this when I picked up the book at an estate sale The book features in one of my favorite books, which is why I wanted to read it. Nev m, byla to povinn etba ze koly Asi u bych tuto knihu znovu vid t necht la Bylo to stra n nudn a bez v znamu. nech pu. a funny story love that , didn t think that a foreigner writer can have similar sense of humor to our culture. a funny story about three men went to a boat trip..funny how lazy they i want a Boat trip to Oxford too P Funny and Cute Loved it LOVE THIS BOOK.

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