WarcrossFor The Millions Who Log In Every Day, Warcross Isn T Just A Game It S A Way Of Life The Obsession Started Ten Years Ago And Its Fan Base Now Spans The Globe, Some Eager To Escape From Reality And Others Hoping To Make A Profit Struggling To Make Ends Meet, Teenage Hacker Emika Chen Works As A Bounty Hunter, Tracking Down Players Who Bet On The Game Illegally But The Bounty Hunting World Is A Competitive One, And Survival Has Not Been Easy Needing To Make Some Quick Cash, Emika Takes A Risk And Hacks Into The Opening Game Of The International Warcross Championships Only To Accidentally Glitch Herself Into The Action And Become An Overnight Sensation.Convinced She S Going To Be Arrested, Emika Is Shocked When Instead She Gets A Call From The Game S Creator, The Elusive Young Billionaire Hideo Tanaka, With An Irresistible Offer He Needs A Spy On The Inside Of This Year S Tournament In Order To Uncover A Security Problem And He Wants Emika For The Job With No Time To Lose, Emika S Whisked Off To Tokyo And Thrust Into A World Of Fame And Fortune That She S Only Dreamed Of But Soon Her Investigation Uncovers A Sinister Plot, With Major Consequences For The Entire Warcross Empire. I want dwayne the rock to bench press me I m pretty sure it ll hurt less than whatever is happening right now.This was so fucking INCREDIBLE and likeohm y god I m just takes deep breath dinosaur noises They believe that objects have souls The love you put into one, the beautiful it becomes Marie Lu said this book was a love letter to all her favourite things and I keep imagining a tree that died and got chopped up into tiny pieces to become stardust that will find us again after billions of years and write us a perfumed love letter dusted in golden light and signed with a kiss in the form of this book.ok I m just being dramatic but seriouslyreading warcross was like this weird holiday special from the universe that I ve never expected and that was also the goddamn best feeling in the world I want to marry it sprays rose water on this book so what is warcross about You know when you read about a world and have those moments of warmth when you re daydreaming about a reality that you want and wish you could make fo
3.5 starsCynical Natalie Nice Natalie For the record, I m not comfortable being here Marie Lu is one of our favorite authors Remember when we met her and acted like complete dorks, but she was still really nice Cynical Natalie How many times do I have to tell you Separate the person from the art Marie Lu is a lovely person, but that doesn t mean I m not going to rip into her brain baby s ass and yank its innards from its throat.Nice Natalie Must you be so vulgar Cynical Natalie Yes Besides, you can t deny feeling thoroughly underwhelmed by Warcross.Nice Natalie Thoroughly is a bit of an overstatement We did like the tournaments and the rules surrounding it They were creative.Cynical Natalie Wish she d put some of that creativity towards the romance It s bland as fuck and twice as squicky when you see it s eerily similar to Fifty Shades of Grey Hot billionaire falls in love with a girl lower on the social wealth rung for no apparent reason, pays all her bills, then flies her out to Tokyo on a private jet.Nice Natalie That s unfair You can t lump all billionaire romances together with Fifty Shades.Cynical Natalie I can and I will Books aren t written in a vacuum She should have realized Hideo and Emika resembled Christian and Ana.Nice Natalie Emika isn t anything like Ana, nor Hideo like Christian
Imagine wandering through the most realistic virtual Paris ever, or lounging in a full simulation of Hawaii s beaches Imagine flying through a fantasy world of dragons and elves Anything. Tokyo Virtual reality Spies Do I really need to say any Oh okay, I guess I ll say some Aside from a few kinks that will probably be ironed out by the final publication, Warcross is a thrilling sea of action and exciting sci fi possibility It presents a world that, given our current technology, doesn t seem that implausible at all, and in this world, Lu introduces a plot full of secrets and lies, friends and enemies, and the promise of even better things to come.Emika Chen is a college dropout, hacker and bounty hunter in New York City Ever since her beloved father died, she struggles to keep a roof over her head by catching the petty criminals who the police put out rewards for Then one day she gets desperate and takes a risky opportunity to earn some quick cash by hacking into the live Warcross opening ceremony on the Neurolink Unfortunately, or fortunately, she gets caught.Warcross is a virtual
I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH You will love it too It is beautiful and smart and Emika is a funny, flawed, awesome heroine And Hideo, omg, SO MANY FEELINGS The setting in this book are exploding with radness the conversations, the technology, the intricacies of the world I knew from both the LEGEND series and TYE that Marie Lu was a master worldbuilder, bu
4.75 Oh my god this was AWESOME Such a great book BiblioBabble TK very soon thanks to Penguin Canada for the ARC 3.5 stars Before I begin, just letting you know that I got my copy from Uppercase a lovely monthly book subscription box All I could think about the whole time was OMG Marie Lu touched MY book Everything s science fiction until someone makes it science fact. Emika Chen bounty hunter, hacker, programmer, liar is about to lose everything In typical YA fashion, her parents are nowhere to be found dead father and abandoned by her mother , she s scarily good at many, many things and she s just desperate enough to risk all she has left It is hard to describe loss to someone who has never experienced it, impossible to explain all the ways it changes you But for those who have, not a single word is needed. Emika is about to be kicked out of her apartment and so decides to hack into Warcross a virtual reality game that uses dreams to make the game as realistic as possible Why would anyone give up the perfect fantasy reality just because they have to give up their freedom What s the point of freedom if you re just living in a miserable reality She s already incredibly good at the game despite her low ranking and knows that the various power ups have real world value During the annual Warcross games, she notices a power up worth enough cash to tempt anyone and so hacks herself into the game.Only it goes wrong Her invisible hack suddenly broad
I LOVED THIS BOOK SO SO MUCHWarcross is absolutely one of my favorite books of the year It s thrilling, it s engaging, and the twists in this novel are still driving me wild I loved absolutely everything about t
Warcross is than just a game It s an industry It s a way of life It s unlimited access to the future And for Emika, Warcross has recently become her saviour and job I have to say, Marie Lu can truly write anything Dystopian, fantasy or science fiction, it doesn t matter, Marie Lu can do it all I m surprised she hasn t written a contemporary book yet, though I admit her thing is action and complex worlds, so I m glad she s sticking to those departments WARCROSS is so unlike her previous works, and yet, I recognized her touch It s professionally written, with a serious atmosphere, and a badass heroine you ll root for Is it weird that I liked the main villain as much as Emika herself He s just the right type you love to hate Even the love interest didn t hold a candle to him Actually, there s nothing I disliked about this book except that I didn t fall for the romance It wasn t rushed, but it was expected Further, a man in power falling for a woman in need of help does not do it for me Everything else, though, I savoured I enjoyed reading about the Warcross game so badly I wanted to experience it myself It
DNF at 50% audiobook Pretty much from the beginning, I wasn t too thrilled about this book The main character is just so bland Poor orphan girl who becomes the chosen one for a talent that feels like she got overnight We re never told how she actually got great at hacking She basically unfocuses her eyes and things stand out to her Maybe I m bitter because I was never able to do that with the Garfield book I had But gaps she has a record For doing a nice thing Does it mean she s not like other girls Let s be real, giving her rainbow hair won t hide how bland she is.But the last drop for me was when the romance that started I get it, he s her idol that makes sense but he has no reason to be into her When the interactions started being cringy I just decided to DNF the whole thing.Life s to
I have a really important question.https emmareadstoomuch.wordpress.coLike, everything I say is really important, and therefore every question I ask is really important, but this is especially so It is integral to my understanding of the world around me, and also books and also Goodreads.Is there a single person who gave this book over 3 stars and has read Ready Player One Seriously This book is a C , young adult, romance y, boring, poorly built version of Ready Player One With better diversity.I was always worried about this book literally just straight up being Ready Player One Just kidding that is completely a lie I was always super full on hoping this book was going to be an absolute imitation of that one, because that book is amazing and I miss it all the time and I would like every book I read to be just like it please and thanks.What I should have been worried about, and am now furious over if furious means just vaguely disappointed because I have hated so many books I ve been excited for that an overwhelming numbness has taken over what used to be the anger factory that is my emotions , is that this book would be a

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