The Ethical Slut: A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities

The Ethical Slut: A Guide to Infinite Sexual PossibilitiesThe Essential Guide For Singles And Couples Who Want To Explore Polyamory In Ways That Are Ethically And Emotionally Sustainable For Anyone Who Has Ever Dreamed Of Love, Sex, And Companionship Beyond The Limits Of Traditional Monogamy, This Groundbreaking Guide Navigates The Infinite Possibilities That Open Relationships Can Offer Experienced Ethical Sluts Dossie Easton And Janet W Hardy Dispel Myths And Cover All The Skills Necessary To Maintain A Successful And Responsible Polyamorous Lifestyle From Self Reflection And Honest Communication To Practicing Safe Sex And Raising A Family Individuals And Their Partners Will Learn How To Discuss And Honor Boundaries, Resolve Conflicts, And To Define Relationships On Their Own Terms I Couldn T Stop Reading It, And I For One Identify As An Ethical Slut This Is A Book For Anyone Interested In Creating Pleasure In Their Lives A Complete Guide To Improving Any Style Of Relating, From Going Steady To Having An Extended Family Of Sexual Friends Betty Dodson, PhD, Author Of Sex For One This book should ve been called How To Be a Human Being Everything it talks about has to do with how to have effective and enriching relationships in all their forms Own your feelings, be honest, be open about what you want, be willing to compromise, talk to each other, listen to each other I was particularly interested in what it had to say about owning one s feelings that no one can make you feel anything That idea goes a long way in making strong emotions manageable Also, I really appreciate that it acknowledges those emotions It doesn t say you shouldn t feel a strong, negative emotion, it says that what s important is how you act on the negative emotion, and how you let it affect the people you say you love Also, reading this definitely corrected certain assumptions about polyamory that I had It s funnybut a lot of what s considered polyamorous is stuff that I wouldn t consider outside the bounds of what I would consider a monogamous relationship The key is, though, any relationship can wor
I feel like it is written for by pagan couples in their fifties who go to the Renaissance Faire, i.e not bisexual ladies in their twenties It s a good introduction to these concepts, though Interesting stuff like your hippie parent would tell you about, without having to listen to said parent talk. Before I write my review, I want to say something I don t normally read psycho babble self help relationship help type books Maybe it s because I ve been in therapy since I was a teen, maybe it s because I regularly read psychology and medical texts, maybe it s because I have an immediately visceral and negative reaction to the idea of trying to change another person This is probably due to the fact that people have been trying to change me for so long, convince me mental health issues are figmentss of my imagination fallacies I can overcome by strength of will.And too often, self help books and relationship manuals rely on what I perceive as the negative perpetuation of the idea that one can improve serious issues like depression, bipolar, dissociative personality disorders, PTSD, and other serious mental health issues through happy thoughts and positive thinking and spiritual energies and other hoo ha.Most relationship help books also tend to tilt too far in one direction or the other Here s how to change him her you can t change another person, it s an exercise in futility and only hurts everyone involved , or, alternatively and supposedly re
So I realize that I probably lose radical queer points for not being that into this book, but so goes it Though it contains some practical tips for polyamory, the tone of much of it rubs me the wrong way The ide
This book helped me deconstruct the way I have been programmed to think about love, relationships, and how important it is to take care of yourself Even If you don t plan on becoming a floozie anytime soon, this book is a really great read. This book is lauded as a sort of Poly Bible I don t know how I feel about that It s a little twee in parts, but includes a whole lot of good information about how to communicate that can be used by everyone, not just people looking to practice open or polyamorous relationships.I do have a couple of bones to pick, though I don t agree that anyone can do poly or open relationships Some people just don t have the psychological wherewithal, and THAT S OK And the book does actually say that if you don t want to, that s ok It still has a sort of inference that you should want to, but at least it does throw monogamous folks a bone I think that asking the wronged partner in a cheating situation to be mindful of the feelings of those who cheated on them is kind of weird I m also highly skeptical that an open relationship founded on the basis of one partner already cheating can grow into a healthy relationship I m sure it s not impossible, I m just highly skeptical Also, I would not recommend introducing a monogamous partner to the concept of poly or open relationships by just giving them this book without prior conversation Really Like as not that s going to just get it thrown at your head I think you need to broach the subject first and ask beg or plead with your partner to read it Not just spring it on them Granted, probably better than coming home and saying, Guess what I already have another partner, you need to adapt, but still.I stress again, that t
I wish someone could write a book about having multiple sexual or romantic partners without sounding like a god damn flake hippy. Firstly make no mistake, this is a self help book Be wary if you are someone who dislikes endless cheerleading on why you should respect and love yourself and others and the birdies and the treeeeees okay, I m exaggerating, but people who find self help jargon grating should proceed with caution There s a LOT of learning to love yourself stuff in here much of it not relating to polyamory at all.However, beneath the cheerleading, there is also practical advice, along with some charming personal anecdotes Even for those who aren t really looking to plunge into a polyamorous lifestyle, there s some thought provoking stuff about sexuality in this book all of it presented a non judgemental wa
Totally the epitome of the It was ok rating I think the only people who read this book and really really love it are people who are looking for some validation it s in a book it s gotta be legit for polyamory I think polyamory is pretty valid, but t
I see labels and am glad to see some of the women stigmatized by the norms of patriarchal attitudes turned the negative to positive I know I tend to sound like a broken record with this observation but it is tragic that so many things are still dictated by an ignorant notion that women are property This of course is obvious in the double standard that men can be studs yet women should be chaste I think that the example shown by those of same gender preference is the best way to deal with the word slut Just as they claimed, the words queer, fag as their own, and devalued them as insults, women should claim the word slut Many women have already including Janet Hardy who authored The Ethical Slut Before the word slut became prominent, the word males used to describe any women who was deemed promiscuous or even enjoyed sex was nymphomaniac.Kinsey had the right idea when commenting on the erroneous concept stated humorously A nymphomaniac is Someone who has sex than you do A slut was a person who in their peers eyes were indiscriminate about with whom who they had sex This was based upon appearance and often personality clashes then upon actual knowledge of person s sexual habits.In high school, I hung out with an older crowd many of whom had already graduated or dropped out I remember the term slut being used in a friendlier manner to describe casual sex I think the term was slut puppy as in your such a slut

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