Royal Assassin

Royal AssassinFitz Has Survived His First Hazardous Mission As King S Assassin, But Is Left Little Than A Cripple Battered And Bitter, He Vows To Abandon His Oath To King Shrewd, Remaining In The Distant Mountains But Love And Events Of Terrible Urgency Draw Him Back To The Court At Buckkeep, And Into The Deadly Intrigues Of The Royal Family.Renewing Their Vicious Attacks On The Coast, The Red Ship Raiders Leave Burned Out Villages And Demented Victims In Their Wake The Kingdom Is Also Under Assault From Within, As Treachery Threatens The Throne Of The Ailing King In This Time Of Great Danger, The Fate Of The Kingdom May Rest In Fitz S Hands And His Role In Its Salvation May Require The Ultimate Sacrifice. Hell yes for Fitz bond s with Nighteyes and hell no for Fitz s relationship with Molly.I ll elaborate on those two in a while I ll be honest here, throughout the first 75% of the book, I seriously thought this would ve been a 3 stars read for me that changed during the last quarter of the book, which was simply breathtaking Like the previous book, Royal Assassin is still totally a character driven book with a very slow pacing sometimes even dragging to me who s a fan of slow paced books and I m pretty sure any readers who re looking for tons of actions in their read will most likely be disappointed with this one However, in my opinion the slow pacing was totally necessary in order to build up the tension leading towards the last 100 pages of the book The executions of the climax sequences were rewarding, intense, and incredibly compelling as I found myself keep on stealing time to read during my working hours Thinking is not alwayscomforting It is always good, but not always comforting Royal Assassin is a great book As a sequel to Assassin s Apprentice, it managed to bui
Reread of paperback for Tome Topple Changed my star rating from 4 to 5 All the stars for Nighteyes as I am the wolf loverI know I don t need to be listening to first time books on audio I know, I know, I know But I m trying to save my eyeballs so I m reading whatever they have on Overdrive and doing my re reads through audible and Overdrive until I get them on audible Why am I rambling about this Well, the reason is that I fought back and forth over
Sometimes, Chade observed, It would be much easier to die for one s king than to give one s life to him Well, if that isn t the bitter truth then I don t know It s been than a week ever since I finished this book and my feelings are still all over the place I swear the last time I felt as agitated as I am feeling right now was when I finished reading The Kite Runner I m sure by now you re asking yourself what do The Kite Runner and Royal Assassin have in common And the answer is easy OUTRAGEOUS INJUSTICE That s what they have in common GRRRRR goes into grizzly bear mode If there is one thing that makes me really, really angry, one thing I just can t stand than it is injustice And this book was full of it It oozed out of the pages, it dripped down into my heart, it poisoned me and made me so angry I hardly managed to refrain from throwing the book against a wall I swear there were times my knuckles turned white because I was clutching that book so hard ARGH My poor Fitz, my poo
I will rant about this book, there s no doubt in my mind I m simply trying to gather my thoughts Let s try with the first book, Assassin s Apprentice, shall we I liked Book I It was a beginning story, a training story Young FitzChivalry is the bastard son of King in Waiting Chivalry and has to come to terms with a world that doesn t want him King Shrewd, however, decides to train him as an assassin from an early age, and so begins young Fitz journey into adulthood and the intrigues of the royal court Book I works because Fitz is too young to understand half of what he s doing or to give any serious thought to it He s learning to play a dangerous chess game against opponents who have far experience, though usually less sense, than him Therefore, we expect his failures to be on par with his victories, probably to surpass them even.Book II suffers from trying to pull the same stunt twice to an older and experienced Fitz We tell ourselves Fitz would have learned from the ordeals in Book I, that he would try to forge his own identity, make his own decisions, be his own man for once He doesn t At no time did I feel him grow as a character, rather he was always complaining about how unfair life was to him, about what he wanted to do, never sparing a thought for others except occasionally and briefly Fitz is always putting his urges, his desires, first, always at the expense of p
Actual Rating 4.5 StarsOften times, I m a little hesitant when I pick up older Fantasy I haven t read an abundance of older Fantasy books, but I have discovered from the few I have read that I m not always a fan of the Classic feel It can be tropey predictable even campy, but it really just depends so I never like to let my hesitations keep me from giving things a try Even after a 3 star beginning to the Farseer Trilogy, I m really glad I continued on with the series.Royal Assassin stepped up to fill in all the places where I wanted from Assassin s Apprentice Yes, the pace is still slow But I found myself 100% invested in what was happening in each every scene.Yes, Fitz is still a poster boy for suffering But the foundation provided by the first installment created an attachment to Fitz s well being that makes his suffering meaningful for character growth.Yes, the setting is still largely at Buckkeep But the political situation Regal s continual scheming have developed into a formidable creature with many facets to address thus, Buckkeep castle is an appropriate center point of the conflict.The character development for both minor maj
4.75 The things we go through for booksThe mental strain, people RTC Fitzchivalry really does feel sorry for himself He is very whiney at times, and this is often misinterpreted as self indulgent uselessness But, in my opinion, that s completely unfair Resting on his shoulders is a whole host of burdens They would, no doubt, overcome a lesser man Every decision he makes is hindered by his obligations Indeed, nothing is easy for Fitz he is restricted by his position in the world This doesn t make him useless, but limited in the actual paths he can take Sometimes he doesn t really have a choice, so his inaction can be seen as hesitation whilst he tries to find the best path A touch of Romance in the chaosSomehow amongst his vast duties to his King, which include being his personal assassin and a reservoir of magical strength for his son, Fitz manages to find romance This is a feat in itself because Fitz is also magically bonded to a wolf, which demands a great deal of his already sought after attention And to top it off, he is hunting down and killing those that have had their minds destroyed by the mysterious invaders Then there s the skill magic which is a constant drain on his mental and physical resources So, the fact that he has actually managed to find love, in this quagmire of murder and court intrigue, is truly remarkable However, this could never become serious in this moment of FitzChivalry s life because he just has too mu
The pace of Assassin s Apprentice was slow In Royal Assassin, the pace of the story is even slower Despite the slow pace, this book and its predecessor managed to stay my interest in the story The world building in this book is done brilliantly The author vividly depicted a life at the royal court, with colorful narratives and a carefully executed, suspenseful plot.The characterization in this book remains a strength worthy to be praised The characters in this book are believable The author allowed her protagonist, Fitz, to make mistakes and suffer the consequences Fitz is a worthy hero He ticks off some of the usual fantasy checkboxes by being a royal bastard and a wielder of special powers But Hobb also cripples him twice First when his powers with the Skill are nearly burned out of him, and again when he s forced to take two rounds of poison in rapid succession He learns to manage the resulting weakness and seizures, but rarely overcomes them entirely.The supporting cast is just as endearing Burrich is honorable to the point of misery, Patience is flighty
Starting a middle book of the series is never an easy endeavor, especially if you loved the first book because there are certain expectations and funny thing about expectations is that no matter how small they are, there is always a possibility they won t be met My only expectation for Royal Assassin was it to be at least as good as the Assassin s Apprentice This book didn t just exceeded my expectations, it also solidified this series as one of my favorites and I have yet to read the conclusion and the following trilogies.We continue with the Fitz s story following the events from Assassin s Apprentice Fitz is recovering from those events in the Mountain Kingdom where he contemplates his future and after having a strong vision of a person he cares about, he decides to go back to Buckkeep and to continue serving King Shrewd and his son, King in Waiting, Prince Verity.Upon his return he is immediately entangled in perilous events taking place inside and outside of the court The main antagonist, Prince Regal, is plotting his way to the throne while the Red Ship Raiders are c
Proposed alternate title FitzChivalry Farseer and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day Year, Life, etc On one hand, this feels like a three star read for an epic fantasy book and series , not much happens, certainly not much that feels very epic , there s a paucity of truly intriguing villains and no monsters , and the magic system is not particularly well defined Plus, as suggested by the proposed alternate title above man, poor Fitz just gets constantly pummeled in the giggleberries by life And then it gives him a wedgie And points and laughs And then shoves a brontosaurus up his backside without even doing him the courtesy of lubing it up Side note how much KY would be required to fully coat a brontosaurus I bet no one has ever bothered to figure that out Inexplicably, I might add On the other hand There s something extremely compelling, almost addictive, about the prose Hobbs is a master stylist with a voice that s perfect for the genre, and her affinity for detail not only makes the world feel realistic in the sense of not doing anything unfair to the reader , but every time she describes food, my mouth starts watering thank goodness Kindles are easier to clean than paperback