The Comfort of Saturdays

The Comfort of SaturdaysIn This Fabulous Fifth Installment In The Bestselling Series, Isabel Dalhousie Is Asked To Help A Doctor Who Has Been Disgraced By Allegations Of Scientific Fraud Whatever The Outcome, Isabel S Combination Of Spirit, Smarts, And Unabashed Nosiness Guarantees A Delightful Adventure. I ve finally figured out why I keep reading this series, even though 1 the protagonist isn t a terribly good mystery solver, and 2 nothing ever happens.It s because Isabel Dalhousie is the anti Sherlock.She s an imperfect indeed, often befuddled and just plain wrong reader of people, clues, and situations.And she cares about people, not puzzles.She solves little, mundane mysteries see 2 above quite in spite of herself not because she notices all the right details, nor because she comes to the right conclusions Indeed, in most cases, she doesn t solve anything She just meddles, ever so gently, until other people or less sort themselves out.And she does it not because of the thrill of the chase or the pleasure of solving the riddle the hook for most readers of mystery stories but because she takes seriously her role as moral neighbor If someone asks for her help, she
Picked up my copy and planned to dive right in Well, I got sidetracked by another book imagine but once I did get back to Isabel and Co., I was in for good Definitely a great addition to the series, and it s always wonderful to drop in on Isabel Dalhousie, Grace, Brother Fox and the rest the Edinburgh world they live in Jamie continues to grow as a character Cat makes her usual confused appearance but is she learning something Eddie s coming along nicely too But it s always about Isabel and her well meaning, thoughtful need to interfere in the nicest possible way In this tale, she s actually asked to help a disgraced and depressed medical researcher However, that little puzzle isn t the only story here and at times this mystery disappears while Isabel turns her attentions elsewhere There s a bit of unrest in her relationship with Jamie tooand at one point, I had a terrible feeling that this would be one Isabel book with a sad ending Sigh I survived so does Isabel b
I discovered that I had missed reading this book which is the fifth book in the Isabel Dalhousie s Philosophy Club Series I love the meandering of Isabel Dalhousie s mind This book has the familiar activities of Isabel She is helping Cat in the Deli for a week, while Cat is away on holiday She is sticking her noise in people s business, per usual The one item that is different is Isabel is jealous.The book, of course, is well written It was published in 2008 Because I did not read it until 2018, one of her philosophical ponderings had meaning to me now than if I had read the book in 2008 The topic is lying and the value of truth Considering the current problems with lying today, I found this subject most interesting I read this as an audiobook downloaded from Audible The book is seven hours and 41 minutes Davina Po
3.5 stars This is a series you read if you enjoy the characters, the Scottish setting and the philosophical backdrop You don t really read this for the storyline as much The audiobooks are all well done and the series is good, but not great I really like this series for when I wake up at 3am and don t fall right back to sleep They keep you company without keeping you on the edge of your seat Alexan
Alexander McCall Smith wrote one of the most entertaining short stories I ve ever read in Heavenly Date and other Flirtations And I love the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency books they have a charm, innocence, and solid placiness that are hard to resist This series is far less charming, in my view There is nothing placey about this version of Edinburgh Locales are named, but no associations are evoked It could be set anywhere Isabel Dalhousie admits over and over that she thinks too much, which is true, but less true than that she doesn t think very interestingly She ponders, literally, everything, but she rarely comes up with anything fresh or surprising, or that the reader hasn t already thought as well She builds elaborate castles of surmise on observations that turn out to have been wrong Her possessive worries about the faithfulness of her lover finally become just plain annoying in this late
The Comforts of a Muddy SaturdayBy Alexander McCall SmithThis is the first book I have read by this author, and I picked it up because I had read a positive review of it recently In this story, Isabel Dalhousie, the owner and editor of a literary journal, who lives in Edinburgh, is asked to help clear the name of a doctor whose reputation has been ruined due to a scandal involving a drug trial.We also meet Isabel s lover Jamie, who is also the father of her young son, and who is considerably younger than Isabel This causes her no end of worry, though he seems devoted to both of them There is also Isabel s niece, Cat, who owns a local deli, and used to be romantically involved with Jamie.I wanted to like this book, but as far as I m concerned, it just never took off None of the characters were particularly appealing to me, and there didn t seem to be much of a plot Though I enjoyed the descriptions of Edinburgh, there was nothing else that really grabbed my attention By the end of the book, I was trying to figure out how this was supposed to be suspenseful, and wondering what the point of the book was in the first place I guess if it is supposed to be a narrative of a slice of time in the characters lives, it does the job But my first thoug
Finishing these books are as easy as sipping a cup of tea. Isabel is a well heeled, genteel Scots woman living in Edinborough, enjoying the upper levels of society and editing a scholarly journal on matters to do with ethics She s a philosopher by training and so much of the story line deals with philosophical questions concerning such issues as the role guilt plays in behavior, or whether or not thoughts can be considered equal to actions since they may not be acted upon in terms of moral behavior and culpability I enjoy her ruminations and find myself spinning off from her train of thought in to my own line of reasoning When I think about Isabel, she is the anti cliche if there is such a thing If there is a any danger of thinking this 40 something woman as only a well heeled, genteel blue stocking, then it s immediately put to bed knowing that she has a lover, Jamie, who is at least a decade younger, and has a child by Jamie Charlie The label Cougar comes to mind, yet she s anything but comfortable with the age gap and the illegitimacy of her son even though in a previous book she flatly turns down Jamie s offer of marriage Isabel is often accused of meddling in other people s affairs, and this meddling usually comes about as a result of something being not quite right In this instance, a doctor is accused of falsifying the results of a trial of a new medicine that shows promise to cure a fatal illness His wife asks Isabel to get involved, which she does with som
Chance and a back yard denizen, brother fox, are the leitmotifs of a muddy Saturday McCall s charming nosy parker, sleuth, and all around moral philosopher Isabel Dalhousie, editor and now owner of the Review of Applied Ethics, takes us on a charming and thought provoking turn around the ethical life, set in Edinburgh but lived on any muddy day anywhere This time Isabel takes up the aid of a depressed doctor who has lost his job and reputation because of the harm he caused in prescribing a new medicine She offers aid to her niece s troubled employee Eddie, and to her niece as well, unfulfilled in love because always in search of her distant father And, through additional turns as well, Isabel s engagement with these causes none of which does she resolve as she expects brings her balm for her own insecurities as an older woman partnered with a younger man with whom she has a wee child In the end, the doctor
I m afraid I ve gone off this series and I feel a little sad about it, as I might feel after discovering my life has diverged from that of a once close friend Smith s protagonist is a thoughtful, kind, and well meaning woman and I have nothing bad to say about her, but with her seemingly unlimited wealth, her lovely home in historic Edinburgh, her gorgeous young boyfriend, and now her adorable baby, we really don t have anything in common If I read another book about her charmed life I fear I shall begin to resent her In fact, even while reading this book I longed for Smith to strike her with some pestilence perhaps her boyfriend could turn out to be a bisexual or all her cherished Peploes could succumb to a rare fungus, or anything, really, to add a little flavor to

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