The Garrison Project

The Garrison ProjectNo One Knows About Urban Legends Than Molly Heyworth She S Been Studying Them For Years, Hoping To Discover A Story At The Moment It Makes The Leap From A Real Life Event To A Macabre Folktale When She Comes Across The Garrison S Video Blog, Molly Believes Her Search Is Over The Tapes Begin With A Young Couple Fixing Up Their Dream House, But Events Take An Eerie Turn When A Hidden Room Is Found Where No Room Should Exists After The Discovery, Their Home Improvements Fade Into The Background As Accidents And Family Tragedies Take Centerstage.The Videos Create An Intimate Window Into The Couple S Fracturing Relationship And Molly Is Unable To Turn Away The She Watches, The She Sees Herself Reflected Back On The Screen But As She Examines Every Frame And Pixel, Something Is Gazing Back At Her From Those Captured Images Of The Past Something Seeking A New Victim To Prey Upon. The Garrison Project is an interesting literary slant on a cinematic gimmick called the Found Footage Film The most famous example of that is, of course, The Blair Witch Project Actually the closest thing to found footage in novels would be the epistolary novel where the narrative is given by documents, usually letters David J Thirteen s take is to follow a researcher of urban legends who comes upon a series of videos that chronicles the remodeling of a house and points to something sinister.Molly is looking for the point where a true life incident makes the leap to horror folk tale She believes she may have found it in a online video where the family is tearing down a wall for remodeling and discovers a strange shrine The research comes to a dead end until an unknown person sends her tapes chronicling the continuing remodeling of the house We not only follow the video s narration of what took place but also Molly s as she senses something in the videos may be taking a hold on her.That is where the analogy to found footage ends We see the viewer s own perceptions and reaction as well as the narration on the videos The chapters go back and fought, sometimes a little awkwardly, but it does rev up the tension of the story You not only have a unreliable narrator but perhaps an unreliable video It s a nice gimmick and one that works
Couldn t stop readingThis horror novella hooked me early on with it s unique storyline about DIY YouTubers and a woman writing a thesis on paranormal activity I was so anxious to find out what was going to happen next to the different characters, I had
David J Thirteen has proved his mettle yet again in an awesome page turner that keeps you engaged till the last moment The story involves around Molly s obsession with Garrison family and endless repeat watches of
Excellently written and builds on the tension all the way through It easy to follow the journey into obsession and get as wrapped up in it as the protagonist does Every step of her discovery is expertly crafted even as inevitable as
If you re a fan of found footage type stories think Blair Witch , then you ll enjoy this novella The build up is smart, clever and scary, making you keep on turning the pages to find out what will come next. This book was an excellent read I read this book on wattpad I do warn you though, don t read this in the dark I was scared for days while reading this But I just couldn t stop reading it I had to know what was going to happen how things would end I was hooked to the very end.

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