Me and Mister Bo

Me and Mister Bo If You Could Go To Heaven Now, Would You When Thirteen Year Old Taya S Beloved Grandfather Dies, She Sets Out On A Mission To Find His Old Friend Her Journey To Mister Bo Holds Many Surprises, And She Discovers That Once They Meet The Adventure Has Only Begun Partnering With Mister Bo, Taya Has A Unique Opportunity To Grasp The Hope She Desperately Seeks, But The Answer To The Life Changing Decision She Must Soon Make Isn T As Simple As It Seems. This book hits all the marks for an excellent read The characters are people you want to meet and spend time with in your life They have seen pain, happiness, and are looking for their next destination I loved the heart of Taya and her decisions were mature and allowed her to find people and places she never thought possible Mister Bo was such a wonderful man, with his broken heart, yet an optimistic view of life This is a book for anyone that thinks they have reached their destination and are a bit bored It allows for a magical walk with some magical walkers The side characters were just as powerfully written as the main and I have a different outlook now than I
This is the third book I ve read by Dan Nimak and he never disappoints From the first middle grade book I read by this author I was thoroughly impressed The character development is always on point The reader can easily get to know the characters gradually layer by layer The depth of emotion is authentic and the flow of the dialogue and the dialogue itself are so beautifully written with such passion that even the words I m using to describe it aren t decent enough to describe it Dan Nimak is the best middle grade author out there Taya will break your heart as well as the other characters, but believe me there are funny moments, too True to life Even the descriptions of time and setting have emotion with an atmospheric undertone The characters language and dialogue is also authentically written for their particular age group Such a heartfelt work of art just like his previous books Dan Nimak knows how to write a masterpiece Anything he s written so far that I ve read is pure
This is the second book I ve read by this author My first experience with Nimak s writing was, Has Anyone Seen My Brain I thoroughly enjoyed that book and even shared it with many of my colleagues Me and Mister Bo, however, was a bit of a different experience While I did enjoy the story, I found its complexity to be than I d bargained for I find myself wondering whether or not I would actually recommend this story to a child between the ages of 10 and 13 For me, this is of a 12 15 year old read and even then, I d need a specific reason for recommending it to a child I think I m likely to recommend this story to an adult This story has a strange feel to it It reads like two stories within a series, connected by the characters presence For me, this story is like a mash up of, A Wrinkle in Time and What Dreams May Come While hope is the overall message, death seems to be the driving theme In the first part of the book my favorite part , there is a lot of character development and the introduction to the stories plot We get to meet Ta
Disclosure I received a Kindle Edition of this book as part of a Goodreads Giveaway, and I was requested to review the book.I found Me and Mister Bo a age appropriate book for middle grade students Taya is a 13 year old girl who has recently lost her dearest friend, her grandfather, and she is on the road in search of his friend Mister Bo, who she believes will take her in Nimak quickly sets the scene of a dystopian world that is clearly bad, but but not terrible like a Mad Max world and brings the reader into Taya s world up to this point in her life Taya is clearly self sufficient, but she is aware that she will be better off with other people in her life Her experiences help her learn about her own family as well as giving her opportunities to consider her own options in the world around her It really puts me in mind of a very simple Pilgrim s Progress Taya does find her place in the world by making it a bette
The first few chapters grabbed me right away Dan Nimak has created a dystopian tale seen through the experience of a Taya, thirteen year old girl who takes an unusual journey, trying to understand her own thoughts, experiences past and present as she tries to scrounge for food and shelter, connect with frens and create a life of hope and mean
Not your usual dystopian novelTold by a teenage first person narrator, this YA novel engaged me from the beginning 50 years after The War, Taya is a walker, and as the book progresses, we find out why I loved the characters she meets on her journey, the positive tone, despite the situation, and the lack of preaching I also like that Taya has choices and becomes aware that she s responsible for her own life.I m not sure if I should call the plot fantasy or paranormal or spiritual
One of the best books I ve read in a long time Though the main character, Taya, is 13 years old, it s a great book for all ages The travels and adventures while on her way to find Mister Bo her grandfather s frie
Taya is a 13 year old girl who has recently lost her dearest friend, her grandfather, and she is on the road in search of his friend Mister Bo, and she finds him and they really is a fairytale. This is a very interesting story written as a chapter book for school kids The story is different and most kids should enjoy it. Liked TayaWell rounded characters that feel real and likable Taya is a favorite, like her level headedness Great for early teens and up.