Stories for Nudists about Social Nudity (and for those who are curious) (The Nudist Series Book 5)

Stories for Nudists about Social Nudity (and for those who are curious) (The Nudist Series Book 5) Nudists Come In Many Forms For Countless People For Many Nudity Is Simply A Comfortable Way To Live, Much Like It Is For Thousands Of Nudists Who Rarely Wear Clothes At Home Whether You Are A Nudist Adventurer That Finds Many Occasions To Be Clothes Free, Or A Social Nudist With Like Minded Friends And Acquaintances, Or A Home Nudist, You Invariably Know Nonsexual Nudity Is A Healthy, Refreshing And Enlightened Way To Live Being Nude Is Simply A Way To Enjoy Being Human This Book Is A Collection Of Stories About People That Become Aware Of Social Nudity By Happenstance, Told With Various Perspectives Since We Live In A Society That Has Labeled Nudity As Indecent, Most People Either Flat Out Reject This Lifestyle, Or Face Difficult Inner Struggles If They Consider Trying It It Is Difficult Getting Past The Stigmas, The Misconceptions And The Preconceived Notions Attached To The Nudist Community Those Who Manage To Do So Soon Learn It Doesn T Change Their Lives So Much As Put A Delightfully Liberating Icing On The Cake The Stories In This Collection Were A Labor Of Love, Written From My Own Involvement In The Nudist Community One Thing I Have Learned Is Nudists Don T Want To Change The World, They Only Wish It Was Enlightened They Would Like The World To See The Human Body For What It Is Mother Nature S Finest Creation, Something That S Not Lewd, Immoral Or Shameful Nudists Prefer The Nude Human Body Not Be Sexualized Or Associated With Pornography They Are Delighted To See And People Learning The Joys Of Clothes Free Living. For those considering the naturist lifestyleEvery nudist naturist has their personal story of their journey to the naturist lifestyle This a compendium of fictional stories of different journeys All are fascinating, even if the theme is repetitiou