Hidden Danger (When Darkness Falls Book 3)

Hidden Danger (When Darkness Falls Book 3) When Carley Sutherland Receives A Frantic Call For Help, She Races To A Desolate Park To Meet Her Best Friend On A Dimly Lit Park Bench, Carley S Friend Fumbles In Her Handbag For Her Phone She Has A Picture Of A Couple Arguing, A Picture Of A Woman Who Was Later Found Dead In A Ditch Before Carley Can Examine The Picture Her Friend Took Of The Secretive Encounter, A Dark SUV Stops Near The Bench The Window Rolls Down A Gunshot Rips The Silence Carley S Friend Tumbles From The Bench, Dead No Need To Wait For The Second Shot Carley S On The Run, Now, With A Target On Her Back Wounded Army Vet, Blake Richards, Recuperates Stateside While Awaiting New Orders He Doesn T Want To Jeopardize His Recovery Or Risk Further Injury, But At The Sound Of Gunshots, His Training Kicks In Blake Ducks Behind A Tree And Drops To One Knee, Scanning The Area Around Him A Shadowy Figure Darts Down A Path A Woman Nervously Looks Back Over Her Shoulder Hunkered Down, He Waits Until The Last Second And Then Grabs Her By The Waist With His Hand Clasped Over Her Mouth, He Pulls Her To Safety Blake Doesn T Need To Get Involved With Any Woman, Particularly One As Beautiful And Intriguing As Carley Sutherland But He May Be Carley S Only Hope Of Staying Alive And She May His Only Hope Of Finding Peace And Healing Amidst Hidden Dangers Written For The General Market G I Contains Little Or No Sexual Dialogue Or Situations Or Strong Language May Also Contain Content Of An Inspirational Nature Customers Who Purchase The Print Version Have The Option To Purchase The Kindle EBook At No Charge. Silver Oaks Park Old Scott Rd Nancy Wilkins BFF, Quigley Enterprises secretary got in Carley Sutherland s car told her what was going on with her BANG A car pulled along side Nancy had been shot killed Blake Richards medical recovering US Army vet, Afghanistan out jogging had come across Carley.Chief Russ Pryor Blake s BMF, PD came to speak with her.When Carley got home her place had been trashed Blake kept her from going in It was a crime scene Chief Russ Pryor, Todd Walker PD had arrived What did the text say to Carley Carley attended the funeral service burial Rachel Blevins gad been murdered.Sherman Quigley Quigley Enterprises offered Carley Nancy s former job.Marianne Laney wife mother went to see her husband Jason Laney father.He had been shot Would the murder mysteries be solved someone brought to justice What about Carley, Blake Warning This book contains graphic adult content, or violence, which is only suitable for mature readers It may be offensive or have potential adverse psychological effects on the reader I did not
Great bookHidden Danger is a very well written suspense romance This book had a good plot with many twists and turns I highly recommend this book This was a pretty good story with a good Christian message, but much of it I found to be totally unrealistic The main character just experienced a horribly tragic and traumatic event, but within a day or two was falling in love Seems a little quick to me And the police were so inept it was laughable They didn t attempt to track the missing phone or trace the threatening emails, among other things or at least if they did there was no mention of it in the book If you want a clean mystery romance with a Christian message, you may love this book If you want a realistic suspense drama and a believable relationship as opposed to a fairy tale romance you may be disappointed as I was I wish of the book had been devoted to developing the characters and making the story believable instead of to some of the detailed and u
All wounds aren t evident on the outside and both Blake and Carly have wounds that run deep The death of Carly s best friend, Nancy, draws her into this mystery, even as she is the unwitting target of the murderer Blake on the other hand, wants to help, but not get involved with her He wonders if she is the same person she was years ago Carly s heart has changed for the better, but she has built walls and tries to muddle through the mystery on her own Yet, Blake has saved her life Can she trust him w
Carley fighting her battle with her own demons form the past The story of woman trying to cope with the demons of her past, knowing she was the cause of her parents death, then her best friend being killed right in front her The author did a wonderful job keeping you want
HIDDEN DANGER By Barbara Warren An interesting plot, showing how loyal a friend Carley was A phone call, that changed her everyday life Having grown up in this town, people she knew and trusted, but did she really know t
Letting go and Letting GodI really enjoyed reading this book The story is has a great plot, it looks into the struggles individuals my face and how someone with faith my handle life s struggles The storyline is great and has an easy clear flow Endings are important to me, and form my view point
Hidden DangerAt the beginning didn t think I was going to enjoy this book How wrong I was I couldn t put it down it was thrilling I empathised with Carley and was guessing who the murderer was. The Mystery KillerThis book was great it had religion and mystery rolled into one.Carly had a difficult life,she tried to overcome it with religionThen she saw her best friend murdered and tried to find out who he was but he found out and tried to murder her too. Romantic suspense set in a small town.Her best friend is killed in front of her and then the nightmare starts.However she will discover that God s grace and mercy will extend to her as wellA good story line