Batman Arkham (Batman (1940-2011))

Batman Arkham (Batman (1940-2011)) An Expert In The Field Of Cryogenics, Victor Fries Led A Relatively Normal Existence He Worked Diligently And Married A Woman Named Nora Who Then Became Terminally Ill To Stop Her Degenerative Disease From Taking Her Life, Victor Put Her Into Suspended Animation But A Horrible Lab Accident Transformed The Former Dr Fries Into An Ice Colored Monstrosity Incapable Of Surviving Above Freezing Temperatures To Counteract This, Victor Constructed A Special, Ultra Durable Suit To Keep His Body Alive He Embraced His New Persona And Became Mr Freeze.Mr Freeze Is On A Constant Quest To Bring Back His Beloved Nora, And He Ll Do Whatever It Takes To Succeed He Wields A Freeze Gun And Uses Ice And Cold To Wreak Havoc Mostly In Gotham And Against Batman BATMAN ARKHAM MISTER FREEZE Collects Some Of The Villain S Greatest Stories By Some Of The Industry S Greatest Creators, Including Paul Dini BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES , Scott Synder BATMAN , James Tynion IV DETECTIVE COMICS , Jason Fabok JUSTICE LEAGUE , Charlie Adlard WALKING DEAD , Mark Buckingham FABLES And Many Paul Dini is one of the masterminds of the Batman Animated Series, and Mr Freeze is one of my favorite villains of all time, so I knew I was in for a treat And what a treat it was The illustrations were wonderful
Another strong volume in this series of villain showcases Freeze has significantly developed since his first appearance he even has a different name , making this an interesting read The stories selected do a pretty good job of showing the range of his appearances and key moments in the character s development.Once again I wish that there was an introductory essay or something to place these stories in context though as with the hardcover Celebrations books.Story by story notes follow view spoiler Batman 121 1959 the first appearance of Mister Freeze, then called Mister Zero, and an obvious inclusion It is interesting to note some of the differences you see between his Golden Age and recent appearances most notably that he was already a criminal prior to his accident but the story holds up pretty well in spite of a corny resolution One of the better villain debuts in this era.Detective Comics 373 1968 this story sees the villain assume his familiar name and acknowledges that he was supposedly cured in his first appearance, although the explanation for why he is back to his criminal ways is pretty much non existent The tale itself is not particularly interesting though and other than the name, there is not much new here.Batman 308 1979 this effort is much stronger and presents Mister Freeze as a scientist on a quest rather than just another criminal, though a few elements are still absent A key development hinges
Batman Arkham Mister Freeze is a compilation of some of the best representative of Mister Freeze stories over the years centering one of the frosty foes in the Batman Rouges This collection features Mister Freeze in all his many incarnations throughout the years.This trade paperback collects Batman 121, 308, 375, 575, Detective Comics 373, 595, Batman Mr Freeze, Batman Gotham Knights 59, Batman Legends of the Dark Knight 190 191, and Batman Annual 1.Victor Fries as Mister Freeze is a fictional super villain created by Dave Wood and Sheldon Moldoff, he first appeared in Batman 121 February 1959 named Mister Zero The character is a former cryogenics expert in Gotham City who was involved in a laboratory accident while attempting to cure his terminally ill wife Nora Fries The disaster lowered his body temperature to the point that he must wear a cryogenic suit in order to survive, and he utilizes a freeze gun that freezes its targets soli
Says much like many of the other books, you get the origin story at least three times Including the so bad even the author himself disowned it revised Post N52 Freeze origin But there are other Freeze stories that work and work well enough to elevate it a bit.Really, the problem with these Arkham best of collections is that when you scatter the villains appearances around a bit, their tricks seem fresh and unusual But when you collected them together by the villain you realize, especially in the case of Batman villains, just how one note a lot of his foes are Really, other than freezing Batman or Robin to death other threat can he be Worse yet, at least two stories in this collection try to make the whole Batman and Robin gimmick of his suit is powered by diamands bit a thing There is no excuse or apologizing for that movie Enough little oddity, that goes to show you just how fast we get used to our technology there is
A Hit and Miss collection of stories about Mister Freeze.A Minor Batman villian, he was first called Mr Zero when he was first introduced in the comics in 1959 That might had been the end of him, save for the 1966 1968 Batman tv show, which introduced a character very similar to Mr Zero, but with the name Mister Freeze The comics then brought him back, explaining he had changed his name to Mister Freeze Some of the stories here are good, others not so much It is interesting to see how the character and his origin changed thru the years arguably the best version origin of Mr Freeze was Batman The Animated Series The stories here, after 1991, follow that origin or less Different artists and writers are featured here It is inter
Paul Dini story here is the stand out. personally, this was a meh book.the book has some awesome stories like the ones from Paul Dini and Scott Snyder but for me. the rest kind of gets boring repetetive.though if you love Mr Freeze i would definitley buy this.