The Conor McBride Series

The Conor McBride Series Conor McBride A Man With Skills He Never Wanted To Learnwhich Doesn T Mean He Won T Use Them Conor McBride Is A Man Who S Lost Everything, Betrayed By The Person He Trusted Most Now He S Got A Job He Never Asked For, Deadly Skills He Never Wanted To Learn, And A Past He Wants To Escape But No Matter How Far He Runs, Trouble Has A Way Of Finding Him, And From One Adventure To The Next, He Often Finds He S Not The Only One Keeping Secrets The Conor McBride Series Books 1 3 Includes The First Three Stories In The Series Find Out Why Readers Are Calling These Captivating Thrillers With Adrenaline Pumping Plots One Of The Best Series They Ve Ever Read. FREE on today 11 15 2018 Blurb Meet Conor McBride He s even interesting than the trouble he gets into Conor McBride is a talented Irish musician whose life is changed forever once he s recruited and trained for a mission to catch a criminal he knows all too well his own brother From one adventure to the next, he is a reluctant operative, but a natural talent, easily
I just finished the first book of this series Deceptive Cadence Quite charming Brutal and a bit OTT bit pleasant Irish lore and Conor must find his long lost Irish brother who is working at laundering money according to MI5 or is it 6 He gets Pneumonia and has to have a tracheotomy We leave him talking to the man who hired him, Conor has to disappear He has done many things to the wrong people, and he must leave the farm on to the second book The Second Chord Equally good, a bit romantic and City of A Thousand Spies, good, I think, description of Prague and all the spying going on Quite a bit of Connor and Kate together, loving each other A bit OTT again with Kate, an American, given a training so she can be wi
The Conor McBride seriesTerrific stories I love this author The characters are believable and even the bad ones seem real She obviously knows her subjects well and also the various countries where the stories take place She either plays the violin o
This series is a thoroughly enjoyable read Conor McBride is not your usual spy and he and the other characters in the story are very well developed Conor is a reluctant spy, but he is an exceedingly capable one who cares deeply about his friends and family Kathryn Guare has given u
author has a great imagination The novels have many twists and turns The principal character is a combination of James Bond, Bourne, and Jack Reacher If you really do not care about answers to such questions you
The Conor McBride Series 1 3This trio of stories are as good as it gets, the stories are in my opinion about all you want in an adventure series The author has done so much than the old stories in the way of action and adventure that you feel to be in the action. Complicated, but hard to put down.I loved the inclusion of Mumbai as a large part of the story in book 1 Interesting twists and turns, without being too obvious about it.Like that there are 3 volumes in one Kindle book, makes it easy to continue the story. BreathtakingI was so carried away b y all the accounts of Conors virtuosity performances th at I swear I could hear the music and was carried away from th storylines Most enjoyable Fantastic read, intrigue and a love story to boot I really like this series The characters were very human , not letting the heroes be superhuman is refreshing Great intrigue, action, musicality and some romance made this an excellent storyline. I enjoyed this series immensely Plots, characters, locations all fit together nicely, with lots of twists and turns Conor McBride is a man I would enjoy meeting If you like spy thrillers that are than just spy versus spy, I recommend this series.