A Promise Broken

A Promise Broken After A Relationship Gone Bad, Hilary Matthews Felt Unsure About Where She Belonged Or What To Do With Her Life Cue Zach Collins, A Love Em And Leave Em, No Strings Attached Type Of Guy The Perfect Distraction For Her Wounded Heart Just One Problem Zach Isn T Some Random Stranger He S Her Brother S Best Friend, And Than That, He S Practically Family And To Complicate Matters, Just When Things Start To Heat Up Between Them, She Learns There S To Zach Than He Let On.Zach S Job As Assistant To An A List Actor Allows Him The Luxury Of Women, Travel, Freedom And Fun But Things Changed The Moment Hilary Made Her Move, Completely Altering His World Hilary Is His Fantasy Come To Life, His Dream Woman In The Flesh And His Best Friend S Little Sister Stepping Over The Line With Her Would Not Only Ruin His Friendship, But Possibly Alienate Him From The Only Family He S Ever Known The Pressure Mounts As Truths Are Exposed Embroiled In Betrayal, Lies, Guilt, And Heartache, Hilary And Zach Must Decide If The Biggest Emotion Of All Is Worth The Turmoil With So Much At Stake, The Repercussions From A Promise Broken Would Cause The Battle Of Their Lives. Sweet, sexy and sensational A Promise Broken is a forbidden romance you MUST read Seeing the heroine s name solidified it, I would read this because how many books have a heroine that shares your name when you name is Hilary The spelling even matched I had to find out about her immediately When this book appeared on my kindle, I dropped everything else Having read Garcia s books before, I knew I was in for a sexy, funny, and great reading experience Her books are just real, and I love that Hilary and Zach are the couple you root for The forbidden love that burns hot, heavy and deep Zach is the underdog you want to succeed while Hilary is the baby of the family, overly protected and begging for a chance to break out and be her own person, make her own rules The banter between these two characters made this book The sex, delicious The feels, deep The ending was sheer perfection I was smiling from ear to ear Thank you, Ms Garcia, for this highly enjoyable lit
Oh how I LOVED Zach I have been waiting for this story since A Promise Made, and Anissa did not disappoint I loved that we got to got flashbacks to see different parts of their past since Zach and Hilary grew up together It made me understand each of them and made me fall for them even harde
Received from NetGalley Full of tension, love, broken hearts and promises this was a sexy, but heartbreaking book It follows Hilary who s been in love with her brother s best friend for years Unbeknownst to her, he s putting his feelings for her have been festering, but because his obligation to Hilary s family for taking him in so he s trying to hide the fact that he s in love with her I loved seeing the flashbacks of both Hilary and Zack s pasts that made them who they are as well as helped me fall in love with them falling in love so much sweeter Also, to note that these two had the chemistry that will make you buy a couple of fans Zack made me slightly irritated because he was so loyal to his adopted family who just so happens to b
ARC kindly provided for an honest review I love Anissa Garcia s stories The kind that melts your heart, with endearing characters Oh my Zach swoon A Promise Broken is Zack and Hilary s story The moment I ve met Zack in A Promise Kept, I wanted to read his story I have to tell you, Anissa Garcia frustrated the hell out of me with this story And I liked it A lot I can t even imagine that I would be saying this one day Above all, the author likes to maintain a certain degree of complication, Zack is Ethan s best friend, who is as you might guess, Hilary s brother So off limits with a capital A As the assistant of a famous actor, Zack was always the one to help people and always available for his best friend, maybe too much Welcomed in the Matthew s family since this young age, he could go anything to please his family, putting themselves first When it comes to relationships that s another story Avoiding commitments and relationships seemed to be his motto, until Hilary decided to push his buttons Hilary was always seen as the indecisive sister,
This book was all about the feels for usand it had it in spades The classic storyline of boy and girl who should steer clear of one another is a fantastic formula for an angst ridden read Usually the story is brother s best friend after the brother s sister, but Anissa Garcia took this one step further and made the potential lover s even closer by bringing the man into the family from a young age Not really familybut oh so close.What did we love this about A Promise Broken Everything.There were deep feelings for Zach, understanding his need to stay respectful to his adoptive family yet still understanding his need to be with the woman he is falling in love with Zach is loyal and devoted and that is something that made him very endearing to us He is a hard worker and always put others firstespecially Hilary He is a total 10 in our book Hilary was fun Our favorite thing about her was that she was so dang blunt The things that came out that girls mouth made us belly laugh and there is nothing better than a story that makes us laugh and cry all in the sa
A promise broken is a beautiful love story with a nice storyline and lovable characters.Zach has lived with Matthews as their family member ever since his parents left him there with a lot of money Zach is very lovable and relatable character He is a person who could to do anything for the Matthew s family, because it is the only family he had ever know He is kind hearted and a bit afraid to fall in love or have a relationship Hilary is Zach s best friend Evan Matthew s sister, she is a strong woman, who can make great scarifices for the person she loves.A Promise Broken s narrative is told from two point of views that is from Zach and Hilary s POVs Apart from being in the present, the narrative also goes into the past to tell certain instances such as when once a new year, years back Hilary was kissed on cheek by Zach Other than this there were many other instances too These trips to the past were a really good addition to the bo
Wow Wow Wow Amazingly magnetic I found myself wanting of Zach and Hilary This story has touched me in so many ways The want, and the desire, of what you know you can t or shouldn t have but the feeling that it is so very wrong but you can t stay away Anissa Garcia captures it in every element The chemistry of these characters is so powerful that no matter how badly they fight the feelings their is NO STOPPING what is meant to be at the expense of family, friends, and lovers Beautifully written Anissa brings it home when Zach and Hilary hide their sexual relationship behind their families backs, Hilary leaves Boston to get away from her ex after she finds him with his co worker in bed She packs up and heads to Austin to stay with her brother Evan and Zach the guy who was raised by their mother She always had thing for Zach but he was her Brothers best friends and well you just don t sleep with your bes
Hilary needs to escape from her cheating ex so she leaves Boston and goes to Austin to stay with her brother Evan and his best friend Zach who was basically adopted by her family She has feelings for him that are far from brotherly however they can never be than friends.Zach is not sure how to handle the feelings that Hilary causes he only knows that he can t act on them as it would destroy his relationship with his best friend and the people that he is closest to If only she wasn t what he had been looking for his entire life.They are unable to ignore their feelings for each other and decide to keep it a secret but secrets have a way of being revealed and the impa
A Promise Broken is a heart breaking, sexy, swoony and sweet read I ve been waiting for Zach s story, and it did not disappoint Hilary and Zach were both characters that I fell in love with There was something very real and relatable about them which made them even charming They have their own flaws, insecurities, strengths and weaknesses The chemistry between them is undeniable and no matter how har
This book had me on an emotional rollercoaster I laughed, I cried, I screamed at my kindle So well written I could not put it down What do you do when you fall in love with the one person who can destroy your sense of family Between hiding the relationship from those around him and hating himself and everyday for the deception, Zach cannot give Hilary up What started out as friends with benefits ends up as soulmates but the rocky road to get the