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Pulse PointsThe Characters In Jennifer Down S Pulse Points Live In Small Dusty Towns, Glittering Exotic Cities And Slow Droll Suburbs They Are Mourners, Survivors And Perpetrators In The Award Winning Aokigahara , A Young Woman Travels To The Sea Of Trees In Japan To Say Goodbye In Coarsegold , A Woman Conducts An Illicit Affair While Her Recovering Girlfriend Works The Overnight Motel Shift In The Middle Of Nowhere In Dogs , Foggo Runs An Unruly Gang Of Bored, Cruel Boys With A Scent For Fresh Meat In Pressure Okay A Middle Aged Man Goes To The Theatre, Gets A Massage, Remembers His Departed Wife, Navigates The Long Game Of Grief With His Adult Daughter. 4 She wanted it, and we all went, Yeah, and Fog said, Fat c and we all said the way we remembered it till we were sure it was right. Foggo had some rough years I think it f ed him up when his dad died But he came good Last I heard he was a senior constable working at the Swan Hill station Swan Hill is a Melbourne cop shop without Foggo, I feel quite certain , but Down shows us how he and his mates obviously escaped any charges by making sure they remembered right Foggo is just one of many memorable characters in Down s short stories Some are good sorts, salt of the earth, many are anxious and troubled, and some you wouldn t want to meet on a dark night There are quite a few children, and she has a good eye and ear for them.I particularly enjoyed We Got Used to Here Fast about a couple of kids, the first half told by older brother Sam and the second half years later told by Lally This is from the first half Lally picks up twigs and holds them like cigarettes Her breath comes out in clouds I can tell she s trying to be grown up but she looks constipated Overhearing a conversation between their grandparents What s custardy, I say, even though it s not like Lally would know But she puts a finger to her lips It s who owns the kids, she whispers After a tragedy Lally bursts into tears They re terrible sobs that come up
Jennifer Down s stories are precise, bracing and observant of small details freighted with emotion In places, Pulse Points reminded me of Sally Rooney s work, another preternaturally wise young author But the stories in Pulse Points are too varied for a direct comparison to hold.Some of the stories are quiet thoughtful, while others are kinetic a few can suck the air right out of the room Some deal with confronting themes, like suicide or rape or grief or mental illness, but always with empathy delicacy It s impressive how well Down can conjure such realistic characters from different walks of life You certainly don t get the feeling, as can sometimes be the case, that the protagonists are just proxies for the author These characters are male and female, young and old, gay and straight etc etc Settings range from Australia, to
I would 4.5 this if I could. Pulse Points is a collection of short stories by a very talented young Australian author, each giving a unique window into a moment of time in an ordinary life Except those lives are not ordinary, but reflect the full range of the human condition from love and joy to grief and loss Each story is brief but complete and somehow each voice is individual and fully realised Many of the characters are underdogs living on the edges o
If Jennifer Down s acclaimed 2016 debut novel Our Magic Hour was a love letter to Melbourne, her new collection Pulse Points is a letter to love itself.Down covers a lot of ground in this collection the titular opening story, in which a couple fail to save a man and maybe themselves a sister s pilgrimage to Aokigahara Japan s suicide forest a father and a daughter trying to find their way back to one another Fundamentally, they are studies of human experience than they are plot driven stories, of the way we are connected and disconnected Down demonstrates self awareness of this theme in Peaks , one character asks of another, What are you reading and the reader responds, It s lots of short stories mostly about sad men As in Our Magic Hour, Down s prose is precise, deliberate Not a clause on any page of this book is anything less than resolute It is almost businesslike even in its poetic phrasing, knowing exactly where it intends to take the story And in that way, it is hugely successful.The stories themselves reflect the title they are heartbeats Each one finishes before the end is expected, sometimes character sketch than fully realised narrative For the most part, it s startling and discomforting in
Down writes about love and friendship with an emotionally resonant sparsenessRather than offering answers to life s big questions, the stories offer glimpses into people tackling themA collection pulsing with emotion a writer crackling with potential Kirkus Reviews Jennifer Down is, simply put, one of the most exciting emerging writers in the country Pulse Points , her recent collection of short stories, is full of a kind of gentle melancholy that insistent sense of sadness that lurks about the edges of a lazy Sunday in the suburbs Brag The stories are both paradigms and gentle subversions of the short story form Down draws on the ordinary and everyday to deconstruct the myth of class mobility in this haunting and resonant collection Judges comments, 2018 Sydney Morning Herald Best Young Australian Novelists After reading Jennifer Down s first novel Our Magic Hour last year, I was keen to read her short story collection Pulse Points , which showcases her range and talent Though Down s stories travel from regional Victoria to Middle America and Japan, they are distinctly Australian and overwhelmingly about class Gretchen Shirm, Australian, Books of the Year 2017 All the rapture and calamity of youth Jennifer Down is a writer of rare insight and heart Carrie Tiffany Down s evocation of Audrey s grief is astute, perceptive and always conv
This is a beautiful collection of stories, capturing precise moments of sadness, fear and loss The title story and Aokigahara are probably my favourites, but there are moments in each of them that grab you by the heart. 4 stars Pulse Points is a stunning collection of short stories, a weaving of powerful portraits about real people, real love and real loss Stories of life are perfectly encapsulated by Jennifer Down and presented to us in neat little packages that are overflowing with emotion The prose is concise but revealing, and overflowing with both heart wrenching emotion and intelligence.Each story is about an ordinary person or ordinary people all grappling with the complexities of human emotion heartache, anxiety, joy, grief, helplessness The standout story, and my favourite, is Aokigahara , in which a young woman travels to the sea of trees in Japan to say goodbye to her brother It is searing with emotion and is delivered with an intensity yet a clarity that is truly mesmerising Dogs is dark and gripping Pressure Okay is a poignant story of grief and of loss.In each of these stories, no word is spared The pro
A very strong collection of intense, distinct and memorable stories I love Down s writing and she doesn t disappoint here I was hoping to read Melbourne in some of the stories after loving her depictions in Our Magic Hour but it wasn t to be E
Powerfully told, vividly written, unforgettable short stories Each story was so intimate, with such precise details that it felt like Down was pulling memories from my mind that I had forgotten An incredible talent.Trigger warnings across the collection Rape,

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