Duet of Lines Sen no Nijuso

Duet of Lines Sen no Nijuso The Duet Of Lines Following Duet Of Dots By Maki Starfield, The Japanese Poetess, Is Her Second Collection With Luca Benassi Who Is An Influential Contemporary Italian Poet.The Themes Are Love And Peace Mr Benassi Focuses On Both The Negative Side And The Positive One Of Humans His Poems Are Like Answers By A Philosopher.Maki Starfield, The Originator Of Free Style Three Line Tsubuyaki, Inspired By Traditional Japanese Haiku, Encourages Us To Explore And Express Our Honest And Personal Feelings And Inner Thoughts Therefore, This Collection Is A Product Of Two Unique And Promising Soul Searching Artists, Bringing The East And The West Together For The Betterment Of The World And Each Individual As Well.