Submitting to the Marquis (Scandalous Ballroom Encounters, #4)

Submitting to the Marquis (Scandalous Ballroom Encounters, #4) Lady Sophie Baxter Must Wed A Wealthy Lord By The End Of The Season, Or Risk The Ruin Of Her Family However, Her Father Does Not Have Just Any Lord In Mind He S Set His Sights On Simon Fitzwilliam, Marquis Of Ashton A Man Known Amongst The Ton For Being As Cold And Aloof As He Is Rich And Powerful While His Frigid Gaze And Reserved Demeanor Prove Intimidating, Sophie Cannot Help But Wonder If There Isn T To The Marquis Than Meets The Eye. I had not read much on BDSM, I was quite surprised that I liked this book This story had depth I gave the book 5 stars because of the quality of the writing and the storyline A true love story about an innocent and broken man.I really, really enjoyed the story Well done Hard to rate Sometimes I m in the mood for erotica and BDSM is the erotica flavor du jour It can be titillating and I enjoy it in its milder forms, but I find it mostly falls into 2 camps.1 the hero is a sadistic bastard and it s too much for me see Carolyn Faulkner s Prima 2 the hero is a poor, abused man boy who has turned to domination to cure his demons see this and 50 Shades of Grey I wish there were where the hero is not a sadist and not using bdsm as therapy More of a tough, sure of himself manly man who isn t a sadist, but unashamedly enjoys the spanking kink I have found precious few Sue Lyndon s Rules of War sort of fits, but it s not a consensual bdsm with all the rules and safe words I think that one falls into the domestic discipline genre.The writing was not bad, but I can do without the endless info dumping re the nature of the bdsm relationship and rules, etc etc I can also than do without the child abuse It makes me sad, angry and casts a pall over the romance Also, I don t know anyone in the life but find it hard to believe that it s always a sign of such abuse and that the Dom is, at heart, an angry victim who just needs a woman to truly love him.The aftermath of the scene where the H loses it and goes too far could have been handled better His remorse was sincere, but she forgave him far too easily, IMHO Also, it being a big catharsis for him to confess his childhood horrors and heal through prayer was just
ngl i usually steer CLEAR of bdsm cause that shit is just not for mebut alasive embraced my dark side.5 stars this book was delicious I have never felt this conflicted while reading and rating a book While I particularly am not a champion of BDSM but then one cannot tell the depth of water unless one has tested oneself Some of other bdsm books I have read have made me cringe as they always centred on only sex but this one was different , not that I am an arbiter of bdsm to even consult with The hero marries the heroine by using the fact that her father needed money Heroine is not quite so excited at the prospect, understanably so But all hell breaks loose when she witness him observing and indulging in a bdsm tableau which ,since it is something new to her, seems disgusting to her She thinks they were torturing the girl but then H explains her Eventually she ask him to teach her the art of submission , which I think was a way to make him open up to her , acting on her sister in law s advice She seems to enjoys ,though sometimes the pain is too much , the pleasure afterwards makes up for it The hero still cant open up fully and when she tries to question his past when she chance upon some disturbing evidences ,all the angst ,bitterness ,anxiety bubbling beneath his gruff facade suddenly find a way out and explode, reliving all his unhappy and bitter past He still has not been able to reconcile with unjust hand life played and so unable to come terms with his unexpected feeling for his wife What he doesnt realises is life is never fair You just have to accept and move on His uncle was an
FREE on today 5 31 2019 Emotional and erotic, this is one of the most tortured and rightfully so heroes I ve read in a long time Nice story about growing to love and redemption. THIS BOOK IS AMAZING.This is my favorite of the entire series thus far and I honestly don t think any other one can live up to this one It made me cry, it made me smile and it definitely made my imagination wonder Beautifully written, sexy and sensual with the heart and soul of a seasoned story, it was hard to believe this was a standalone novel because of the depth expressed in these pages There is a huge tr
Another great story by Ms Vale The characters were flawed, yet fascinating, and the storyline compelling Sophie was pure goodness and likeable from the beginning The reader couldn t help but root for her to bring Simon around to the light side Simon s back story is heartbreaking, and quite honestly, hard to stomach, b
In The Sunshine Of Her Love Sophie is the daughter of an Earl, but they are rather poor She has a lady s manners but her clothes are almost shabby Yet she has a wonderful, happy, outlook on life Her father has found a way out of his debt by marrying her off to the scariest titled man in the area, Simon , the Marquis of Ashton He is an extremely wealthy and ruthless business man He always gets what he wants, and he wants Sophie He is willing to pay a huge sum of money to the Earl for Sophie s hand in marriage.Simon is an uptight outasight guy, and he gets his jollies by hanging ou
Good intro to a new to me author This is a historical setting with BDSM, so a little different It starts with a common approach the h needs to marry for fiscal reasons The H is a Dom who shares and teaches others in his dungeon Now that he has decided to marry that part of his life is to be shutdown But of course he is a Dom for a reason, and for him it is about being touched he hates