Batman Beyond, Volume 2

Batman Beyond, Volume 2 The Batman Of The Future Is Back Emerging From The Rubble Of The Cataclysm That Nearly Destroyed The Earth, Terry McGinnis Has Returned To Gotham City And Reclaimed The Mantle Of The Bat He S Fended Off Some Of His Deadliest Foes To Do It.But He S About To Face An Unexpected Enemy An Opponent Patient, And Powerful, Than Any He S Ever Known.When The League Of Assassins Launches An All Out Assault On Gotham, Terry Must Travel To Tibet In His Experimental Batsuit There, He Ll Stop At Nothing To Rescue His Captured Mentor Bruce Wayne And Take The Fight To Their Leader Ra S Al Ghul Himself.But When He Finally Gets His Audience With The Demon S Head, He S In For The Shock Of A Lifetime.Can Terry Defeat This Shadowy Figure And Free Bruce Wayne From His Nemesis Or Will This All Out War And The Twisted Technology Of His Biomechanical Batsuit Drive Him Into A Darkness He Can Never Escape Discover The Answer In BATMAN BEYOND VOL 2 RISE OF THE DEMON, From The Creative Team Of Dan Jurgens And Bernard Chang It S BATMAN BEYOND And Ra S Al Ghul As You Ve Never Seen Them Before Collects BATMAN BEYOND 6 12 The world must be ending Dan Jurgens is now writing two series I m enjoying Jurgens is finally updating his writing style to modern sensibilities of brevity His villains used to drone on for what seemed like hours, but the dialogue in this book was fairly good Bernard Chang s art continues to impress Is it just me or is there a little of Howard
I wonder if I should go back and read other Batman Beyond comics The only one I read before this was Rebirth and enjoyed that but I feel like sometimes the things they talk about in here I need to know Anyway, this volume is pretty cool Terry is trying to balance his normal life with being Batman He loves Bruce but he doesn t want to be LIKE him He just wants to be a hero with a decent love life normal life on the side Something Bruce never had However, when Barbara gets attacked by the league of Assassins Terry decides to done the suit once This time though he puts on a suit that gives him quicker reflexes, strength, BUT also a A.I that will do anything to win So when Terry meets the new head of the League things start to spiral out of control Good The introduction to a certain little badass who s now a full grown man is pretty awesome The interaction with him and Terry and him and Bruce is great I also liked the idea of Terry trying to be DIFFERENT than Bruce He s like a mix of Bruce, Dick, and Tim
Wow that was huge World The art is solid, it s good Chang with less action panels which makes me happy The sense of motion in th e fights is pretty spectacular The world building for his series since Futures End has all been about back tracking, with all the old pieces pretty much back we finally start to see the world moving forward and it s pretty great cause this huge reveal is a doozie and also makes you wonder about main continuity and this book and whether this really happens Also the little slice of Batgirl is also pretty well thought out gives it a different flavor to the main series Story Paced insanely well and the gut punch reveal was so very well done This has been hinted for a long time in tj DCU and now I don t know how canon this book is it s happened what I can t say any but
Terry gets pushed to the edge, and This volume is crazy, there was some elements that I did not expect Terry trying to get his life in order of being Batman and his normal life His girlfriend Dana is coming to terms be with Terry being alive for however long It has many mysterious secrets about Bruce Wayne s past be
This was a premium blend of the old and the new I am glad that Terry is back in the saddle, Bruce is back in the cave, and the Bat family is expanding with new members There is a LOT going on in this book, with to come Old adversaries of bo
I am so happy that Batman Beyond is continuing even if it is in comic form can somebody with the power to make the show come back do something about it That would be amazing While the circumstances for Terry have changed pretty dramatically, he s still the guy we know and love, so needless to say I m still invested in what happens to him After what happened in volume one, I wasn t really sure what they were going to do next, but after taking some time to think about it, I think they made a pretty logical jump even though there s some things I would have done differently view spoiler There s actually quite a lot going on in this volume, but all of it weaves together to the point where it takes a bit to dissect it all Max and Bruce Wayne are sort of trying to figure out how to work together their mutual fondness of Terry being the main thing they have in common , Curare makes an appearance woo , as does Barbara Gordon and Dana A few other unexpected guests are around, but everything I ve mentioned actually happens early on, believe it or not I can tell you how much squeeing occurred when I saw Cura
Reprints Batman Beyond 3 6 12 May 2017 November 2017 Bruce Wayne is back, but he s quickly discovering that his old problems have returned as well When Curare appears and reveals that the Demon is planning an all out attack on the world, Batman must hop into action but Ra s al Ghul might not be the enemy Terry expects, and the prototype suit Terry s adopted could be deadly Plus, Max finds herself in a team up with Batgirl to rescue Commissioner Gordon.Written by Dan Jurgens, Steve Orlando, and Vita Ayala, Batman Beyond Volume 2 Rise of the Demon is part of the DC Comics Rebirth series Following Batman Beyond 1 Escaping the Grave, the collection features art by Bernard Chang, Siya Oum, and Dexter Vines.I watched the entire Batman Beyond series It wasn t to the level of Batman The Animated Series, but it still was pretty entertaining and honestly surprised me because it did still have the depth of Batman The Animated Series With a background in the TV series, Batman Beyond has been a nice continuation even if it is actually rooted in the DC Comics universe.Batman Beyond 11 VariantWhile the series is a nice continuation of the TV series, the story isn t very revolutionary It is a pretty standard comic book story with Batman battling the dangers of Bruce Wayne s past It is nice to see the path of Damian Wayne defined in the collection though depressing , but fortunately, the character wasn t completely written off he
This book collects Issues 6 12 of Batman BeyondIn the main story in issues 6 11, Terry and Bruce are re united after Terry was missing and Bruce was assumed dead but quickly find themselves thrown into a crisis Terry s wearing a dangerous prototype Batsuit that will ensure Batman always wins even if Batman has to kill , but has no time to return to the Batcave because a crisis is coming involving the league of assassins now under command of Damian Wayne, the former Robin.This book works on both an action level and a character level There were some great fights between Terry and Damian that are well drawn and packed with surprises The big thing was the character relationship, particularly between Bruce and Terry Unlike most other Batman Beyond writers, Dan Jurgens wasn t afraid to have the relationship change and Bruce actually learn after so many years of stupid decisions I also think the fight between Terry an
A solid continuation of the volume 1 story that sees Bruce reinstalled as Terry s grumpy mentor This volume they fight another member of the Bat Family, who s genocidal motivations are shockingly evil, what with the murder of most of the earths population being the goal After the evil plot is thwarted, no apologies are made and all is forgotten Okayyyyy Great art though, a

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