The Note (Eddie Collins, #3.5)

The Note (Eddie Collins, #3.5) I M Eddie Collins, A CSI.Ever Had That Feeling Of Being Watched But When You Turn Around No One S There I Have It Was Raining, And I Was Working A Murder Scene Around Midnight When That Prickle Ran Up My Spine If I D Listened To That Feeling, If I D Thought Back To My Past, Maybe I Could Have Prevented The Terror That Was To Come.Back At The Office, I Found A Death Threat On My Desk.I Had No Idea Who Sent It Or Why They Wanted To Kill Me.But I Was About To Find Out. 4 A Short Sharp ReadThe Note is a great short story Definitely starts off the series, with the sense of greater things to come.We meet Eddie Collins who works in the CSI.He has a death threat on his hands.I don t want to say much as it s such a short read I don t want to risk spoiling it for you.The Note is a eerie, shor
This was a terrific and suspenseful short crime story that succeeded in giving a reader all the elements of a novel in a well done compact little book The storyline is dark and edgy and has a complete ending yet left me wanting to read stories by this author.If you enjoy crime or myster
The Note is a short story featuring Eddie Collins from the CSI Eddie Collins crime series.The story is told in the first person by Eddie himself.It s actually really hard to know what to write as a review for this book With it being short I fear that if I mention anything about the story itself I will give something away So I had better not.What I will say though is this is a short, dark and intriguing read For a short story it certainly packs some punches and was nothing like what I had envisioned it would be, mainly because I had my own thoughts at the beginning where the story was going to go This is why I would never make a detective as did not see what was coming, at all The book cover promises of something dark and disturbing within the pages and the author delivers on that promise The Note is a great little read that is sure to be a
Synopsis blurb.A thrilling novella introducing Eddie Collins, CSIHave you ever had that feeling of being watched but when you turn around no one s there I have.It was raining, and I was working a murder scene around midnight when that prickle ran up my spine If I d listened to that feeling, if I d thought back to my past, maybe I could have prevented the terror that was to come.Back at the office, I found a death threat on my desk.I had no idea who sent it or why they wanted to kill me.But I was about to find out.I m Eddie Collins, a CSI, and this is my story My take..Another Eddie Collins short ish story from author Andrew Barrett after reading The Lift earlier this month Longer than the last one, detailed and with a bit depth to the main character I liked it.Collins processes a crime scene, has a row with the attending officer, recognises the victim and gets unnerved by a death threat back at his office A short journey home to his isolated cottage, a cautious approach but not cautious enough with an immediate ambush Eddie starts to fear the death threat Your going to die tonight might be about to come true.Domestic violence, a complaint, murder, mental health issues, familial problems, a gun, a bite or two, an old girlfriend, a trip down memory lane, a violent confrontation, a kettle lead, no coffee, some dodgy plumbing, a familiar but unwelcome police presence, some butting of chests, an armed response unit, a knife, b
CSI Eddie Collins arrives at a crime scene to process the body of a murdered victim As he s photographing the evidence, he can t shake the feeling that someone s watching him from a distance This same unnerving feeling follows him home and he s struck hard with a terrible surprise What an unexpectedly funny story this was This short read was gritty, suspenseful, a little chilling, and featured a gre
A short look into the crazy life of CSI Eddie Collins, a hard working officer who tries his best His job is to collect photos and any information available at a crime scene, something he is doing when he gets the feeling that he is being watched Eddie is a sharp tongued ,independent young man who has made mistakes in his past with bad relationships, but this unease he feels will take hold and stay with him as he walks into his cottage A delightful short story that gives an explicit, interestin
Amusing crime story about Eddie a CSI, not what I was expecting, better Have now downloaded A Long Time Dead I m not a crime fan, especially police procedural, as it usually makes me lose the will to live As The Note is a short story, I thought I d give it a go, as it allowed me to avoid hours of reading about police procedure This story made me laugh in places and it was fast paced and tense, so no time for boredom to set in, phew Not knowing the difference between you re and your is one of my pet hates, so I was entertained by it being used as part of the storyline.CSI, Eddie Collins is quite a funny bloke, and says it how it is, so I did warm to his character I definitely recommend this The Note to crime fans, but as I said, I m not a crime fan and still enjoyed it Be
This is a 4.5 star read.A dark, edgy short story that is everything I expect and from author Andrew Barrett and the caustic, razor tongued Eddie Collins He s a contrary fellow with a defeated outlook on life and quick to anger, but he speaks to me and I can t help but be taken in by his need to see justice served When the past comes back to bite you pretty much encompasses the synopsis without giving any spoilers awa
Exciting short crime action storyGreat quick read with good characters and plot I enjoyed how this author tells us of Eddie Collins, an investigator of the police, I like Eddie s demeanor and humor He tries to use his hum