Dress Code

Dress Code Librarian S Note This Is An Alternate Cover Edition For ASIN B008HAK4LU Laurie Tilden Is A Girl She And Her Mother Have Known That Since Birth Except That Laurie S Birth Certificate States Laurence Tilden, Male That Hasn T Been A Problem For Laurie She May Be Transgender But She S A Happy Girl Enjoying Her Friends At Home School But Now It S Time For Public Middle School And Bullies And Mean Girls And Disapproving Teachers Make Life Difficult For Laurie Can She Prove To The Principal That She Can Be Accepted As A Girl, All In Two Weeks And To Meet The Girls Dress Code I ve read a few of her books, and this one was very interesting in that the main character has no discovery of gender identity she s a girl, thank you very much, only her birth certificate says she s a boy It s not about her a