The Fence

The Fence Dan Trilok Is A Millionaire Whose Only Aim Is To See That He Die A Driving Force Called As The Cosmic Is There To Support Him In His Mission A Widow Is Gifted By Her Son A Smartphone Her Relationship With The Device Soon Turns To Obsession Mr Mistry S Story Is A Light Hearted Account Of His Life And His Own Folly Which Led To His Tragic End Romancing With His Favourite Brand Of Whisky While Cursing His Job, A Grumpy Post Master Finds A Letter Addressed To No One A Man Wants To Confess His Guilt Stopped By His Friend But To No Avail Just Before Going Ahead He Contemplates His Actions And Questions Himself Read Mirnalni S And Anil S Story And Come To Know That Love Is Not Just A Four Letter Word But A Way Of Being There For Each Other Runaway Is A Story Weaved Around Pratik And Radhika Waiting For A Miracle In The City Of Dreams Sujata Mahajan Wants To Apologize To The People She Had Ignored In Her Life When She Is Close All Her Plans Backfire The Fence Is A Collection Of Short Stories Compiled And Edited At A Workshop Conducted By Half Baked Beans In Mumbai Revitalizing That s what The Fence does for you It makes you notice These short stories made me contemplate for a while that such sheer force and strength short stories can possess They hit you hard Really hard Sitting on a sofa in the middle of the night, I m thinking that reading this collection has been a wonderful event With simple language, the authors have managed to play a melodious symphony in the reader s mind The characters are what you see in your daily life They don t have any special qualities, except the fact that they touch your heart Firmly Although it is difficult to select one favorite among these beautiful stories, The Smartphone and What She Wanted made it top to my favorite s list Stories are interesting and entertaining They seem as if happening just in your neighborhood.The Fence contains diverse topics, turning itself
A sober collection of tales by various writers Writing has been done is a elegant fashion The collective theme is appreciable I enjoyed how each stories had something important to convey Narration is to the point and precise All of these stories, with a message or two, alters your perspective in different ways I was moved reading them I was touched reading them It had various matters to discuss to Some stories will fill you with smile and some will make yo
The Fence is compendium of 8 short stories some will really touch your heart in short span of time, some will make you awestruck and some will fade from your memory even before it actually blossom.Ilustrado s Eulogy Which described the eulogy very enchanting written, audacity of a paraplegic girl who, instead of hiding away with her vulnerabilities, had embraced them, came across someone and asking about Eulogy it actually makes me wonder what might Eulogy would be As Ilustrado in Spanish it was quite enlightened story The Other Woman This is the perfect story where it leave with Jaw opened feeling It depicts the ups and down of the relationship, how Indian men is so flooded by family wishes, they got married and what they actually want deep down the heart And it will make anyone wonder, the things which we see as idealistic are they worth thinking or anyone in today s world have shade of grey. Laden with surprised and fast paced, guilt free ending The Smartphone Never came across such a unique and beautiful story, I think this one story makes me believe Indians are best are writing at too, generally I don t read much of Indian books Once this story is finished it will leave you with quench of My personally best Also depict how our old generation adopts to the technology and what could be adverse effects of THE SMARTPHO
A human s life predominantly comprises stories in the form of bitter sweet memories In fact, we are all stories in the end Some stories act as a passing shower while there are some which are etched in our memory for a long time The Fence is basically an anthology which constitutes stories of both kinds.There are a few which are as enlightened as Ilustrado s Eulogy while there are some like Runaway which is filled with sheer optimism The ones which left a long lasting indelible expression on my mind are Resignation To Heaven , What She Wanted and The Smartphone Lets discuss each one by one.Resignation To Heaven First of all , to start with the aptness of this title is something which is quite rare today The story deals with the sensitive topic of Euthanasia.Keeping aside the debate of whether allowing it either in its active or passive form is the need of the hour, the way it dwells light on the efforts of a patient who is so desperate to keep an end to his misery and the entire universe conspires to assist him is so applaudable Good part about this story is the author created some elements which lead to the ever important topic of mercy killing and not gave the story a philosophical tone which would have been so mundane.What She Wanted This particular tale is all about its protagonist Sujata and her innumerable struggles which she encounters every single day The story is a heart wrenching account and even after finishing it , one would not be ab
Beautiful bouquet of fresh short stories that make the readers bask in the fragrance of creativity and its delicacy All the 8 stories are a treat to the readers I suppose this is the outcome of a creative workshop held by the publishing house and what an amazing result It quenches the literary thirst.All the stories are very intricately woven The details, setup, plot, and the narration are brilliant The Other woman by Kabir Malhotra touches the sensitive topic of infidelity without making it sound cliche The end was completely unexpected and kept me interest intact The Smartphone is a complete reader s bliss Very relatable Our social media addiction very nicely sketched by the writer What she wanted is one of my personal favorites The other two being, The other Woman and The Smartphone The protagonist in What she wanted hits you hard It is a grim reality and the character of Sujata is extremely heart wrenching A woman neither black nor white The shades of gray very prominent The vacuum of her life and her craving for life brought tears to my eyes Resignation to heaven deals with the sensitive topic of mercy killing A thought provoking story Cashmere, I need Cashmere
Life is unpredictable, yet it is possible to connect the threads together and form an opinion The Fence offers a blend of different instances that can leave a lasting impression on one s heart and soul With just eight short stories, the authors have proved their potential in writing skills Illustrado s eulogy is one story that appealed to me a lot I liked the style of writing and the vocabulary used by the author With a subtle beginning, the narration acts like a cherry on the cake The Smartphone is another piece with good narration The story highlights the irony of becoming depende
The fence is a great collection of short stories, with topics ranging from love to hatred, from kin to friends From all the stories Cashmere, I need Cashmere and What she wanted were my favourite.You can read the complete review here The anthology , The Fence provides a platform for budding writers to showcase their talent Variation of topics is the highlight of Thu book Infedility, sibling rivalry, phone addiction, Euthanasia the book deals with all those topics which holds high relevance in current scenario.It s overwhelmingly to see that talents of high quality is coming to the spotlight these days The authors shows that Indian literature is way beyond the boy meet girl erotica.Some stories were average in the uniqueness of the topic handles but stood out with the hallmark narration.There were a few grammatical errors which made the comprehension difficult The cover image is splendidly done But, I was not quite impressed with the font and type setting and also the quality of the inside pages For a paperback book this can be a turn off howe
This book is a collection of 8 short stories written by aspiring young writers Each story comes out with a strong message to the current generation people who are seeing happiness in materialism than in humans Written in a simple English with a hard core message, this book is a quick read one M
The fence is an unique collection of eight crisp short stories with each giving out a strong moral message to the readers.The stories are aptly titled and good as a quick read option.Each story reflects myriad of human emotions and in the en