The Factory

The Factory Twenty Years Ago At College, Martin, Paul, Jane, And Gwen Were Members Of The GLUE Club The Gaffney Legendary Urban Explorers Run By The Charismatic Tom Now, Following His Mysterious Death, They Agree To Meet Up Again And Undertake One Final Exploration To Honour His Name.Aside From Paul Who Never Left, None Of Them Have Been Back To Gaffney Since And The Reunion Is Awkward, Re Opening Old Wounds As They Begin To Explore The Long Abandoned Pocock Factory, It Seems They Might Be Intruding On Something Better Left Alone As They Succumb To The Spirits In The Darkness, It Quickly Becomes A Battle To See Who Will Survive The Night The Factory was a nasty little stroll through, you guessed it , an abandoned factory Four old friends meet up for the funeral of the fifth member of their group Back in their school days, all 5 would get together and go on urban exploring trips Urban Exploring Urbex, as this group calls it , is the inspection of abandoned buildings, preferably at night, since technically it s an illegal activity As a tribute to their recently deceased mate, they decide to explore the factory that HE had always wanted to check out when he was alive As you may have guessed, everything did not work out for the best To find out exactly what happened, you ll have to read this book.This novella was packed full of atmosphere I mean, really, what better place for a haunting than an old abandoned factory Especially one that was known to have employed children Everything is covered with layers of dust and strange noises own the night Our plucky explore
The GLUE ClubThe Factory is a novella about a group of friends that took up urban exploring of old abandoned buildings when they were in college and formed a group called the Gaffney Legendary Urban Explorers Club a.k.a the GLUE Club When one of their group members dies suddenly they all reunite for the funeral To honor their friend s memory, they all decide to go exploring the one building that they ve talked about for years because of the rumors that swirled around it, but weren t able to explore before, because it s always been heavily guarded Now though, the building has been put up for sale and the guards removed, so the GLUE Club finally finds a way in but getting out isn t as easy I m fascinated with urban exploring and if I lived in a bigger city that had urban exploring groups I would immediately take it up as a hobby So when I saw this novella was about urban explorers I was thrilled to death It was a pretty intense story and I loved the old factory setting I thought the parallel story line that was presented through the supernatural elements, about the factory workers and its owner, was also done very well.My only complaint is that it wasn t long enough That s just a personal thing though that I have with novellas I never feel like I have enough time to really get to know the characters and as soon as I start getting into the story it s over.If you do
The last thing of substance I read from West was his chapbook What Gets Left Behind I liked that work a great deal, but said in my review that Mark s prose might benefit from a few tweaks, particular his reliance on stock phrasing, which, I believe, good writers need to constantly reinvent So I was intrigued to discover along what lines he d developed these last few years It didn t take me long to discover I hope West will take this in the complimentary way it s intended when I say that The Factory is like reading the work of a very different writer Here the narrative is confident, cool, and inventive, and the prose as sharp as you d wish The story centres around a bunch of characters who, during their yoofs, were members of an exploring club focusing on urban sites with decidedly shady histories Their unelected leader, Tom, opens the book with a solo venture inside a particular property with a dubious reputation I m giving little away when I say that he dies and that it s up to the others
If you like books that give you shivers down your spine then Mark West s latest novella, The Factory, could be just what you re looking for.Gwen, Paul, Martin, Tom and Jane were all friends at university and members of the GLUE Club Gaffney Legendary Urban Explorers which was set up by Tom Twenty years have passed and although still in touch, albeit intermittently, they ve all moved on with their lives.Paul is the only one who still lives in the area and when he finds out that the old abandoned Pocock factory is finally accessible his first thought is to contact Tom and tell him the news Tom quickly rushes back to Gaffney but unfortunately Paul is unable to accompany him Unperturbed by this Tom decides to go it alone and a few days later Tom s mother calls Paul to pass on some sad news, Tom has died.The GLUE Club are reunited at Tom s funeral and between them they decide to do one final exploration in memory of Tom and they set off to the Pocock Factory.This book will give you the heebie jeebies The hairs on the back of your neck will
Overall 4 starsStory 4 starsNarration n a starsX Factor 4 stars for a horrific backstory to the factory As a tribute to a recently deceased old friend, four shoool chums, and ex URBEX club members, decide to explore the abandoned Pocock Factory AT NIGHT D
What a creepy read If you would like to see my full review please click here I like it when a book reminds me about the importance of leaving my assumptions behind Many people, upon hearing a concept such as this, where a group of friends explores a haunted factory in search of a lost comrade would automatically reject it as something they have seen too many times before.Making that conclusion would be a mistake.With the factory, Mark West has crafted an incredibly efficient and powerful novella, fitting a great deal of story action and point of view into a small amount of narrative space.Several things in particular impressed me about this book First of all I loved how he was able to create such a creepy and evocative atmosphere I don t often have this kind of response while reading horror fiction any, but this one actually touched on my fear response a little bit There are some great moments in the book, especially early on, that are creepy and scary and I thought were extremely well done West is also able to give the story at times a hard and brutal edge to it without going over the top with a lot of graphic description.The other thing that impressed me was the fact that, as the story progresses towards the end, the action becomes much intense and the point of view jumps around quite a bit from character to character I love how the environment which the characters are in becomes their enemy Wit
I really enjoyed this novella It has a classic premise a group of friends explore an abandoned factory The characters work well and there s some great set pieces, mostly around death and disfigurement, and some genuinely scary moments.