Impact Day

Impact Day The Entire First Year Of Impact Day, Collected At Last When A Tear In Reality Brings Superhumans And Monsters Into The World, Everything Changes Newly Granted The Ability To Transform Into A Powerful Warrior, Sabrina Fights To Save Her City From A Zombie Like Plague, Powerful Criminal Gangs And Superpowered Individuals, All The While Struggling To Maintain Control Over The Very Entity That Granted Her The Power To Fight In The First Place Rachel, On The Run From The Ex Girlfriend Who Tried To Murder Her, Begins To Tap Into A Power That Lets Her Create Things That Have Never Been Seen Before Veronica Braves A City Full Of Monsters To Save Her Best Friend, Never Knowing They Were The Hero Keeping Her Alive The Entire Time Features A Bonus Chapter Never Released Online. This book is a collection of an online series, so the structure is jumbled If you re not familiar with it, there can be some confusion.The main characters, on which the story focuses, have all their own agenda And there are several plot twists.The only innocent persons are the poor soldie
Sucks That word is enough, but I have to submit enough words for the submit button to appear Boringconfusedself indulgentcrap The ending suckednone of main characters were like able If I could have given zero stars I would have.