Mayhem and Magic

Mayhem and Magic Collecting Comic Book Issues 1 4, This GRAPHIC NOVEL Tells A Brand New Story In Sarah Fine S RELIQUARY Universe Bestselling Author Sarah Fine Marked, Sanctum Gives Hard Boiled Noir A Magical Edge In This Stand Alone Four Issue Comic Book Adventure Where Crime Collides With Conjuring In The Spellbinding World Of Her Reliquary Series Featuring An Action Packed Script By Alex De Campi No Mercy, Grindhouse And Stunning Art From Dennis Calero X Men Noir.Freelance Thief For Hire Asa Ward S Latest Job Is Heisting A Powerful Magic Relic From A Gangster S Lair But What Should Be An Easy Payday Quickly Becomes Larceny The Hard Way When He S Dragged Into A Three Way Crime War Where Mind Bending, Body Racking Magic Is The Most Lethal Weapon Of All And Just When Asa Thinks He S Scored, The Ruthless Kingpin He S Ripping Off Strikes Back Threatening The Only Life Asa Values Than His Own. Interesting story about magic in our world used for unsavory things The idea of the how magic works is fascinating, and the main character out to save his DOG is interesting and a lot of fun Artwork is decent, though I m dinging this a point because the beginning felt a little confusing, even after re reading it, as I got into the story.I d be intrigued to see oth
This was fine I love Sarah Fine so much, but she didn t come through in this style graphic novel The artwork style was an interesting choice I felt like if you hadn t read the Reliquary series, this would have made very little sense to you, nor would you have gotten much of a story But I also felt like,
OkayThe artwork was very good, but I just didn t quite get the story I needed info about the main character. 1 deal for Kindle Thrilling and suspenseful, wonderfully illustrated by Andrew Dalhouse and wonderfully written by the fabulously, talented Sarah Fine.Asa Ward is sent on an unbelievable, spellbinding errand using magic and fighting
Disclaimer I received a free ecopy via Goodreads Giveaways in exchange for an honest review.Mayhem Magic is part of the Reliquary series by Sarah Fine It seems to be a trend with Jet City books that they are connected to a series of novels I found this one to be developed a bit better than some of the others As a result, I enjoyed it a bit too.This is set in an alternate version of our world where magic exists Not a new concept by any means, but it does distinguish itself in a couple ways There are four types of magic and each one allows the user to affect the world in a different way It is also possible to imbue some of that magic into items or people There are also some interesting roles based around magic Some people can use one of the four types of magic, while others are able to see the connections that people and objects have to magic.Asa Ward is one of the latter type of people, and he uses his ability to track down items imbued with magic, which he then sells He tries to live below the radar to protect himself and those around him After crossing a gangster, he is pulled into a battle between different crime factions.The exciting thing about this book is how Ward interacts with the world around him His position lets the reader get a glimpse of all four types of magic in action We see his capabilities, something he cares about, and something he fears Taken as a whole, these e
I love the artwork and the world It gives a noir feel and a futuristic feel at the same time The types of magic and the general idea are well placed, but I feel I should learn about this world and the main character specifically This is a good visual introduction to the fictional w
I was provided a free copy of this by goodreads There are four types of magic Senilio is sensing magic, Knedas is persuasion magic, Strikon is pain magic and Ekstazo is pleasure magic The plot of this new Urban Fantasy graphic novel The art was alright I like cleaner pictures usually But I can see where having the unclean edges lent itself to this particular story since we are dealing with multiple mob bosses and a magical thief I thought the plot was semi interesting, though I don t know of anyone who would put themselves in that much danger for their dog Also so
This graphic novel left too much unsaid and forced me to fill in way too many blanks The underlying magic was explained, but left me feeling the characters were unrealistic I couldn t empathize with the villainous hero.I admit my familiarity with the genre is limited, but I have read much better material with a flowing storyline and characters whose motiv
Received this book for free in a giveaway This ended up feeling far to convoluted and confusing The world isn t well developed And it spends time than needed explaining the powers Like one issue talked ab