Bagua Zhang

Bagua Zhang Martial Arts Techniques Were Forgotten One Hundred Years Ago, Again Revived Interest In The Martial Arts And All The Techniques Were Invented Anew, But They Were Very Different From The Original Techniques Bagua Is No Exception This Book Describes Some Of The Original Techniques Bagua Techniques Were Created To Control The Opponent Control Is Carried Out Either In A Stationary Position, Or While Moving Around Hands Are Always Free Grab An Enemy With The Help Of The Shoulders And Arms This Feature Makes The Bagua Techniques Are Not Similar To The Known Methods Of Struggle Demo Video Video Game I got for free three books from the author, Tai Chi, Xin Sia, and this.I find difficult that any one could learn secret forgotten techniques in three of the most complex styles in martial arts.The computer generated pictures give only a general idea, of the techniques Against an unwilling opponent what works in theory m