Surviving Regret

Surviving Regret One Devastating Night Leaves Friendships And Relationships Irrevocably Changed Landon Hayes, An All Star Wide Receiver, Is Spiraling Out Of Control After One Shattering Night That Altered Everything For Him He Has One Shining Star Left In His Life But He Knows He Doesn T Deserve It Macy Thomas, A College Sweetheart Trying To Find Her Way, Is Holding On To The Boy Who Stole Her Heart She S Stuck On The Sidelines Watching As He Throws His Life Away Though The Guilt Is Pulling Him Into The Blackness Threatening To Take Her And Everything He Has Going For Him Along With It When The Heartbreaking Reality Sets In, Can Macy Still Be Landon S Guiding Light Or Is The Past Too Cloudy To Help Them Find Their Way Back To Each Other This Was Previously Released As Forever Light In October 2014 Surviving Regret Has A New Cover, Has Been Fully Reedited From Cover To Cover And Over 20,000 Words Have Been Added. DNF 10%The hero is a cheater and the heroine s sister is a disgusting bitch who tried to sleep with her sister s boyfriend The heroine is a doormat who forgave the hero I don t give a crap if the 5 friends are coping with loss or
Complimentary Copy Provided by the author Megan Smith exchange for an honest review..Thank you TITLE Surviving Regret AUTHOR Megan Smith GENRE CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE CHAPTERS RELEASE DATE August 25th, 2016MY RATING 5 STARS SURVIVING REGRET This is spoken in Dual Perspectives Macy and Landon This kicks starts us off in the year 2010, December, told in Macy s words This story mainly focuses on Bad Boy Landon Hayes, an all star wide receiver and his long term girlfriend Macy Thomas.High School Sweethearts, these two were like Barbie and Ken during their High School years, popular, good looking, life at their feet ready to be lived With a tight group of friends, and Macy s twin sister Madison they were all excited to be going to the same College Madison Cash dating Landon Macy dating Alexa and Steven dating After riding an adrenaline high through winning their football game then off to celebrate the end of school by travelling to Steven s parents house in Cannon Beach, Madison and Landon start toking up, getting high off their faces and goofing around in the back of the car, one bad decision and like a domino effect it all comes crumbling down around their ears That one night destroyed our lives forever, and now we re forever dark Things from this point forward are never the same for any of them..All their lives
I do not like to leave a bad rating without saying why so here goes I am a firm believer in the old saying, Fool me once, shame on you Fool me twice, shame on me Apparently the characters in this book have never heard of that and heard that kicking a dog when it s down, over and over and over again is a great thing to do Why do authors think readers enjoy weak, doormat heroines Why In all fairness this is a very young adult book and I only read it be
OKDon t know what to say about this book really So I ll blurt out the obvious Heroine was a doormate And despite the fucked up situation their group of friends went through, the hero was a complete douche.You see, had we gotten to know him better Had he been likeable before the accident Had we perhaps seen some redeeming qualities in him, then
Not a review of the book, just a reminder to myself that this book has a cheating hero Do not read this. I am not a fan of authors who basically justify abuse due to tragedy, or of heroine s who let men treat them horrifically, have no love life of their own, and just wait patiently for the asshole to come back to them This was just plain atrocious I am not a fan of books that use the good old blanket excuse of grief, that basically enables characters to act like assholes with minimal repercussions The hero here is a waste Of space, who cheated on the heroine with her own sister Got caught before full sex, but would have carried on otherwise I also am not a fan of double standards I think it is unfair of Macy to forgive Landon but not Madison Maybe the accident where Madison and Landon got caught could have been forgiven, if they actually cared and learnt their lesson But they didn t, this was proven by a conversation where Landon asked Madison how far she would ah e let him go, as if it was a funny and trivial event Then followed by the fact they made out again, to see if their were any feelings there Seriously How selfish are these two They broke Macy s heart by cheating, they claim to love her, but go there again If they do have feelings what then They would have had a fling Or started dating and left Cash and Macy to pick up the pieces They never redeemed themselves, but then Cash and Macy are fools for letting themselves be treated like this However, they still deserved better, I was hoping they would realise they wanted each other and ride off into the sunset This beau
I think I understand where the author was trying to go with this one, but it just didn t work IMO Just made the heroine look weak.. Spoilers so don t say I didn t warn you.6 friends and 1 dies in a car accident they are all in They were 3 couples 2 twin sisters and their boyfriends and another couple The H cheating POS and the h biggest doormat since Ever in the Forever series from JW The H and the other twin, not his girlfriend Macy but his friend Cash s girlfriend, are making out and ripping each other s clothes off in a closet at prom and get caught by all of them The h Macy forgives him and for the next 3 years at college he fucks around with all girls at parties but he says doesn t actually have actual sex but fingers them and kisses them and this is RiGHT IN FRONT OF MACY She sees him do it She forgives him over and over He is feeling guilty and so is the whore sister who still hangs with him She ducks around with anything that moves and is an addict now too They finally get clean and it s a HEA How the hell does this shit happen He finally realizes what he s been doing and everyone is just supposed to forgive him Um, see over there, down the street, that is where you can go with that Bullshit And the sister Omg, Cash, the boyfriend still wants her WHY So many stupid people here and the 2 people who got stepped all over should have gotten together They had a better chance than the MCs I hated Landon the whole book What a total asshole, and he even new it For Pete s sake he was fingering a gi
1 StarDNF at 57% I can t believe I even got this far SPOILERS AHEADI haven t read a bad book in a while, so I guess it was long overdue.This book was so not what I expected It was simply a non stop pity and drug fest Seriously It really really annoyed me And all those sexy scenes Meeehhhh Too early and too many.And again all this self pity from the main male character Ugh view spoiler And the way he treated his girlfriend He almost cheated on her with her twin sister for goodness sake Plus, he made out and fondled with other girls at parties she was at, too Why would she even stay with a piece of sh t like him She would always go back to him and forgive him Don t you have any dignity Go and let him wail in his self pity, go and live your own life beca