Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives The American Story Is The First Book In The American Story Series There Are Many Biographies And Accounts Of Individuals Who Fought In The Civil War, Who Went West To Mine For Silver, Who Piloted Boats On The Erie Canal, Who Migrated West To Become Photographers, Artists, Historians, Businessmen And Adventurers However, Within These Pages Is The Story Of Three Men Who, Collectively, Were All Of These William Sayre Gramesly, Charles Gramesly And Henry Gramesly, Father And Sons The Story Begins In Palmyra, New York On The Erie Canal And Takes The Reader West To Illinois With Exciting Side Trips Through The Confederacy And The Silver Mines Of Leadville, Colorado It Is An Intriguing Portrait Of Their Endowment, Our Inheritance The Accounts Of These Ordinary Men Told Through The Journals And Letters They Left Behind It Is A Story Of The Intimate Details Of Their Lives And How Those Lives Impacted The Places Where They Lived, Where They Journeyed And Where They Died They Didn T Yearn For A Better Life Like Many Others, So Much As They Yearned For A Different Life Nothing Seemed To Suit Them For Very Long And They Were The First To Eagerly Jump At The Chance For Something New And Exciting That Infused Their Soul With Energy And Satisfaction Their Story Is Truly The American Story. Everyone has a story, a reason for their decisions such as moving to a certain place or accepting a certain job It is only in retrospect that people see how these decisions play into the total history of their lives This is the case in Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives The American Story by Richard and Catherine Reasor Stickann This is an historical account of a family who moved from upstate New York to Illinois, and later to Leadville, Colorado Major events, such as the building of the Erie Canal, the Civil War, gold and silver rushes, were unfolding during their lifetime Their diary entri
The Family History is simply Amazing. I have always been interested in the personalities of those people who settled and developed the remote areas of our country As you read this book it is obvious the amount of research which the authors did in preparing to write the book Reading the story of William Sayre Gramesly along with his sons Henry and Charles one gets a glimpse of the

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  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives
  • Richard Stickann
  • English
  • 07 February 2019
  • 9781530527977